The public schools the next year will consist of four departments. Mr. Folsom and Miss Swan will be retained, Mrs. Folsom, we believe, will be engaged as one of the assistants, and Mr. Morton will have charge of the colored department. An excellent corp of teachers. (The Osklaoosa Independent, Saturday, April 16, 1873)


There were 23 applicants present at the Teachers' examination, Saturday, August 2nd, 1873. The following certificates were granted: First grade: D. E. Replogle, D. Jones, C. H. Bean. R. B. Morton.

Second Grade and Third Grades: Lewis Replogle, Emma Thompson, Mary E. Weaver, J. M. McClelland; E. W. Worswick; Lewis Deming, J. H. Queen, A. M. G. Huffington, Thomas Riggs, Adell Boies, Rilla Boies, C. F. Wise, Geo F. Bliss. J. R. Earnest, Sup't. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, August 16, 1873)


Report of School District No. 51, Rock Creek Township. Term commencing April 15 and ending July 18. Enrollment 18, average daily attendance 10-9. School pleasnt, interest good, house comfortable. Vistors Mrs. Alsehouse, Mrs. davis, Mrs. Amos, Mrs. Fritz, Miss B. Metzgar, and Mr. Price. Mary P. Fleming. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, August 3, 1872)


Report of Chester School for the month ending May 1, '74: No boys enrolled, 15; girls, 15; total 30. Av. daily attendance, 25. Pupils neither tardy nor absent, 11. Highest standing at the monthly examination:. "A" grade, Sarah Roberts, 81; "B" grade, Milo Gardner, 81. Vistors. 3. C. T. Wise, Teacher. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, May 16, 1874)


Sarcoxie, Twp., Feb. 5th, 1875

To All Whom it May Concern

This is to certify that V. M. Stevens of Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., Kansas, has taught school a term of four months in district no. 79, Sarcoxie Twp., Jeff. Co., Ks., and has given us entire satisfaction, as having taught the best school in said district since its organization, and of being a person of good moral character. We the undersigned would respectfully recommend him to all who may solicit his patronage.

H. W. Wellman, Director, A. B. Taylor, Treas., A. C. Knorr, Clerk; M. Wellman, Frank Smur. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, February 25, 1875, transcribed by Jim Laird)


Report of Mt. Pleasant school district No. 79, Sarcoxie Tp., Jeff Co., Ks., for the term commencing Oct. 19, 1874 and closing Feb. 5, 1875. Whole number enrolled 27; average enrollment 19; average daily attendance, 14; star scholars in arthimetic class, Frank Smur, 100; Fallis Wellman, 90; Ella Smur, 80. In history, Frank Smur, 90. In geography, Frank Smur, 90, Ella Smur, 85. In grammar, Frank Smur, 80, Ella Smur, 75; Fallis Wellman received the prize in Class "A," spelling, Isadora Taylor in class "B" and Charles Smur in class "C". Number of times district board visited the school, two; other visitors, twelve. On the last day of the term the patrons of the school were present and expressed themselves well pleased with the manner in which the school had been conducted. V. M. Stevens, Tr. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, February 25, 1875, transcribed by Jim Laird)


Report of the Plum Groves school, Dis. No. 39, for month ending February 4th, 1876. The total enrollment during the month, 34; average daily attendance, 30; scholars not absent during the month, Wash Carter, Mollie Hopewell, Edwin Meredith, Nannie Rickman, Sallie Faubion, Thomas Meredith, Nannie Meredith, Jimmy Faubion, John Jeffries and Wm. Meredith.

During the month the school was visited by Miss Pauline Elliot, Mr. John Howard, Miss Jennie Horner, Mr. J. B. Elliott, Mrs. J. Faubion, Mr. Thomas Horner, Miss Anna Faubion, Mr. George Jeffers, Miss Samantha Elliott, Mr. J. Meredith, Mr. J. E. Smith, Miss Jane Meredith, Miss M. E. J. Jeffries and Miss Alice Jeffers. Eva F. Smith, Tr. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, February 12, 1876, transcribed by Jim Laird)


H. W. Spencer teaches at Perry this winter and A. M. Russell at Williamstown, Mrs. Alice Stark at No. 63, and we hear Mr. and Mrs. G. D. King go to Wamego. Henry Sproul expects to teach at Medina. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, September 2, 1876, transcribed by Jim Laird)


At the examination held at this place February 26, 1876, the following applicants received teaching certificates:

Frist Grade: J. E. Cook, F. H. Huron, and Miss Alice Stark

Second Grade: H. Downie, John Field, John O'Neill, Miss Nellie Kern, Miss Mary L. Downe, Miss Anna J. Downie.

Third Grade: Miss Amanda Secrest, Miss Emma Mahan, Elias M. Gray, Miss Della Boies, Miss Amelia Carithers, Miss Fannie Campbell, D. A. Marshall, Miss E. Birdsell, Miss Mollie Webb, E. M. Hall, W. L. Tracy, Miss Eva Bell Allen, W. M. Russell, and Mrs. Mary C. Cox.

Any applicant who was at the last examination can have their manuscripts by sending six cents for postage or by calling for them at my office. Chas. Smith, Co. Sup't. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, March 4, 1876, transcribed by Jim Laird)


Report of Newman school for the month ending December 8th, 1876 - Number of pupil enrolled, 31; males, 15; females, 16; daily attendance, 21; names of pupils neither tardy or absent, Homer Johnson, Harry Johnson, names of pupils who made the best standing in scholarship and deportment in their respective grades, Joseph Shoner, Eliza Shoner, May Whiteheart. Visits by the Dist. Board, one. Patrons of the district are requested to visit the school. It encourages us. J. W. Raines, Tr. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, December 16, 1876, transcribed by Jim Laird)


Report of Williamstown school for the month ending December 8, 1876 - Number enrolled, 47. Average attendance, 30. Those not absent are Cora Holladay, Clara Holladay, Ben W. Holladay, Samuel Stratton. Average grade, 98, only two fell below 98. Everybody invited to visit the school. J. M. Russell, Tr. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, December 16, 1876, transcribed by Jim Laird)


Report of the Fairfield school, No. 33, for the month ending December 29, 1876. Number of scholars enrolled, 28; average attendance, 21. Scholars not absent during the month, Mary vancleve, Libbie Simmons, Mary Cavanaugh, Libbie Allen and Walter McClure. Those visiting the school during the month were Misses Emma McClure, Belle Allen, Nannie Clark, Messr. W. A. Clark, Allen, McClenny. We are thankful for the visits received and hope for more next month. The school is in a very prosperous condition. Mary L. Downie, Tr. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, January 9, 1877, transcribed by Jim Laird)


Report of Newman school for the month ending March 9, 1877. Whole number of pupils enrolled, 47; average daily attendance, 27; number of pupils neither tardy nor absent, 2; names of pupils highest in scholarship, in their respective grades, Lucy Huston, Eliza Shoner, Harry Johnson. Visitors, 5. J. W. Raines, Tr. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Saturday, March 24, 1877, transcribed by Jim Laird)


8th Grade Graduates

District 32: Mildred Davis, Leslie Eiserman

District 37: Jo Ann Bedell, Pat Cole, Richard Frisbie, Kathleen Louise Golder

(The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 31, 1945


8th Grade Graduates

District 23: Alfreda Jones

District 31: Herbert Edmonds, Oleta Gentry, Arnold Harwood, Marjie McAfee, William Miller, Keith Zachaiah

District 36: Fannie Lou Lobb

District 48: Glenn Means

District 70: Harry Miller

District 75: Dale Bogle, Donald Bogle, David Brammell, Frances Graham, Lila Lange, Charles Larkins, Elmer McAferty, Melva Moses, William Philo, Arlene Robinson, William Schmidt, Alice Scully, Louise Turner, Marlin Van Druff.

(The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 31, 1945)


8th Grade Graduates

District 22: Marvin Duane Cole

District 24: Lola Clark, Helen Campbell, Thelma Fritts, Maynard Fries, John Rodecap, Harold Swoyer, Elizabeth Ann Zinn

District 77: Alice Joan Berg, Mildred Hammerly

(The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 31, 1945


8th Grade Graduates

District 11: Harold Kooser, Edward Robinson, Robert Robinson, Dale Nichols

District 14: Patricia Beem

District 86: Arthur Truesdail

District 90: Clement Schrick

(The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 31, 1945)


8th Grade Graduates

District 10: Geraldine Dick, Glenn Hackathorn, Oscar Hatch, Avis Jean Tenpenny, Lelland Wellman

District 27: Betty June Henninger

District 29: Thomas Boyd, Paul Bullock, Charles Carter, Donald Cashatt, Ruby Dick, David Gutschenritter, Lois Henninger, Wayne Hundley, Lois Pacobson, Jane Lewton, Bobby Petrie, Gladys Petitt, Clifford Reusch.

District 36: Marvin Dailey

District 50: Stanley Hall

District 65: Hurman Cobb, Thurman Cobb, Laura Overmiller

District 66: Jocelyn Gunselman

District 69: David Allen

District 74: Audrey Burk, Joy Erhart

District 79: Virgil Groves, Leonard Zook

(The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 31, 1945)


8th Grade Graduates

District 28: Dale Dean Brey, Irene Egner, Betty Jean Metzger, Ronald Nesbitt, Dwight Rolin

District 45: Richard Bonar, Clayton Stephens

District 60: Nona Marie Kerr, William Howard Kerr, Richard Spielman

(Source: The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 31, 1945)


8th Grade Graduates

District 15: Dick Thompson

District 34: Jack Allen, Eugene Bates, Elliott Brunton, Frank clark, Orvillene Dewey, Loretta Hord, Lawrence Quinlan, Leo Quinlan, George Stanwix, John Trude.

Dstrict 35: Mary Roberts, Keith Smith, Betty May Turpin, Irene Hughes

District 42: Oliver Barnes, Willard Barnes, Lois Evans, Doris Marie Evans, Ann Loree Gains, Demar King, David Lee Stallard

(The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 31, 1945)


8th Grade Graduates

Bonnie Lou Atkins, Jared Lee Burton, Harold Lee Welborn

(The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 31, 1945)


8th Grade Graduates

District 12: Geraldine Kirkham, Margaret Rathert, Dean Reichart

District 21: Thomas Davis

District 32: Eugene Armstead

District 38: Edith Dial, Ray Curtis Ferrell, Ruth Madorin, Floyd Rock, Wanda Wofford, Mary Ann Pierson, Jack Dean Stoeber

District 46: Bobby Madorin, Doris Risinger

District 49: Wilma Ramsey, Millard Tosh

District 84: Robert Glassel

(The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursdsay, May 31, 1945)


Graduates of Meriden Rural High School who received diplomas Tuesday evening, May 22, are Wanda Mae Allen, Laurel Campbell, Nadean Coker, Wanda Dauber, Eldon Dyer, Helen Hartman, Mary Koepitzer, Charles Myers, Ronald Penry, Irma Petesch, Myrtle Stewart, Gerald Sayles and Charles Thompson. (The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 23, 1946, transcribed by Jim Laird)


Report of Valley Grove School for the month ending Oct. 8th, 1874. The following is the standing for two grades: Advance Grade - Class A., Ida Ritter, 79, Dora Gardner, 79, Anna Ritter, 80.

Intetermediate Grades: Class A., Jno. Warren, 73, Samuel Moore, 75, W. K. Gardner, 80, Delphina Warren, 73, Olive Lansdown, 72, James Landsdown, 80. Pupils neither absent nor tardy: Ida, Anna and Harry Ritter, Robert and Jennie Patterson, and Coonrod Gallus. Whole enrollment 49; average enrollment 40; average daily attendance, 36.6; number of tardies, 97, visitors - coming next month. A good "talk" was made by Mr. G. Sd. King on Saturday evening after the close of the month, to the patrons of the school. He (King) will speak to us again on Saturday, Oct. 24th at 7:30 p.m. Mr. Chas Smith will also be present and participate in the speaking. Let everybody be present. You willb e interested and benefitted. D. E. Replogle. (The Oskaloosa Indpendent, Saturday, October 17, 1874)


8th Grade Graduates

District 6: Charles Mulvaney

District 7: Betty Everett, Dorothy Funk, Bonnie Lacey, Mary Anne O'Neill, Gene Robertson, Jimmie Sheldon, Hazel White

District 9: Berniece Nicholson, Alice Curry

District 14: Patty Stevens, Florence Sloop

District 26: Edna Mae Bowers

District 57: Donald Kessinger, Frieda Noll, Patricia Noll

(The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, May 31, 1945)

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