Franklin County, Kansas

Cemeteries Index

Baker Cemetery Pottawatomie Township
Baxter Cemetery Ottawa Township
Berea Cemetery Richmound Township
Central Cemetery Greenwood Township
Centropolis Cemetery Centropolis Township
Chippewa Cemetery  
Dean Cemetery Appanoose Township
Evergreen Mound Cemetery      Ottawa Township
Greenwood Cemetery Greenwood Township
Highland Cemetery Harrison Township
Hope Cemetery Ottawa Township
Kaub cemetery Centropolis Township
Lane Cemetery Pottawatomie Township
Minneola Cemetery Centropolis Township
Mission Cemetery Ottawa Township
Mound Cemetery Harrison Township
Muncie Cemetery Lincoln Township
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Centropolis Township
Richmond Cemetery Richmound Township
Ruhama Cemetery Cutter Township
Walnut Creek Cemetery Franklin Township
Wellsville Cemetery Franklin Township
West Appanoose Cemetery Appanoose Township
Woodlawn Cemetery Pomona Township

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