Greeley County, Kansas


Tragedy Results From Quarrel Over Division Fence

James Hornung, a Farmer, Deliberately Shoots Down John L. Eckhart With a Rifle


Hornung Them Surrenders to Sheriff at Tribune

Twenty Deputies Sworn in to Protect Slayer---Both Men From Missouri

Tribune, Jan.. 9 --- James Hornung, a farmer of Greeley county, formerly of Chillicothe, Mo., went to the home of E. M. Nordyke, twelve miles south of Tribune, called out John L. Eckhart, formerly of Trenton, Mo., and shot him down without warning with a Winchester rifle.

"Take that," said Hornung as he fired and no other explanation of his crime was offered.

It was said the trouble arose over a division fence.  Eckhart was unarmed.

Excitement in that section runs high and the sheriff has twenty deputies to keep the citizens from doing violence.  Hornung came to Tribune and gave himself up.
(Hutchinson News ~ January 9, 1908 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)


Felling Intense in Greeley County Against Slayer of Eckhart

Tribune, Jan. 15 --- The case of the State of Kansas vs. James F. Hornung, who shot and killed John T. Eckhart, a ranchman southeast of Tribune, on January 8, at the ranch of F. B. Nordyke, came up before Justice C. L. Scoville.  Hornung waived exoneration.  he has not yet been able to secure an attorney to act for him.  The people have hired W. M. Glenn and Clement L. Wilson, two local attorneys, to assist D. R. Beckstrom in the prosecution and have asked Judge Chas. E. Lobdell of Larned, Kansas, to approve the same.

Hornung's brother, C. W. Hornung, of Chester, Ill., is here, and it is said that he will send a number of lawyers from his state and also secure a good criminal lawyer from Chillicothe, Mo., where J. F. Hornung formerly lived.  The gun with which Hornung shot Eckhart is in the possession of the county attorney and is a 45-80 calibre Wiinchester.

The next term of district court of Greeley county will convene on January 21, at which time it is expected to hear this case.  It is reported by the neighbors that Hornung has been a very quarrelsome and disagreeable man in the neighborhood and that he had made threats of all kinds to his neighbors that he would not only kill Eckhart but threaten to kill a number of Greeley county citizens.  On the other hand, the neighbors will speak well of Eckhart and it is claimed that he never had a fight or quarrel with a man during his life time.
(Hutchinson News ~ January 15, 1908 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)


Slayer of John T. Eckhart to be Tried at La Crosse

Tribune, Jan. 23 --- The trial of James F. Hornung for the killing of John T. Eckhart which came up before Judge C. R. Lobdell yesterday was today taken to Rush county on a change of venue.  On motion of the defendant, the case was ordered for trial at La Crosse February 19.
(Hutchinson News ~ January 23, 1908 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

James F. Hornung was sent to the penitentiary a year ago from Greeley county, for the murder of a man named Eckhart, and the people were indignant because he received only a five year sentence for what they considered a cold-blooded murder.  Now Mr. Hornung is circulating a petition for his parole, and the citizens became busy at once, and sent a remonstrance to the governor, protesting that Hornung is a dangerous man, who has sworn to take the lives of some of those who testified against him, and at this writing it does not seem probable that James will breathe the pure air of freedom very soon.
(Emporia Gazette ~ June 2, 1909 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

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