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The First Baptist Church of Hays was organized in 1883. Rev. Lamb was its first pastor. Meetings were held at first in one of the rooms of the courthouse. Later the southwest room on the first floor or what was then the high school building was used for meetings. The corner stone of the auditorium at the corner of Fort St., and Crawford Ave., the present place of worship, was laid Dec. 8, 1885. Mrs. Sarah Hoover, now of the Baptist Sunset Home, Concordia and Mrs. Harry Grass Sr., now of LaCrosse were charter members of this church.

An excellent parsonage was completed in 1916 and a modern Sunday School building was dedicated in the summer of 1927.

The church had the honor of entertaining the Kansas Baptist convention in Oct. 1922, and has been host to the Western Kansas Baptist Assembly the past three summers.

The present pastor of the church is Rev. Robert J. Wynne, who came here Sept. 1st from Mason City, Nebr. The Sunday School superintendent is Miss Lucille Felten.

Since 1894 the following pastors have served the church:

Rev. J. R. Rairden, March 25, 1894 to Dec. 1895
Rev. G. H. Moore, March 1, 1896 to Nov. 10, 1896
Rev. G. E. Cole, April 15, 1896 to Augu. 17, 1898
Rev. G. K. Gilluly, May 24, 1899 to Aug. 24, 1899
Rev. W. C. Archer, Nov. 5, 1899 to May 5, 1900
Rev. M. R. Holt, June 1, 1901 to April 1, 1906
Rev. St. Clare Matthews, Sept. 1, 1906 to June 1, 1907
Rev. A. E. Goodman, Feb. 1, 1908 to July 24, 1910
Rev. C. H. Robinson, April 9, 1911 to December 27, 1914
Rev. C. T. McKee, March 8, 1914 to Aug. 1, 1915
Rev. E. O. Rogers, Nov. 8, 1915 to Feb. 1920
Rev. H. MacD. Thompson, June 1, 1920 to May 1, 1923
Rev. O. S. Davey, September 1, 1923 to May 1, 1928
Rev. Wendell Black, June 1, 1928 to May 30, 1929

Of recent pastors. Rev. O. O. Rogers is now located in Kansas City, Kansas. Rev. H. MacD. Thompson is pastor of a church in Leavenworth, Rev. O. S. Davey is at Alden, Kansas and Wendell Black is a student at Redlands College, a Baptist School at Redlands, California. . (The Hays Daily, Monday, November 11, 1929)


The first Presbyterian Church of Hays was organized May 27, 1873; by the Rev. Timothy Hill. Charter members were Mrs. A. M. Wilson, De Witt C. Smith, Mrs. Lucinda Smith, Mrs. Jane Wilson, Mrs. Kate P. Rhoades, Miss Mary Stewart, Mrs. Emma F. Peace and Mrs. Dr. John Janeway.

The first two elders were De Witt C. Smith, Wm. P. Montgomery and P. H. Smith.

In 1879 the first church, built of stone, was erected on what is now Seventh and Main streets. In 1911 an addition was built to the church and in 1926, the new church in which services are now held was dedicated.

The roll of ministers is:

Rev. Donald Sutherland, Stated Supply, Nov. 1, 1873-Aug. 1, 1874
Rev. John M. Brown, S. S., Nov. 1, 1874 - Nov. 1, 1876
Rev. James Mitchell, S. S., Nov. 1, 1876 - No. 1, 1878
Rev. Abram Steed, Pastor, Feb. 1, 1879 - Nov. 1, 1880
Rev. Wilson Asdale, S. S., May 1, 1881 - May 1, 1882
Mr. Wm. Hindman, Student Supply, July, August, 1882
Rev. James Garrish, Pastor, April 1, 1883 - April 17, 1887
Rev. D. B. Whimster, Pastor, April 1, 1888 - April 1, 1895
Rev. A. T. Aller, S. S., April 1, 1891 - April 1, 1895
Rev. W. B. Brown, S. S., April 1, 1896 - April 1, 1909
Rev. H. P. Alexander, S. S., April 1, 1910 - April 1, 1914
Mr. P. Longbrake, S. S., summer of 1914
Rev. Carl E. Kircher, S. S., Jan. 1915 - Oct. 1, 1915
Rev. Garrit Snyder, Pastor, April 1, 1916 - Aug. 1, 1924
Rev. David McCleave, Pastor, March 1, 1925 -

(The Hays Daily, Monday, November 11, 1929)

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