Cemeteries Index


Antioch Cemetery Richland
Ayres Cemetery (aka Holding Cemetery) Marysville
Beagle Cemetery Mound
Block Cemetery Valley
Brown Cemetery Osawatomie
Bucyrus Cemetery Ten Mile
Cashman Cemetery Middle Creek
Dagenett Cemetery Middle Creek
Debrick Cemetery Osage
Elmdale Cemetery Osawatomie
Fisher, Cemetery Marysville
Fontana Cemetery Osage
Frank Cemetery Valley
Green Valley Cemetery Osawatomie
Herman Cemtery (aka Watson Cemetery) Middle Creek
Highland Cemetery Middle Creek
Hillsdale Cemetery Marysville
Hodges Cemetery Middle Creek
Holy Cross Cemetery Paola
Indianapolis Cemetery Osawatomie
Jingo Cemetery Sugar Creek
Lessenden Cemetery  (aka Crescent Hill Cemetery) Osawatomie
Louisburg Cemetery Wea
Mannen Cemetery Stanton
Marysville Cemetery Marysville
Miami Cemetery  (aka McNelly Cemetery) Middle Creek
Miami County Poor Farm Cemetery Paola
Miami Memorial Gardens Cemetery Paola
Mound Creek Cemetery Mound
Mount Nebo Cemetery  (aka Ells Family Cemetery) Osawatomie
New Hope Cemetery  (aka Paoria Cemetery) Stanton
New Lancaster Cemetery Miami
Oakwood Cemetery Osawatomie
Osawatomie Cemetery Osawatomie
Osawatomie State Hospital Cemetery Osawatomie
Paola Cemetery  (aka Green Lawn Cemetery) Paola
The Peter Camerson Cemetery  (no reasable headstones) Sugar Creek
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Richland
Reed Cemetery Middle Creek
Rock Creek Cemetery Ten Mile
Rockville Cemetery  (aka William Cameron Cemetery) Sugar Creek
Scott's Valley Cemetery Richland
Settle Cemetery Middle Creek
Somerset Cemetery Middle Creek
Spring Grove Cemetery Osawatomie
St. Mary's Cemetery Wea
Stanton Cemetery Stanton
Ursuline Cemetery Paola
Wagstaff Cemetery Ten Mile
Wea Holy Rosary Cemetery Wea
Whiteford Cemetery  (aka Osage Cemetery & William Cemetery) Osage
Wilson-Raymer Cemetery Middle Creek

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