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If you have obituaries for Elk county and would like to share them with others we would love to post them on these obituaries pages - you may use our obituary form. Also, please email me with any corrections you might have,

Many of these obituaries were compiled from a group of obituaries saved by Mrs. Mildred Martin and later placed in the library in Howard, Kansas. The obituaries were there, but there were no headings to indicate in which newspaper the obituaries first appeared. I would guess that they were from multiple papers, i.e., The Winfield Courier, The Arkansas City Traveler, The Sedan Times-Star, The Flint Hills Express, The Independence Reporter and the Eureka Herald and perhaps others.

Being unable to identify the newspaper from which they were extracted poses problems, but at least we can be thankful for the obituary information contained therein.

L. Morgan, Dan Durbin, Sara Hemp, A.W. and many other Friends of "Free" Genealogy (FofFG), have made significant contributions to these obituary pages for which we are forever grateful.

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