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On May 10, 1900 a charter was granted to Hays Chapter 228, Order of Eastern Star, Hays with these charter members: 

Mrs. Etta L. Ward
Mrs. Lily day Monroe
Mrs. Cordelia F. Trent
Mrs. Belle Taylor
Mrs. Rosina Lester
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Reeder
Mrs. Emma N. Snyder
Mrs. L. Johnson
Mrs. Ella Downing
Mrs. Sallie L. Yost
Mrs. Althea Y. Reeder
Miss Jennie Ward
Mrs. Charles W. Reeder
Mr. Isaac M. Yost
Mr. W. E. Johnson
Mrs. James H. Reeder
Mrs. Joseph H. Ward
Mr. David Taylor
Mr. M. J. R. Treat
Mr. George A. Lester

The office of Grand Matron of the State of Kansas was held by Mrs. Elizabeth W. Reeder from 1907 to 1908 and by Mrs. Olga Philip from 1925 to 1926.

Past Matrons of the chapter are Mrs. Lily Day Monroe, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Reeder, Mrs. Lily H. Rea, Mrs. Anna Hall, Mrs. Etta J. Ward, Mrs. Emma D. Snyder, Mrs. Josephine Middlekauff, Miss Elsie Mac Intosh, Miss Jennie Nickles, Mrs. Edna Wiest, Mrs. Florence Nickles, Mrs. Lucile King, Mrs. Olga Philip, Mrs. Sarah Fields, Miss Dora Grass, Mrs. Virginia Shively, Mrs. Florence Irwin, Mrs. May Paul, Mrs. Glennie Lewis.

Past Patrons are Charels W. Reeder, J. H. Spratt, J. E. Crawford, George Philip, Jr., Geo. K. Helder, Emery F. Foltz, C. F. Wiest, C. A. Shively, P. Casper Harvey.

Mrs. George Grass Jr., is now Worthy Matron of the Easter Star and H. F. Addison, Worthy Patron. Other officers are: Mrs. Vic Holm, Rev. David McCleave, Mrs. C. E. Rarick, Mrs. W. B. Daniels, Mrs. C. F. Wieest, Mrs. Walter Wallerstedt, Mrs. Ed Brenemen, Mrs. L. J. Stout, Mrs. H. L. Felten, Mrs. A. D. Hemphill, Miss Rosella McCarroll, Miss Rosalind Noble, Mrs. John Brummitt, Mrs. M. C. Race, Mrs. Clyde Reed and Harry Girton.

(The Hays Daily, Monday, November 11, 1929)

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