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Mr. and Mrs. William Myers of Americus, were pleasantly surprised Saturday Nov. 14, by the homecoming of all their children and grandchildren.  The occasion was in commemoraiton of their fiftieth marriage anniversary.  The children are Mrs. J. J. Iey of Herington, Franklin B., Arthur J., and William Myers, all of Lyon county, Mrs. W. S. Ruggles of Newton, and Albert P. Myers of Washington, D.C.  There are twelve grandchildren.

Besides seeral substantial gifts the mother was presented with a new wedding ring, and the father with a gold-headed cane each inscribed with the date 1853-1903.  Dr. Wright made the presentation speech.

After the dinner which proved conclusively that many cooks do not always spoil the broth, Mrs. Wright gathered the children about her and present each family of little folks a picture of the Madonna of the Chain as a souvenir, telling them the story of the painting.
(Emporia Gazette ~ Monday ~ November 23, 1903)

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pearson celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary on Friday evening, July the third, at their home on West street and Sixth avenue.  The invited guests were:  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kenny, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Eastin, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Keeler, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Edward, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McColloch, Mr. and Mrs. Frank McColloch, Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Mathewson, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Amos McHanna, Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. James Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gilpin, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Yengst, Mr. and Mrs. Clay Hayman, Mr. and Mrs. Merriweather, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stotler, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lucas of Valley Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Rhinehart of Strong City.
(Emporia Gazette ~ July 11, 1903)

The celebration of the crystal wedding of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Kelly at their home on Highland the evening of Thanksgiving day, was a particularly happy social event this week.  Mr. and Mrs. Kelly were married in Emporia fifteen years ago, at 820 Union street, by the Rev. Harveout, and have lived here ever since except the two years they spent in Jeffersonville, Ind.  Mr. Kelly was connected with the State Normal as professor of natural sciences for twelve years, andn both he and Mrs. Kelly have made their lives a power for good in this community.  About forty guests were present Thursday night, many of whom witnessed the marriage ceremony, and their presence added to the general felicity of the occasion, for they saw much more that the fulfillment of their good wishes in the happy faces of Mr. and Mrs. Kelly and in the bright presence of their beautiful little daughter, Beryl.  They were remembered with many handsome pieces of cut glass, not only from the guests who were present, but from friends in Minnesota, in the East and the South.  The spacious rooms in the Kelly home were decorated with ferns and chrysanthemums, and the brilliant lights and handsome gowns of the women gave a pleasing effect.  A two course luncheon was served and partners for this were found by matching pictures.
(Emporia Gazette ~ Saturday ~ November 28, 1903)

Mr. and Mrs. Giles Elliott celebrated their twentith wedding anniversary with a china wedding, November 24, at their home, 816 Congress street.
(Emporia Gazette ~ December 5, 1903)

The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Mather at 817 Mechanics street surprised them this afternoon to help the old couple celebrate the sixty-forth anniversary of their wedding.  No one in Emporia has more friends than Mr. and Mrs. Mather and this day is always celebrated in some informal and delightful way.
(Emporia Gazette ~ Thursday ~ February 11, 1904)

About sixty friends and neighbors gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Ludy last Saturday evening in honor of their thirtieth wedding anniversary.  The evening was spent in social conversation.  Miss Kulander favored the company with some splendid music.  Supper was served.  Mr. and Mrs. Ludy were the recipients of many useful and beautiful presents.  At a late hour the guests departed assuring their host and hostess that they had spent a pleasant evening.
(Emporia Gazette ~ April 8, 1904)

Last Wednesday night Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Garlick entertained a crowd of friends with a whist party in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary.  The prizes at cards were won by Miss Pearl Hagar who was presented with a silver buttonhook, and Fred Protheroe who was given a silver hat brush.  The solation prizes were taken by Dr. and Mrs. Horace Whittlesey.  A supper was served.  Mr. and Mrs. Garlick's guests were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Protheroe, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Samuel, Dr. and Mrs. Sinclair, Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Whittlesey, Mr. and Mrs. John Hilton, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Morris, Mrs. Jrodan of Coffeyville, Miss Pearl Hagar, Miss Margaret Hughes, Miss Bettie Hughes, Mr. Walter McCoy, Mr. Charles Ryan and Mr. Nye Martin.
(Emporia Gazette ~ April 9, 1904)


Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Stubbs, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday.  This occasion was taken by the seven grown-up children of Mr. and Mrs. Stubbs as a time of reunion.  So from all parts of the United States and even out of the United States, they came home, to meet together for the first time in thirty-one years.  Until recently the Stubbs family lives on a farm where the children were brought up.  Last January, with only one son near home and that one in this town, Mr. and Mrs. Stubbs moved to Emporia to the house where they now live at 500 East street.  Mr. and Mrs. Stubbs have reached the age of 76 and 70 respectively and are still hale and hearty, being able greatly to enjoy the dinner which was given them by their children yesterday.

All their children and two grandchildren were present at this dinner and presented the old folks with many gold presents.

The youngest son is 33 years old.  Death has not yet entered the family circle, so it may be seen how important it was for each one to come home to see the brothers and sisters and father and mother while all are alive and well.

The children that gathered at the family reunion are:  Mrs. Emma Davis, of Hesper, Kan., the wife of a farmer there; Mrs. Alma Swift, of Hector River Station, Jamaica, West Indies, is a missionary; Dr. A. L. Stubbs is a Santa Fe surgeon at La Junta, Colo.; C. S. Stubbs is the manager of the Brady-Stubbs Trading Company at Fowler, Colo.; E. W. Stubbs is an insurance agent in Emporia; Mrs. Elda Henderson is wife of a minister at West Falmouth, Mass.; S. H. Stubbs, of Blue Jacket, I. T., is in the mercantile and banking business there.

Mr. and Mrs. Stubbs settled in Douglas county in 1859, coming there from Iowa.  In 1883 they moved to Osage county, and from thence to Emporia.
(Emporia Gazete ~ June 8, 1904)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Highwood who live fifteen miles southwest of Emporia celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Friday.  Their children presented them with a handsome clock decorated with gold.  A big dinner was served.  Their children all reside in Lyon county; they are: John, Thomas, and William Highwood, Mrs. Dora Stottler and Mrs. Bertha Pearsall.  Mr. and Mrs. Highwood were married at Maidstone, near London, England, and came to America in the fall of 1854 and lived at Batavia, Illinois, until the fall of 1879, when they came to Kansas.
(Emporia Gazette ~ June 14, 1904)



Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary at their home, 920 Lakeview Avenue, Friday evening.  The evening was spent at games and music.  A dainty luncheon was served.  Mrs. J. H. Jaquith and J. A. McClure won the prizes in a guessing contest.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith received several beautiful and useful gifts.  Those present were Messrs. and Mesdames Pete Hines, Joseph McClure, James Madison, J. T. Forde, M. Lee Sorey, Fremont Miller, J. H. Jaquith, Ed Leonard, S. B. Rich, J. W. Bolton, J. C. Hoch, William Snoddy, Grant Lewis, W. J. Staats, John Jacobs, M. L. Vermillion, H. A. Freeman, Thomas Kyle, Jr., and Mesdames Davis and Bond.
(Emporia Gazette ~ Monday ~ March 23, 1914)


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