Southwestern Business Directory, McKenney Publishing Co., 1889

 Dodge City, Ford County Directory
transcribed by Sheryl McClure


A town of 3,000 inhabitants, on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, and Chicago. Kansas and Nebraska Railway (St. Joseph and Iowa Railroad Co lessees), 353 miles from the Missouri River. An incorporated company have built an irrigating ditch 96 miles in length, which waters a large area of land that has produced satisfactory results to the farmer, while the agricultural interest in the county of Ford is increasing (which will be a banner county in the near future). The cattle men are improving their vast herds, which are still numerous. The Arkansas River flows through the city, dividing the two railroads. Dodge City is blessed with schools, churches, societies, banks and fire department (which is a credit to any city), and splendid water works.

American State Bank, J. J. B. Gaston, president, E. E. Smith, cashier, corner Bridge and Chestnut
J. A. Arment, painter, First Ave.
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Library, Gus Arnold, librarian, south of depot
C. W. Averill, lumber, Bridge
F. Bader, blacksmith, corner Railroad Ave. and Chestnut
H. E. Baker, restaurant, Front
Mrs. Ida Beadle, millinery, Bridge
H. B. Bell, sheriff, livery and furniture, Locust
Fred Berg, bakery, Locust
H. M. Beverley, city treasurer, City Hall
J. Bloom, tobacconist, Front
C. G. Briggs, confectionery, Bridge
E. P. Brigham, grocer, Second Ave.
E. A. Brooks, livery and feed stable, Second Ave.
H. R. Brown, grocer, Bridge
M. Brumfield, photographer, corner First Ave. and Walnut
J. D. Bush, barber, Dodge Hotel
Carson & Burgland (V. Carson and P. Burgland) meat market, Bridge
C K & N R R, St J & I R R Co. lessees, J. H. Phillips, agent, corner First Ave. and Front
A. S. Chouteau, physician, First Ave.
J. H. Churchill, manager Mrs. F. C. Zimmerman, hardware, Front
M. Collar, hardware, Front
G. V. Copp, dentist, corner Bridge and Chestnut
A. C. Cord, restaurant, Bridge
J. H. Conrad, police judge, City Hall
GEO. B. COX president Merchants' State Bank, Bridge
Geo. B. Cox, proprietor Dodge House and Restaurant, livery and coal yards, Front
W. Coxen, restaurant, Front
A. L. Crawford & Co. (A. L. and J. H. Crawford) grocers, Bridge
Crawford Bros. (W. N. and John W.) groceries and lively, South Side
Crumbine & Stewart (S. J. Crumbine and J. D. Stewart) druggists, Front
Dean & Purdum (W. F. Dean and Frank Purdum) groceries, Front
Delmonico Hotel, Chas Heinz proprietor, Front
J. D. Dent & Co. (J. D. Dent and E. F. Watson) dry goods and real estate, corner Walnut and Second Ave.
Chas. Dickerson, general merchandise, Front
J. J. Dobbs, barber and baths, corner First Ave. and Front
Dodge City Democrat, W. F. Petillon, proprietor, established 1883, corner First Ave. and Chestnut
DODGE CITY ELECTRIC LIGHT AND STEAM HEATING CO, F. Gardiner president and general manager. Geo. B. Cox, treasurer, W. J. Fitzgerald, secretary, Walnut

Dodge House, Geo. B. Cox proprietor
D. C. M. & T. Ry Co., A. T. Soule, president, W. W. Munsell, secretary and treasurer, R. R. Hudson, superintendent, room 4 First National Bank Building

Dodge City Times, N. Edwards and E. E. Mendenhall editors and proprietors, Bridge
Dodge City Water Supply Co., J. W. Gilbert, president, secretary and treasurer, F. A. Heineke superintendent, Front

Mrs. J. Drinkwater, millinery, Chestnut
Eureka Irrigating Canal Co., E. E. Soule, president, G. G. Gilbert, vice-president and superintendent, J. W. Gilbert, secretary and treasurer, corner First Ave. and Front

A. Fasig, blacksmith, Second Ave.
Joseph Felkel, shoemaker, Walnut
Finlay & Milton (John H. Finlay and B. F. Milton) attorneys-at-law, Front
First National Bank, A. T. Soule, president, R. W. Evans, cashier, Front
Fitzgerald & Moffitt (W. J. Fitzgerald and D. W. Moffitt) real estate and loans, corner First Ave. and Front
Ford County Republican, M. Sutton and R. Deardorff editors and proprietors, Front
J. F. Frankey, city attorney, City Hall
Frankey & McGarry (J. F. Frankey and Harry McGarry) attorneys-at-law, corner First Ave. and Chestnut
E. Funk, livery, Bridge
Mrs. J. Funk, millinery, Front
S. Gallagher, county clerk, Court House
L. C. Gallagher & Co. (L. C. Gallagher and Frank Warren) galvanized iron cornernice manufacturers, Front
FRED GARDENER, agent Wells, Fargo Express Co and A, T & S F, Depot
E. R. Garland, druggist, Second Ave.
Gem Hotel, Robert Miller proprietor, Locust
Gilbert Bros. (G. G. and J. W.) real estate and loans, agent A, T and S F R R lands, Front
The Globe Live Stock Journal, D. M. Frost, proprietor and editor, corner First Ave. and Chestnut
A. Gluck, jeweler, Front
John Goodwin, register of deeds, Court House
Great Western Hotel, D. Galland, proprietor, Locust
L. G. Grobety, druggist, Bridge
John Groendyke, superintendent public instruction, Court House
A. F. Hallett, notions, Second Ave.
Hardesty Bros., cattlemen, Front
Harrington & Smith (H. Harrington and E. E. Smith) attorneys-at-law, Bridge
W. E. Hendricks, attorney-at-law, Chestnut
R. V. Hewlett, loan agent and notary, Second Ave.
T. Hill, produce and commission merchant, Chestnut
G. M. Hoover, flour mill,Front
W. J. Howard, auctioneeer, Second Ave. and Locust
Humerickhouser & Smith, proprs. Arlington Hotel, Front
Hunter & Sherer (W. Hunter and W. H. Sherer) photographers, Chestnut
A. Johnson, blacksmith, Second Ave.
G. F. Jones, city clerk, City Hall
T. S. Jones, attorney-at-law, Front
J. R. Judd, plasterer
H. Juneau, lumber and hardware, south of A, T & S F depot
Mrs. E. Justin, millinery, Second Ave.
Kelly Opera House, James Kelly, proprietor, Chestnut
E. Kirkpatrick, furniture and undertaker, Chestnut
Kirkpatrick & Martin (J. M. Kirkpatrick and B. .F Martin) abstractors, Bridge
Thomas Lahey, clerk of District Court, Court House
N. Lightner, billiard hall, Front
L. Loebner, cigar and tobacco, Front
CHARLES H. MARTIN, cashier, Merchant State Bank, Bridge
Fred Martin, meat market, Front
S. K. Martin & Co., G. C. Pratt, manager, lumber, Chestnut
Drs. McCarthy & Milton (T. J. McCarthy and C. A. Milton) physicians, corner Bridge and Front
Dr. T. J. McCarthy, druggist and physician, corner Front and Bridge
R. H. McElwain, grocer, Chestnut
L. E. McGarry, clerk of the District Court, First Ave.
L. E. McGarry & Co. (L. E. McGarry and Frank B. Apperson) law, loans and real estate, First Ave.
The L. K. Mclntyre Lumber Co., C. E. Hudson, secretary, L. K. Mclntyre president, Second Ave.
G. F. McKinney, proprietor South Side Hotel, South Side
Alex McLeod, grocer, Front
MERCHANTS' STATE BANK, George B. Cox, president, H. L. Sitler, vice-president, Charles H/ Martin, cashier, Second Ave.

L. R. Miller, flour and feed, Bridge
I. B. Moffett, atty-at-law, Bridge
H. P. Niess, shoemaker, Front
Mrs. C. J. Nunn, court stenographer, Front
Owens & Kirkpatrick (O. F. Owens and J. M. Kirkpatrick) real estate, loans and insurance, Bridge
W. S. Pagan, real estate, corner First Ave. and Front
L. T. Peck, agent Fredericksen & Co., Front
Miss. H. Plumer, dressmaker, Bridge
Postoffice, F. M. Reamer, postmaster, corner Second Ave. and Chestnut
G. W. Potter, county surveyor, Court House
The Pioneer Loan and Trust Co., A. J. Hardesty, president, J. H. Finlay, vice-president, R. W. Evans treasurer, B. F. Milton, secretary, Front

F. M. Reamer, postmaster, corner Second Ave. and Chestnut
R. E. Rice, saddlery and harness, corner Bridge and Locust
I. S. Richards, real estate, corner Bridge and Chestnut
J. Ripple, meat market, Front
Dr. D. D. Rose, physician and county corneroner and city health officer, corner Bridge and Chestnut
F. A. Schouten, barber, corner First Ave. and Chestnut
Samuel Schwab, clothing, Chestnut
O. H. Simpson, D. D. S., dentist, corner Bridge and Chestnut
H. L. SITLER, vice-president Merchants' State Bank, Bridge
Adam Smith, blacksmith, Third Ave.
John B. Smith, billiard hall, First Ave.
A. H. Snyder, baths, corner First Ave. and Chestnut
L. K. Soper, attorney-at-law, Chestnut
South Side Hotel, G. F. McKinney, proprietor
Strange & Summersby (H. J. Strange and J. J. Summersby) dry goods, boots and shoes, corner Bridge and Chestnut

J. St. Clair, merchant tailor, Chestnut
F. Stewart, barber, Bridge
S. Stubbs, grocer, Front
P. H. Sughrue, second hand goods, Chestnut
M. W. Sutton, attorney-at-law, corner First Ave. and Front
E. D. Swan, attorney-at-law, First Ave. and Front
Sweeney & Foley (D. L. Sweeney and William Foley) contractors and builders, Walnut
M. S. Todd, real estate and mortgage broker, corner First Ave. and Front
Todd & Watson (M. S. Todd and W. T. Watson) abstractors of title, corner First Ave. and Front
United States Express Co., J. H. Phillips, agent, corner First Ave. and Front
United States Signal Office, J. E. Lanouette, observer in charge, Front
T. J. Vanderslice, probate judge, Chestnut
Mrs. C. T. Van Vliet, music teacher, Bridge
I. N. Van Voorhis, flour and feed, Bridge
Dr. J. W. Wade, physician, Front
J. B. Waring & Son (J. B. and C. O.) boots and shoes, Chestnut
Webster & Bond (A. B. Webster and 0. A. Bond) druggists, Front
James Welch, saddlery and harness, Locust
Wells & Major (J. Wells and R. Major) grocers and bakers, Front
Wenie & Boyer (F. T. M. Wenie and E. A. Boyer) real estate and loans, Bridge
F. A. Weston, architect, Chestnut
Whitelaw & Lloyd (J. T. Whitelaw and J. N. Lloyd) attorneys-at-law, corner Bridge and Chestnut
H. S. Wilkinson, grocer, Bridge
R. M. Wright, county treasurer, Court House
R. M. Wright & Co., general merchandise, Front
Dr. T. J. Wright, physician, Front
York Draper Mercantile Co., Henry Grosheider, manager, groceries, Front
P. H. Young, jeweler, Front
Youths' Christian Association, Ed Thorne, superintendent, Second Ave.
Mrs. F. C. Zimmerman, hardware stores, Front.



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