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NATURAL GAS - Newton, Kan., April 28 - While boring for coal this evening Contractor Howard of the Newton mining company struck a very strong flow of gas at the dept of 490 feet in the prospect well on Hoag's farm, just northeast of this city. (Wichita Eagle, April 29, 1888)


Store Entered Saturday Night and Knives and Estables Taken

Byers' grocery store was broken into Saturday night, just after closing.  The thief took about $15 worth of pocket knives from a show case, leaving a gold watch which lay a few inches from the knife boxes.  He took down several boxes of sardines, one of which he opened.  Inhis fright, he left these.  He also went to the other side of the store and took some cookies.  His foot caught in some string which was dragged for several feet through the room.

The thief was evidently in the alley watching when the store closed.  He then broke the window of the back door and entered, unlatching the door immediately.  After this, Night Watchman Spratt came along, found the door unlatched and came in.  He walked to the front of the store and struck a match.  He saw no one and left, closing the back door and placing something before it.  When he returned shortly afterward, he found the back door open and the thief flown.

It would seem from all the circumstances that this was done by "home talent."
(Evening Kansan-Republican ~ Newton, KS ~ Monday ~ April 10, 1899 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)


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