Southwestern Business Directory, McKenney Publishing Co., 1889
 Marion, Marion County Directory

transcribed by Sheryl McClure


The county seat of Marion County. Originally it was called Marion Center, to indicate its central location in the county. It is at the confluence of the Cottonwood River, Luta and Clear Creeks, which are large streams of never-failing, pure, spring-fed water. The town is a thriving, go-ahead place, and has a full complement of business houses, schools, secret societies, churches, banks, water works, an electric light plant, an opera house, and four newspapers (one daily and three weekly), and is altogether a healthy, growing place. Population about 3,000

MRS. LOU ALLEY boarding house, first-class boarding
Badger Lumber Co., lumber
R. H. Baker, coal
W. G. Batis, city marshal
E. Baxter, justice of the peace
J. Beck, jeweler
A. D. Billings & Co. (A. D. Billings and H. L. Brunitage) furniture
Black & Sherman (C. W. Black and O. C. Sherman) barbers
T. W. Bown, real estate and loans
S. S. Brewerton, insurance
W. F. Brockett, real estate and loans
C. F. Brooker, clerk District Court
C. Cammann, real estate
Carter Bros. (T. A. and B. W.) hardware
J. F. Carter, lumber
T. A. Carter, mayor
A. E. Case, insurance
Case & Billing, real estate
Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railroad, G. B. Stiner, agent
Chicago Lumber Co., A. B. Whitney, manager, lumber
A. Christie, jewelry
Christie & Carter (J. S. Christie and S. F. Carter) bankers
Clark & Mason (W. R. Clark and H. E. Mason) real estate
W. R. Coburn, dentist
J. H. Costello, general merchandise
H. Davis, harness
B. R. Davis, sheriff
J. S. Dean, county attorney
DENMARK & CO. (C. and J. Denmark) fresh, salt, and smoked meats, butter, eggs and game, N W cor. Main and Third

F. Doster, district judge
Downs & Bower, grocers
E. N. Eby, boots and shoes
Ehrlich Bros. (J. and J.) mill
Elgin House, W. W. Case proprietor
G. W. Ewbank, confectionery
First National Bank, W. H. Dudley, president, E. R. Frenner, vice-president, E. M. Donaldson, cashier
E. G. Flemming, photographer
C. E. Foot, probate judge
F. W. Fox, real estate
S. C. Freeland, livery
F. J. Funk, register of deeds
J. Graham, blacksmith
J. R. Green, attorney
C. A. Grimes, coal
J. N. Hannaford, physician
C. Hardcastle, postmaster
HARRIS & CHAPMAN (J. Harris and O. C. Chapman) real estate and collection agents, correspondence solicited, Third opp Court House

J. Herring, laundry
J. Hock, blacksmith
E. A. Hodge, real estate
Houser & Jones, stock dealers
L. M. Humble & Co., millinery
Alex Hutchison, harness
A. Jacobitz, loan broker
Mrs. L. Jaques, milliner
H. C. Rable, carpenter and contractor
C. W. Keller, abstractor of titles and attorney
Keller & Dean (L. T. Keller and J. S. Dean) attorneys
W. Kellison, grain
King & Kelley (R. L. King and T. O. Kelley) attorneys
J. Leachman, confectionery and restaurant
Loveless & Sackett (W. W. Loveless and S. F. Sackett) gen. mdse.
P. P. Magathan, bakery
C. E. Malcomb, attorney
Marion Record, Hoch & Hastings, editors and proprietors
Marsh & McNabb (E. Marsh and H. McNabb) meat market
— Martin, physician
H. S. Martin, attorney
McLean & Dean, attorneys
H. A. McLean, city clerk
J. W. Moore, county treasurer
W. P. Morris, real estate
Jas. Myers, real estate
A. Nederhouse, shoemaker
Perry, Dingman & Co. (J. A. Perry and C. A. Dingman) general merchandise
S. N. Pierce & Son, flour and feed
Taylor Riddle, drugs
J. W. Sampseli, livery
A. J. Shumway, livery
E. E. Sirris, varieties
MRS. T. J. SMITH, dressmaking, millinery and fancy goods, Main nr Third
T. W. Smith, physician
E. L. Snider, confectionery
Square Hotel, G. W. Stanforth, proprietor
Standford & Son, hardware
Starkweather & Funk (G. H. Starkweather and J. H. Funk) livery
A. Stimer, dry goods
Ohas Stroh, cigar manufacturer
L. Strom, harness
H. A. Sturges, surveyor
S. J. Savisher, confectionery
The Times, Cottonwood Valley Times Publishing Co., W. W. Wheeland, editor
Tomlinson & Rudel, real estate
Mrs. G. S. Town, millinery
United States Express Co.
D. F. Vail, agent Singer Sewing Machine
E. S. Walton, county clerk
E. W. Weems, drugs
Weems & Youmans, physicians
Western Union Telegraph, J. N. Woodward, operator
Wheeler Bros. (D. W. and A. H.) dry goods
J. D. Wiley, barber
E. Williams, drugs
Winslow & Curtis (C. S. Winslow and C. H. Curtis) attorneys
Wishart & Knapp, proprietors Foundry and Machine Shop
Wren & Yost, fine stock breeders
J. T. Youmans, physician
E. .R Zercher, county superintendent

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