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And Mrs. Simmons Therefore Asks for a Divorce


Has No Charms for Her----The Husband Has Kissed Other Women.  He Says Kissing is Unhealthy

Kinsley, Kans., Aug. 28 --- A divorce suit filed in Hodgeman county by Mrs. August Simmons promises to outrival in interest anything in the divorce line previously instituted in the West.

Mrs. Simmons complains that her husband refuses to kiss or make love to her.  She alleges that her husband had "willfully and maliciously" refused to pet, caress, kiss or otherwise show his affection for her since their marriage two years ago.  She further alleges in her petition that because she attempted one day to steal a kiss her husband slapped her and spat in her face.

Plaintiff further alleges that her husband has kissed other women and on one occasion kissed a woman in her presence.  Shortly after this occurance she went to her husband with tears in her eyes, asked for a kiss and her reward was a slap on her cheek.

Mr. Simmons says he has well defined ideas about kissing.  He believes it is not conducive to good health and intends to introduce the testimony of general physicians as to the health of those who consstantly engage in kissing.
(Fort Worth Morning Register ~ Fort Worth, TX ~ Thursday ~ August 29, 1901 ~ Page 1)

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