Hodgeman County, Kansas

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Abbott,  William

Bradford,  Lisa  A.

Burditt, Wendell M.

Burkhart, Peter G.

Button, Eliza

Clifton, Emma Wallace Black

Coval, Hiram J.

Currey, Ellen

Dean,  Melissa A.

Dean,  Nelson  I.

Ewing,  Thomas

Ford, Leonard Eugene

Henderson, Francis Marion

Hickman, Virgil

Hildebrand,  Louise

Holmes, Irene I.

Koontz,  Lewis

Law, Son

Mead, Neven G.

Pelton,  Josephine  R.

Querback,  Albert  Earl

Querbach, Andrea Anne

Querbach,  Dorothy  Belle

Rasmussen, Jeremy Curtis

Ruff, Charles  (Rev.)

Ruff, Infant Son

Rupp, Magdalena

Salmans, Oscar

Shook, Albert D.

Shook, Andrew

Shook, Constantia C.

Shook, Edward J.

Smith, Nettie Margaret

Tarman, Joshua Lynn

Tift, Edward

Torrez, Anisa Suzanne

Vogel, Nellie

Wilburn, Hugh

Wilburn, Isabelle Holiday

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