1887 Greeley County Business Directory
 Official State Atlas of Kansas
transcribed by Sheryl McClure

Tribune Town Co., W. C. Gerard, Pres.; I. P. Campbell, Vice-Pres.; A. Bourne, Treas.; L. J. Vanlandingham, Sec. Estab. 1886. P. O. Tribune

Bank of Tribune, W. C. Gerard, Pres.; M. J. Roper, Vice-Pres.; A. J. Rymph, Cashier. Estab. 1886. P. O. Tribune

Greeley County Tribune, Carter Hutchinson, Editor and Propr. The first paper published in Greeley County. Complete jobbing office. Estab. 1886. P. O. Tribune

J. C. V. Kelly, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, (C. W. Wilson, in charge of stables). Land seekers and other parties desiring to visit the county can be supplied with carriages or saddle horses. Estab. 1886. P. O. Tribune

W. F. Hoffmaster, Director of the Bank of Tribune. Estab. 1886. P. O. Tribune

Tribune Hotel, W. C. Gerard, Manager. First Class Sample Rooms. Estab. 1886. P. O. Tribune

J. U. Brown, Attorney at Law. Law and Land Business given prompt attention. Correspondence solicited. P. O. Tribune

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