Southwestern Business Directory, McKenney Publishing Co., 1889
 Syracuse, Hamilton Co., Directory
transcribed by Sheryl McClure

SYRACUSE, HAMILTON COUNTY. A town on the A., T. & S. F. R. R., and the county seat of Hamilton County; 470 miles west of Kansas City. Like several of her neighboring towns, has a good farming country, and with irrigating ditches that distribute the water over a very productive soil. The city at present is putting down an artesian well which will meet the city's needs. Two banks, three hotels, one church and school-house. Population 1,200.

Arkansas Valley Town Co, I. J. C. Guy & Son agents
W. D. Ault, photographer.
Bank of Syracuse (W. F. Reed & Co.) W. F. Reed, cashier.
W. L. Barker, livery and feed.
J. N. Beall, meat market.
W. Beckman, meat market
FRANK BENTLEY cashier Hamilton County Bank.
L. BENTLEY; president Hamilton County Bank.
J. W. Bishop, attorney and real estate.
O. Booth, dentist.
Brown & Son (E. and Ben) grocers.
Charles Bryan, city marshal.
W. T. Burns, blacksmith.
Charles T. Burch, druggist.
Clinton Burris, agent W. U. T. Co.
Daniel Carr, attorney-at-law.
Charles Coe, real estate and loans.
H. B. Colburn, flour and feed.
Aaron Cole, attorney-at-law.
J. P. Cormack & Co. (J. P. Cormack) real estate and loans.
Lizzie Culver, county superintendent of schools.
THE DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLE, F. M. Dunlavy editor and proprietor.
H. E. Downs & Co. (H. E. and E. L.) bakery and lunch counter.
L. S. Downs, druggist and physician.
F. M. DUNLAVY, editor and proprietor The Democratic Principle.
R. S. Dunn, lunch counter.
Charles H. Dye, hardware and implements.
Ford & Kennedy (Jas. Ford and J. J. Kennedy) blacksmiths.
Thomas H. Ford, clerk.
George Getty, county attorney.
Getty & Rees (George Getty and R. R. Rees) attorneys-at-law.
Grand Opera Hotel, A. C. McQuarrie proprietor.
I. J. C. Guy & Son (I. J. 0. and A. E.) real estate and loans.
HAMILTON COUNTY BANK, C. Bentley president, Frank Bentley cashier.
J. D. Hess, attorney-at-law.
E. V. Higgins, attorney-at-law.
W. H. Hitchcock & Sons (W H, W L and H) general merchandise.
B. F. Hittell, physician.
A. A. Howell, attorney-at-law.
A. M. Huffman, sheriff.
W. P. Humphrey, clerk District Court.
L. Inge & Co. (L. and G. T.) general merchandise.
Dr. J. E. Jeffries, druggist.
I. E. Johnson, postmaster.
V. S. Jones, real estate.
P. D. Kearney, blacksmith.
— Kelly, livery and feed stable.
Lake Riley, stage line, Richfield.
Miss Clara B. Manson, milliner.
A. H. McMaster, lumber and building material.
W. W. McNutt, agent A, T and S F R R and Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express.
A. C. McQuarrie, proprietor Grand Opera Hotel and livery.
Mrs. Ellen Morgan, restaurant.
Mrs. S. P. Nott, millinery.
Will H. Nott, news stand.
G. W. Olmsted, barber.
Olmsted & Rose (W. H. Olmsted and C. F. Rose) lumber and building material.
C. L. Oug, flour and feed.
A. H. Parks, pastor Presbyterian Church.
George R. Partridge, boots and shoes.
C. D. Pratt, surveyor.
George W. Reed, register of deeds.
W. F. Reed, treasurer.
J. A. Rex, groceries and provisions.
G. C. Riggles, harness maker.
Alex Rinehart, deputy sheriff.
J. L. Roberds, barber.
S. H. Rodgers, lumber and coal.
F. M. Rudolph, real estate.
A. L. Sanford, livery and feed.
N. J. Sawyer, real estate and loans.
John N. Slown, physician.
Richard Southcott, shoemaker.
J. E. Spencer, coroner.
Stillhamer & English, lumber.
Swallow & Rex (H. H. Swallow and J. A. Rex) oil and gasoline.
Syracuse Hotel, G. W. Bates proprietor.
Syracuse Journal, H. N. Lester editor, G. W. Reed business manager.
The Syracuse Sentinel, Will C. Higgins and E. V. Higgins editors and proprietors.
Thacker & Howe (H. D. Thacker and John Howe) general merchandise.
Thomas & Gilchrist, livery and feed.
John Thomas & Son (John and J. R.) furniture and undertakers.
S. M. Tucker, attorney-at-law.
Vaninwagon & Wood (Miss F. Vaninwagon and B. A. Wood) real estate and loans.
W. S. Warren, barber.
E. B. Welch, hardware and implements.
Charles C. Weth, principal of school.
William M. Willis, hardware and stoves.
Fred Wilms. jeweler.
L. P. Worden, coal yard.



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