Divorce Granted

Lillie May Morgan was Given One From Husband

Young Woman had Sad Story to Tell Judge Flannely and Divorce was not Long in Coming

A divorce was granted Mrs. Lillie May Morgan of this city this morning by Judge Flannely. It was indeed a sad story the young woman had to tell the Judge of how, after her marriage her husband beat and whipped her, how after a few months he tried to get her to lead an invirtuous life and later drove her away from home.

He knocked and kicked me around so that I could not stand it, she told the Judge. When he drove me away from home, I went to my step-mother's and he sold all the furniture and left.

She said she did not know where he was at the present time. While in Independence, Morgan worked at the paper mill and cement plant. Mrs. Morgan's father, Miles Osborn lives in Independence at present. (The Independence Daily Reporter, Saturday, January 21, 1911, transcribed by Jim Laird)

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