Norton  County

Epidemics of Norton County, KS

How Dr. Howe Stopped the Small-Pox

Dr. Charlie Howe, who has been at Ledora (sic), a month, taking care of the small-pox patients, returned home last night, the disease having been entirely eradicated. Norton County will pay Dr. Howe five hundred dollars for his services, and he made one hundred dollars during the month in private fees. Still he earned the money. When he arrived at Lenora a month ago, Dr. Fuller and Dr. Drown, the home doctors were dying with black small-pox and were in a terrible condition. Both died within three days after the arrival of the Atchison man, and he was compelled to lay them out, haul them to the cemetery, bury them and fill up their graves. The people were in a state of panic, and Dr. Howe was compelled to sleep in the office of one of the dead doctors, and eat his meals under a tree, where they were carried and left for him. Four other doctors visited Lenora before Dr. Howe arrived but fled. The two doctors who died had no medical attention, and part of the time no nursing. Conductor J.C. Brouse, of the Central branch, who caught the disease from the tramp who took it to Lenora, lay a week without a nurse. Part of the time he was delirious, and said his whole fear was that during the delirium he would go home and expose his family. Dr. Howe introduced his vinegar treatment at Lenora and there was not a single case after his arrival. The vinegar treatment consists of taking four tablespoonfulls of the best cider vinegar to each adult, daily in a glass of water. Altogether Dr. Howe had 22 cases, all of which recovered. The disease at Lenora was black small-pox, and very bad. Atchison (Kan.) Globe. ["The Red Cloud Chief". (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) July 14, 1899 - Sub. by K.T.]

Death at Almena.

Norton, Kan, Jan 24 - O.L. Reed, postmaster at Alemena, died of smallpox today. There are some other cases prevalent in the town and county. [Kansas Semi-Weekly Capital; 25 Jan 1901 - Sub. by K.T.]


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