Marion County Schools

Name                                  Date                             Location

No. 1 Marion                               1865-active                 Marion
No. 2 Antelope                            1873-1959                  4 miles south of Lincolnville
No. 3 Florence                             1873-1919                  near Florence
No. 4 Florence                             1873-closed                Florence
No. 5 Wren                                  1873-1952                  5 miles northwest of Marion
No. 6 Dobbs                                1873-1951                  4 miles northwest of Marion
No. 7 Lincolnville                          1873-(closed)             Lincolnville now #397
No. 8 Bethel                                 1875-closed                near Lincolnville
No. 9 Phillips                                1873-1949                  joined with Grape #54 and called
                                                                                        Loveless 10 miles northeast of
No. 10 Brown                              1873-1951                  4 miles southeast of Marion
No. 11 Gnadenau                         1874-1956                  2½ miles southeast of Hillsboro
                                                                                        Risley school was there first, in 1873
                                                                                        it combined with Gnadenau.
No. 12 Peabody                           1871-active                 Peabody
No. 13 Aulne                                1873-1967                 Aulne
No. 14 Sunflower                         1873-1951                  4 miles southwest of Marion
No. 15 Cresswell                         1873-1960                   5 miles south of Hillsboro
No. 16 Dickinson                         1873-1960                  4 miles south of Marion
No. 17 Williams                           1873-closed                 3 miles west of Aulne
No. 18 Finch                                1873-1960                  5 miles southeast of Hillsboro
No. 19 Thorp                               1873-1946                  2 miles south of Aulne
No. 20 Ebenfeld                           1873-1960                  6 miles southeast of Hillsboro
No. 21 Pleasant View                   1875-1960                  4½ miles northeast of Marion
No. 22 Pleasant Hills                    1879-1951                  5½ miles north of Florence
No. 23 Mitchell                            1874-1908                  near Florence
No. 24 unknown                                                              near Burns
No. 25 Bellview                           1875-1946                  3½ mile southwest of Peabody
No. 26 Ridge                               1875-1960                  9½ miles southeast of Hillsboro
No. 27 Pleasant Valley                1875-1950                   6 miles east of Goessel
No. 28 Warham                          1874-1960                   10 miles southeast of Goessel
No. 29 Bond                               1874-1946                   4 miles northeast of Peabody
No. 30 Emmenthal                       1873-1950                   4 miles south of Goessel
No. 31 Goessel                           1875-active                  Goessel (later Dist. #130)
No. 32 Green Valley                   1878-closed                  3 miles east of Goessel
No. 33 Sand Creek                    1873-closed                  5 miles southeast of Goessel
No. 34 Bichet                             1878-1946                    4 ½ miles east of Florence
No. 35 French Creek                   1878-closed                 3 miles north of Hillboro
                                                                                        Consolidated with Dist. 129
No. 36 Hochfeld                          1878-1950                   3 miles north of Goessel
No. 37 Pleasant Hill                     1873-1946                   2 ½ miles northeast of Peabody
No. 38 Clark                               1873-1953                   3 ¼ miles southwest of Pilsen
No. 39 Bixler                               1873-1953                   3 ½ miles northwest of Marion
No. 40 Weaver                            1873-1947                  5 miles northwest of Peabody
No. 41 Morning Star                    1873-1961                  3 ½ miles southwest of Marion
No. 42 Prairie Center                  1873-1946                   3 ½ miles southeast of Peabody
No. 43 East Creek                       1875-1946                  3 ½ miles southeast of Lincolnville
No. 44 Milton                              1873-1946                  4 miles northwest of Burns
No. 45 Williams                           1875-1915                  2 miles north of Florence (Sears)
No. 46 Porter                               1873-1946                 3 miles southeast of Peabody
No. 47 Belton                              1878-1953                  4 miles southeast of Tampa
No. 48 Schlehuber                       1873-1954                  4 miles west of Hillsboro
No. 49 Lost Springs                     1880-present                         Lost Springs
(scheduled to be “moth balled” 2010/2011 school years)
No. 50 Crites                               1873-1946                  5 miles northwest of Burns
No. 51 Summit                             1873-closed                7 miles southeast of Peabody
No. 52 Cross                               1873-1946                  2 miles west of Lincolnville
No. 53 Antioch                            1880-closed                 3 ½ miles northeast  of Goessel
No. 54 Grape                               1873-1949                 10 miles northeast of Marion
No. 55 New Hope                        1875-1956                 2 miles northwest  of Aulne
No. 56 Fifty Six                           1873-1958                   8 miles east of Marion
No. 57 Durham                           1875-closed                 Durham-combined with Dist. 410
No. 58 Nusbaum                          1875-1946                  3 miles north of Peabody
No. 59 Biscuit Hill (Knob)            1878-1946                  4 miles east of Peabody
No. 60 Canada                            1873-closed                 1 mile north of Canada
No. 61 Youngtown                       1875-closed                5 miles northeast of Marion
No. 62 Beauty of the West            1874-1946                 1 ½ miles southeast of Pilsen
No. 63 Garner                              1883-1947                 2 ½ miles west of Tampa
No. 64 Fairplay                            1873-1946                  6 miles northeast of Peabody
No. 65 Burns                               1884-present               Burns, now in Dist. 398
No. 66 College Hill                       1878-1950                 4 miles northwest of Tampa
No. 67 Endeavor                          1884-1953                 3 miles northwest of Durham
No. 68 Ashcraft                           1884-1953                  3 miles northwest of Durham
No. 69 Rose Hill                          1884-1950                  1 ½ miles northeast of Lehigh
No. 70 Bruderthal                        1878-1956                  4 miles northeast of Hillboro
No. 71 Bruno Creek                    1878-1946                  4 ½ miles northeast of Florence
No. 72 Steinbach                         1878-closed                4 miles southwest of Hillboro
No. 73 Sunrise
      (“Hardscrabble”)                    1878-1946                  4 ½ miles northeast of Florence
No. 74 Santa Fe                          1875-1940               
No. 75 Hope Valley
       (Hoffmungethal)                    1877-1960                   2 miles south of Hillsboro
No. 76 Oliver                              1879-1946                   5 miles west of Lincolnville
No. 77 Round Top                      1880-1946                   4 miles southeast of Florence
No. 78 Light House                     1879-1951                   2 miles northeast of Hillsboro
No. 79 Lehigh                             1888-closed                 Lehigh, combined with Dist. 410
No. 80 Springfield                       1880-1953                   5 miles north of Goessel
No. 81 Heimbaugh                      1878-1957                   5 miles southeast of Goessel
No. 82 Hillsboro                         1880-active                  Hillsboro, Dist. 410
No. 83 Elm Spring                      1882-1953                   7 miles northwest of Durham
No. 84Pleasant Valley                1883-1950                    5 miles northwest of Durham
No. 85 highland                          1883-1954                    5 ½ miles east of Tampa
No. 86 Shank                             1883-1946                    2 miles southeast of Peabody
No. 87 Warren                           1883-1958                    3 miles southeast of Durham
No. 88 Silberfeld                        1883-1956                    5 ½ miles northwest of Hillsboro
No. 89 Bell                                 1884-1953                   6 miles northwest of Tampa
No. 90 Ramona                          1884-1967                   Ramona, now Dist. 397, Centre
No. 91Comet                             1884-1958                    2 ½ miles southeast of Tampa
No. 92 Unruh                             1884-1956                    5  miles north of Hillsboro
No. 93 Pleasant Hill                    1884-1947                    2 ½ miles southeast of Tampa
No. 94 Square Top                    1885-1956                    6 miles northwest of  Durham
No. 95 Sunnyside                       1895-1950                    2 miles southeast of Ramona
No. 96 Bartholdi                        1886-closed                  4 miles north of Tampa
No. 97 Kreutziger                      1886-1960                    5 miles north of Canada
No. 98 Smith                              1887-1946                   2 miles north of Pilsen
No. 99 Greenfield                       1887-1957                   2  miles southeast of Goessel
No. 100 Maple Hill                     1887-1953                   2 ½ miles southwest of Lehigh
No. 101 Heath                                   -1946                    4 miles south of Peabody
No. 102
   & 103 Waldeck                      1888-1958                    3 miles northeast of Leigh
No. 104 Kleinhamer                   1888-1950                    5 ½ miles southeast of Lincolnville
No. 105 Center                          1888-1960                    5 miles northwest of Peabody
No. 106 Spring Valley               1889-1940                     3 ½ miles south of Florence
No. 107 (unknown)                   1888-1906                    near Burns. It consolidated with
                                                                                        Burns in 1906 and was the first
                                                                                        consolidation of two school districts
                                                                                        in Kansas.
No. 108 Quarry                       1888-1951                      4 ½ miles northeast of Marion
No. 109 Southview                  1900-1946                      4 miles southeast of Peabody
No. 110 Tampa                       1889-1969                      Tampa, now Centre 397
No. 111 Townsend                  1889-1946                      3 miles northeast of Peabody
No. 112 Hutchins                     1900-1955                      6 miles west of Lincolnville
No. 113 Folsom                      1889-1947                       3 miles northwest of Florence
No. 114 Red Top                    1889-1947                       3 miles northwest of Florence
No. 115 Pilsen                         1889-closed                     Pilsen, now Centre 397
No. 116 Hartke                       1889-1947                       2 miles north of Lincolnville
No. 117 Symes                       1891-1941                       6 miles southeast of Lincolnville
No. 118 Columbia                   1893-1953                       9 miles west of Tampa
No. 119 Geis                                  -1947                       4 miles west of Durham
No. 120 Merry-Go-Round      1893-1954                       4 miles east of Durham or 3 miles south of Tampa
No. 121 Doles Park                1900-1936   
No. 122 Lincoln                      1894-1924                       2 miles south of Ramona
No. 123 Good Hope               1900-1948                       2 miles northeast of Goessel
No. 124 Plain View                 1900-1952                       3 miles northwest of Lehigh
No. 125 Victory                      1887-1957                       5 miles southeast of Durham
No. 126 Prairie View                   closed                         
No. 127 Grand Centra  l              closed                          northwestern Marion County
No. 128 Countryside                   closed                          Countryside
No. 129 Suncrest                        closed                           3 ½ miles  north of Hillsboro
No. 130 Goessel,                       Consolidated                 Goessel

County Superintendents, 1865-1969

Levi Billings,                            Nov. 1865-1969
J.N. Rogers,                            Jan 1866-1967
W.S. Moulton,                         1867-1869
J.N. Rogers,                            1869-1873
J.F. Rockfield                          1873-1874
Mrs. J.W. Sharon                    1874-1879
David Harrison                        1879-1881
John Madden                          1881-1883
W.B. Zercher                          1883-1889
B.D. Van Ostrand                   1889-1895
L.M. Knowles                         1895-1905
James A. Ray                          1905-1935
A.W. Urquhart                        1935-1952
C.C. Rice                                1952-1955
Mrs. Viola Klassen-Jost          1955-1969

After July 1969, the office of County Superintendent ceased operating. Legislation regarding the school unification
program called for the extinction of this office. And the administrative work was moved to the state office at Topeka
 which in turn supervises the county schools through the superintendents of the five districts. School districts are:

#397 Centre: This includes Ramona, Tampa, Pilsen, Lost Springs, Lincolnville, plus a few from Morris, Chase &
 Dickinson counties. Within this district, middle, junior and high school are at Centre and grade schools at Lost Springs
 (to be changed 2010 when k-12 will be located at Centre.) Centre was one of the first major consolidations of rural
 high schools in Kansas that was successful. It has students from approximately 256 square miles in four counties
 bussed to school.

#398 Peabody-Burns: All schools located in Peabody

#408 Marion: This includes Marion, Aulne, Canada & Florence. All grades located in Marion.

#410 Hillsboro: Includes Hillsboro, Lehigh and Durham. All schools located in Hillsboro

#411 Goessel: Includes students from the Goessel area as well as a few students from Harvey & McPherson
 counties. All schools in Goessel.

Misc. articles about the schools in Marion County KS
Marion Record - September 13, 1917

German School Question

A sensational story, carried in several daily papers recently, makes serious charges against the conduct of the schools of this county. The charges fall under two general head as follows:
1. That a number of schools in this county have been having only five or six months of English school, and two or three months of German school, whereas the law requires seven months of English school.
2. That "the public school curriculum has been almost entirely set aside" and "Kaiser schools" substituted; that the boys and girls are taught to honor the Kaiser and other German leaders and are taught nothing about American statesman.
The first charge is true. The second charge, we firmly believe is wholly false.
It is true that a number of schools in districts largely German have been taught in the English language for five or six months and then for two or three months in the German. This is a violation of the letter of the law, at least, and there is no sufficient defense for it. The county Superintendent states to us that there were eight districts in the county where this condition existed the past winter. He further states the upon the declaration of war against Germany school officers where this had been done agreed to conduct the full seven months in English, stating that they realized that the fact of war would make a difference in the public understanding of why this had been done, an they did no wish to be misunderstood. It may be said that if it had not been for this agitation to make this change=that may be argued out by those who care to argue it. And we have no disposition to detract in any way from the credit that those who have been specially active in this matter may feel is their due for the change.
As to the second charge we believe that it is not only untrue, but that its publication does great injustice and has a very harmful effect in this time calling for less and not more racial antagonism.
From teachers and from school officers in the districts in question we have more emphatic denial that the public curriculum has been disregarded and indignant denial that "kaiserism" has been taught in any way or that the Kaiser or other German leaders have been lauded and American statesman ignored. These men say that they not only welcome but that they urge the most thorough investigation as to just what was taught. We have made some little inquiry both of school officers and of teachers and all agree in saying that all that has been taught has been German reading, writing, spelling and instruction in the Bible and in church history. In the communities where this has been done many of the older generation do not speak English and the church services are conducted in German. To enable the young people to participate in these church services this instruction in Bible and church history has been given. Mr. D.C. Eitzen who has taught the Gnadenau school for several terms, one of the main schools in question-and is a young man in whose word we have confidence states that the Kaiser is never mentioned in this school, that the people of that community have no use whatever for the Kaiser and his militaristic system. That they left Germany and went to Russia to get away from it and that they left Russia for a similar reason. He says that outside of teaching reading, writing and spelling in German the other instruction in German has been solely along religious lines.
This matter is an easy matter to determine. And now that the charge has been made we believe it is absolutely up to the state authorities to make a rigid investigation to determine the truth. If "Kaiserism" has been or is being taught in any schools in Marion County any steps necessary to end it and to punish those who have been guilty of it.
In the meantime let it be said again and again that there are two big duties along this line that go side by side, in these critical days. One is the duty to brand and pillory disloyalty wherever it appears, and the other is to make no charge of disloyalty without being absolutely sure of the facts.
Here and there is an American of German blood who is disloyal. There is no place for him in this country But we firmly believe that the great body of Americans of German blood in this country are loyal, From the Germans in this county have come many of the members of Company M; from them have come many other evidences of loyalty. We believe that there has been too much clannishness in this county and that many of the German leaders are largely to blame for this. We are not so sure that the English do not also deserve some of the blame. And in a spirit of fairness and mutual understanding there should be every effort to break down any barriers that tend to keep all races who have come to our shores from being welded into a common, aggressive Americanism. But such talk as referring to Marion County as "a German province" is not only foolish but in a time like this may be fraught with consequences very harmful to the country.





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