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Some of our readers wondered on reading that Mrs. Grant Blackman had applied for a divorce.

He may have made her believe he was innocent here but when he escaped, and soon after committed a burglary in Lyon county and sent to prison at Lansing for five years she didn't proppose to be tied to that kind of a man.
(Hays Free Press ~ Saturday ~ July 15, 1899 ~ Page 1)


In the divorce case of Bryant vs. Bryant a decree was entered in favor of Mrs. Bryant.
(Hays Free Press ~ Saturday ~ June 10, 1916 ~ Page 1)


George Drake was granted a divorce at this term of Court.
(Hays Free Press ~ Saturday ~ February 14, 1903 ~ Page 1)


Chester Judson Montgomery was awarded a divorce from Marie Levina Montgomery on account of abandonment.  Mr. Montgomery was also awarded the custody of their child, Ruth Levina Montgomery.
(Hays Free Press ~ Saturday ~ February 5, 1916 ~ Page 1)


Wilfred Same vs. Stella Mae Same.  Divorce.
(Hays Free Press ~ Thursday ~ May 12, 1921 ~ Page 1)


The case of Mrs. Schoendaller, against Frank Schoendaller, asking for a divorce was first on the docket.  Mrs. Schoendaller was granted a divorce.
(Hays Free Press ~ Saturday ~ March 3, 1917 ~ Page 5)


Published first time in Free Press on November 3, 1917

Public Notice

In the District Court of Ellis County, Kansas

No. 6501

Betty Shaw, Plaintiff,
Carroll Shaw, Defendant

To the Defendant Carroll Shaw:

You will take notice that you have been sued in the above entitled action and court and that said action is brought for the purpose of securing divorce.  The plaintiff has filed for petition in said court praying for absolute divorce and the care and custody of the minor children of said marriage, to wit:  Charles, Henry, Floyd and Stella.  Said petition charges extreme cruelty and you must answer said petition on or before December 17, 1917, or the allegation in said petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered accordingly, granting to plaintiff an absolute divorce, the care and custody of the minor children above naed and for such costs and attorney's fees as shall be determined by the court.

C. M. Holmquist,
Att'y. for Plaintiff
(Hays Free Press ~ Saturday ~ November 17, 1917 ~ Page 5)

Betty Shaw was granted a divorce from Carroll Shaw.  The ground was that of extreme cruelty.
(Hays Free Press ~ Thursday ~ February 14, 1918 ~ Page 1)


The Court last Saturday granted Henry Shultz a full divorce and gave him possession of his cottage for his children.
(Hays Free Press ~ Saturday ~ February 14, 1903 ~ Page 1)


Frank Stout vs. Clara M. Stout.  Divorce
(Hays Free Press ~ Thursday ~ May 12, 1921 ~ Page 1)

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