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Osborne County History
Founded: February 26, 1867
The county seat is Osborne.

A Big Cottonwood Tree
Source: Plainville Times, 24 May 1917
The largest tree in Osborne County is a cottonwood. It stands eleven miles due east of Osborne on the banks of the Solomon. It is 200 or 300 yards from the road and but a short distance from the river. Harlan Parker was but there Friday and put his tape measure around the tree. Five feet from the ground the tree showed a circumference of exactly 20 feet and six inches. Mr. Parker did not ascertain the height. The tree is still in a healthy condition and growing right along. How old it is nobody seems able to tell, but a number have ventured the assertion that it must be at least 200 years old. The massive tree is quite a site, well worth driving out that far to see. - Osborne Farmer

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Website Updates:

News: Births: son to Will Presnell; daughter to Ernest Leighton; daughter to Dow Wells; son to A.E. Emmerson
News: Church: Childrens Day at Mayflower, Christian church represented at district convention
News: Marriage: Noffsinger-Amos, Hudson-Whipple
News: Reunions: Decoration Day Observance, Complimentary Dinner - Boken & Linden,
Obits: R.S. Ruth, Anna B. (Clark) Paul, B.M. Remy, John Keirns,

News: Natoma community; Victor community; Downs community
Obit: Berton Danner, Verny Stanfield; Madge Kaster; Wilbert Ira Hall



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