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Family history by Gertie Henry and submitted to Genealogy Trails by Phyllis Phillips

[Gertie is deceased for many years. She was a Vaughan ancestor and was the guardian of our family history and reunions each year until she died. This is private family information and not printed in any public record.]

William Clinton Vaughn, oldest son of Stokley and Amanda Vaughn was born July 10, 1850 near Freetown, IN in Jackson Co. Clint grew up into a very bright and intelligent young man. He secured a good education, taught several schools in his early twenties and enlisted in the US Army in 1875. He was the principal musician in the Fifth Infantry Band.

General Nelson A (?) Miles was Commander when the news of the Custer Massacre at Fort Levenworth. On July 4, 1876 the Fifth was ordered to Montana to capture Sitting Bull and his Sioux. The Fifth Infantry left at once but the band didn't go until in September. The Sioux was captured and brought to the hastily built Fort Keogh on the banks of Yellowstone.

A crudely built town named Miles City sprang up 3 miles east of the Fort across the river.

Sargent Vaughn obtained a furlough and was married to Miss Emma Upton at Leavenworth on April 1, 1899. He brought his bride to Fort Keogh. He then received an honorable discharge and moved to Miles City.

There their son, Donald Upton Vaughn, was born on Dec 30, 1880 in a two room log cabin on a day when the spirit thermometers registered 56 degrees. The child was the first white child born in Miles City.

Later the family moved east and Clinton was on the police force in St Paul (?) and Chicago.

In later years he and his wife separated and obtained a divorce. He then joined the regular army and served a term of 3 years. He later met and married Miss Laura Shipp, who was a school teacher in St Louis MO.

To this union one son, Thomas, was born.

Clinton was Chief of Police in St Louis for many years.

In the summer months twin boys, Don and Tom, would spend their vacation on their grandfather's farm in Polk township in Indiana. But in later years Clint and Laura separated; she taking Tom with her. Therefore, the brothers grew up to be almost strangers as Don lived with his grandparents and Tom lived with his mother and moved to Texas.

Clint spent several months in his parental home with his sister, Srepta Waldrip. He later joined the U.S. Army again and was in Mexico and Philippine Islands for a number of years. When his health began to fail he went to the Soldiers home at Marion, IN and remained there until his death on Oct 2 1912. He passed away and was buried in the Soldiers burial lot at Marion. Clint was a very handsome man, standing 6 feet 2 inches, weighing 230 lbs, yet so built as not to seem overly large. He was the oldest of 12 children. During his stay in the Soldiers Home he was a Drum Major for several years. He also served as a Quarter Master in the Army. His hobby was music and army life. William Clinton Vaughn died 7/16/1945.

His son Don didn't have a very pleasant young life as he was deprived of his home and mother's care. His father being away so much, Don and his cousin, Lawrence, roamed the hills of Polk Township and their grandfather's farm.

When he grew to manhood he had his father's desire for a soldiers life so he joined the regular army and served several years. He met and married Clara Johnson of Clear Creek and to this union were born two daughters, Mabel, Aug 6, 1909, Ruth, September 16, 1912. Don worked for the Monon Railroad Co for many years and is now retired. Tom grew into manhood, married and was the father of one daughter. He and Don seldom visited and therefore, his father's people knew but little about his life.

On May 16, 1941 Tom lost his life in an automobile accident and was buried in Lubbock, Texas. He was 55 years old.


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