1887 Elk County Business Directory
 Official State Atlas of Kansas

transcribed by Sheryl McClure

First National Bank. Thos. B. Krutz, Pres; D. L. Campbell, Vice-Pres.; T. S. Fuller, Cashier; W. H. Ingermann, Ass't Cashier. Estab. 1884. P. O. Howard.

Howard State Bank. W. S. Lambert, Pres.; T. P. Campbell, Cashier. Makes a Specialty of Mortgage Loans. Estab. 1879. P. O. Howard.

J. S. Johnson, County Clerk, Elk Co., Kan. 1884.

Fuller and Haines Bros. (G. H. Haines, T. S. Fuller, S. J. Haines), Investors of Eastern Capital. Office with First National Bank. P. O. Howard.

Thompson and Sons, Publishers Howard Courant. A Republican Newspaper. Estab. 1871. P. O. Howard.

Armstrong and Co. (George C. Armstrong, Geo. W. Good), Land, Loan and Insurance Brokers. Publishers and Proprs. of the Moline Mercury. Loans Negotiated on City and Farm Security. Have an extensive knowledge of the Southwest, and know the value of lands. P. O. Moline.

J. f. Chapman, Real Estate and Loan Agent, Insurance and City Clerk. Estab. 1871. P. O. Moline.

B. F. Boys and Bro. (B. F. Boys, Notary Public; Lewis Boys), Real Estate Loans. Estab. 1885. P. O. Grenola.

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