Marriage Index ~ 1860 - 1866

Adam, R. E. ~ DeYoung, Ruth


Atkinson, George  ~  Phillips, Minnie

Brigett, Ewan ~ Hooker, Sarah

Brown, Mr. ~ Kempton, Lucy

Bruton, Benjamin ~ Arnold, Mabel


Butler, George  ~  Baer, Mary

Calvin, Raymond L. ~ Henry, Minnie E.

Cessnun, William ~ Howard, Anna

Harness, Ernest ~ Murray, Eva

Harvey, Dr. Clarence ~ Dent, Florence

Herald, Harvey ~ Moore, Mollie


Hickey, Herbert  ~  Gustafson, Florence

Howard, Albert ~ Arm, Nellie

Ketcham, Frank ~ Riggs, Pearl

Langvardt, August ~ Amsbury, Lottie

Laury, George ~ McCroy, Hattie

Lewis, Thomas ~ McClaura, Maude

McCorkill, Thomas ~ Tebox, Flora

Means, Petis ~ Banner, Mrs.

Moore, Clarence ~ Bartlett, Carrie

Patnoe, William ~ Woodford, Letitia


Schultheis, Martin  ~  Swallow, Stella Belle

Settler, Jesse ~ Rice, Lillie

Smith, Abraham ~ Majors, Ora

Stanley, Franklin ~ Anderson, Loretta


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