Osborne County, Kansas



News: Lawrence and Bethany Communities, marriages: KAUP-ROADHOUSE, COLYER-BARBER, SMITH-WILLIAMS, WESTBROOK-BLACK, CARLSON-ANNIS, REITZEL-McKINSELY, Methodist Folks Entertained in Honor of the Kaup Family, Picnic Dinner - 75th birthday of Mrs. Marie Rose and 26th Wedding anniversary of her son Mark Rose, Viola Roadhouse Visits, 21 Years Ago in Osborne (1898),
Obits: William Roadhouse, John Bancroft, Mrs. George Schweitzer, Elizabeth Rush, Abram Goodwin,

Census: 1925 State Census for Independence Township including Agricultural Schedules
County: Learn the Names of Streets in Osborne
News: Birth: A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Verne Lakin Monday
News: Marriages: Linn-Miller, Conrad-Conrad, Conrad-Kellar, Richardson-Cawker, Wandersee-Blank, Saum-Rogers, Hill-Coventry,  Wells-Lugrace,  Gradig-Deneke, Hayward-Shook, Omar Gregory, Esther Lena Killenger, August J. Fritsche,  Rachel Kissel, John Bush, RHODS-DILLION
News: Social: Fine Farms Change Hands, THE BEST WHEAT YIELD
Obits: Ben Woolman, A.H. VanDuyn, Charles Eli Taylor, Ernest Leighton, PETER KINNEY
Schools: County School Reports - 1903

Bios: C.T. Hart
News: Church: The Spooner Evangelistic Meetings; Rev. Brehm Called Permanently
News: Marriage: Wetenberger-Winneigner; Angell-Dutton; Garner-Conrad; Griswold-Dickerson; Paynter-Carswell; Dorr-Sanford; Gillette-Belleau; Hendrickson-Katzel;
Obits: Jacob Curl; Mrs. Helen Paynter; Mrs. Eliza Pierce; Emmett Francis Caldwell; James Samuel Thompson; John Kierns; Franklin Keith Gingrich; Walter C. Earl; Fanny Schweitzer; Mary Blagrave; James Morton; John Nickel; Sidney Franklin Duel; Nellie Sheldon; John Frederick Blauer; Henry Lake Farrington; Lizzie Louise Cevely; C.T. Hart; James E. Hopton; Nathan Eaton; Sarah Kurtz; William Mellinger; J.F Isenberger; Jacob Swartz; William L. Brown; Ernest Leighton; Carl Katzel;
Secret Societies: 1895

Bios: C.T. Hart
News: Church: The Spooner Evangelistic Meetings; Rev. Brehm Called Permanently
News: Marriage: Wetenberger-Winneigner; Angell-Dutton; Garner-Conrad; Griswold-Dickerson; Paynter-Carswell; Dorr-Sanford; Gillette-Belleau; Hendrickson-Katzel;
Obits: Jacob Curl; Mrs. Helen Paynter; Mrs. Eliza Pierce; Emmett Francis Caldwell; James Samuel Thompson; John Kierns; Franklin Keith Gingrich; Walter C. Earl; Fanny Schweitzer; Mary Blagrave; James Morton; John Nickel; Sidney Franklin Duel; Nellie Sheldon; John Frederick Blauer; Henry Lake Farrington; Lizzie Louise Cevely; C.T. Hart; James E. Hopton; Nathan Eaton; Sarah Kurtz; William Mellinger; J.F Isenberger; Jacob Swartz; William L. Brown; Ernest Leighton; Carl Katzel;
Secret Societies: 1895

News: Court and Crime: Sheriff Dalziel
Obits: Evelyn Caroline Carlin Hageman, Frowin George Hageman, Kandis Lea Moritz, Wayne E Carlin - submitted by Maurene Richard Miller
Schools: District #59 Sunny Dale

Schools: District #59 Sunny Dale,
Obits: Leonard L. Mans, Rita Ann Mans, Lawrence M. Streit, Anna Streit,

News: Community: Alton: Miss Helena Hartnell Mitchel, a populist, Mrs. Robert Patterson came to see her foster father,  Jumps From Wagon, Brecks His Neck,
News: Community: Bloomington: Notice Harrison Burson Claim, Mrs. J. Britt had suffered a stroke of paralysis, Farm house struck by lightning,
News: Community: Portis: Rev Haskins went to Portis, Rev and Mrs. Cox of Portis, Deborah Mower returned Saturday, Mr. Clyde McMindes, Relatives From Kansas, Miss Boomer's Position in the Grades, Paul Lemon who has been attending F.H.N., Charles Granger in the army of occupation in France, Rev. G.T. Ronk conducts meetings, Mrs. Sadie A Gibbons, formerly pastor at Crown Chapel, Miss Clara Paxton employed as clerk, Suspicious Cattle Deal, Mrs. Wm. Bodge proposes to take up more government land,
Obits: Mrs. Stella F. Gaunt, J.G. Rube, Isaiah L. Moore, H.N. Norton, Wm. Guthrie, O.K. Thompson,
Cemeteries: Fairview Cemetery (Portis, KS)
Military: Civil War Veterans in Osborne, KS

Births and Christenings: 1818-1936
Census: 1895 State Census - Winfield
Military: WWII Draft Registration: Elmer Huson Weese, Percy Allen Weese
News: Accidents: Shooting Match submitted by Robin Line
Obits: Laurine Ann Mayers, Eluah F. Robbins,
Births and Christenings: 1818-1936
News: Accidents: Shooting Match submitted by Robin Line
Obits: Eluah F. Robbins,

Obit: Laurine Ann Mayers
A Big Cottonwood Tree
Obits: William B. Bradley, Mrs. W.T. Smither

Cemeteries: Natoma (also Catholic), Pleasant Plain; names added to IXI and Round Mound
Churches: History of First Methodist Church, Congregational Church
County: History of Bull's City
Obit: Mrs. Harry Gallagher - submitted by Maurene Richard Miller

Bios: John Joy, Joe Smith, Trustimon B. Totten, Hon Z.T. Walrond,
Birth Records: Busey, Tricken
Cemetery: Bethany Center,
Churches: Churches and Societies
County: The Press and Business Industries, 8th Biennial report 1891-1892, County History 1871-1882, Osborne County State Representatives 1871-1920
Directory: Osborne County Settlers 1854-1879, Richard Foster, Suard Foster,
Marriages: 1910
News: Accidents....Fires: Alton Businesses Burn, Fire at Covert, Big Fire at Portis, A Big Fire at Portis, Death in a Burning House
News: Community: Osborne: June 4, 11, 18, 25, 1896 - reprinted in the 1915 Osborne County Farmer including first white child born in Osborne County
News: County Governing: Jay Driving Must Stop-1915
News: Marriage: Harston-Kertz, Mac Mallin-Beck, Hobson-Mace, Wells-Poague, Zumwalt-Stotts, Jones-Thompson,
Obituary: Ida Townley, William Reppman, Sarah Elizabeth Cremer-Reddish, C.E. Rathbun, Mrs. F.M. Wells (Julia Fairbanks), Joseph Williams, Henry H. Dutton, Mrs. Mary Botkin, E.B. Foster, Martha Hixson, J.C. O'Brien


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Birthday - Mrs. Geo. Hart
Community - School closed, Gossip-Visiting

Community - Gossip-Visiting

Accident - Dan B. Harrison Jr. Met Tragic Death, Disastrous Fire at County Home
Community - New Firm for Downs, Celebrated 89th Birthday, A Valentine Party, Thieves Dismantle Car, Has Song Published
Marriages - Baker-Bergier, Lewis-Husband, Sheets-Richardson, Speer-Arend
Obituaries - Seth P. Bates, W.L. Beck, Hazel Goldie Case, Laura Winifred Hull, Frank Koster, Frances Willard
Community - Has Song Published

Community -Bristow boys match Kill Creek boys, Jim McGuire has cheap stock pasturing,

Community - N.C. Terrill
Crime - Express Company,
Marriages - License issued to 13 yr. old bride.
Community - L.J. DeTurck, J.M. Batchelder, City Clerk Robertson, C.W. Crampton, Marshal Sherley, Sam Bear, Albert Rupp, L.A. Linville,Geo. H. Purssell and C.B. Knapp, Second Street, Young Folks Party,
Divorce - Frank vs. Ettie Zeiser,
Marriages - Clark-Earls,
Community - Misc tidbits,
Community - Osborne county lost $426.15, W.H. Guion, 6,630 acres of wheat, alfalfa 26 inches in height
Community - Osborne county poor cost $1,800, 135 pounds, 12-15 bushels wheat to the acre, 26 left for Oklahoma
Obituaries - Mrs. H.M. Kirkpatrick,
Community - E.D. Leighton Moves,
Accident - Lee Nighswonger, George J. Conn, Frankie Burns,
Churches - Church-Lodge-Society Notes
Community - J.M. Morgan,
Marriages - Abrell-Boultinghouse, Wright-Carter, Bodenhausen-Parohl, Hackerott-Miller,
Obituaries - Walter Gilkerson, Elizabeth Eckles, Benjamin Loomis, George Jacob Conn, Francis M. Mendenhall, Lena Bell Bomhoff,
Community - Don Wells Moves, Red Cross Sale Receipts,
Community - W.H. Sandy
Accident - Clarence Betts, Wm. Reppman, Wiley McConnell and Lee Kierns, Curt Dotson,
Birth Shirley Louise Anderson, Leona Lucille Wolters,
Community - Railroad News, New Year's Party, Mrs. Chas. Huey and Mrs. Henry Martin, Elm Creek Club, Wm. Hettinger, Crescent Club, Mrs. Wilbur Florea, The O.W.L. Card Club, Mr. Griffin, Jury List, Pricilla Club, Formal Opening Clark's Bakery and Confectionery, Fleck Bros, Knox Hefley, Ira Angell, Ola Cronk, A.E. Leslie, Miss Carter Resigns, Verdict to City in Damage Case, F.M. Wells, I.E. Woodword, Bart and Albert Otte sold to C.F. Bradford, Bart and Albert Otte sold to J.S. Reese, John R. Clark, Another Downs boy honored, City Caucus, Downs in the olden days of 1892
Divorce - Emma Hartman vs. Benjamin J. Hartman, Cora Beden vs Jair Beden, Mabel Dotson vs Curt Dotson,
Marriages - Cowley-Brown, Ford-Wichers, Wright-Corporon, DeBey-Hoegen, McAuley-Bird, Harris-McCoy, Greenman-Miller, Cole-Varner, Underwood-Kerr, Seidel-Wiese, Pepperill, Price-Balmer, Carlock-Duckwork, Kreamer-Harrison, Tack-Caldwell, Heath-Garey, Jackson-Seals, Irey-Quillen, Peters-Sutphin, Call-Saunders,
Obituaries - James M. Wood, Alvin Dougherty, William Reppman, Mrs. Amelia Veal, Orville Powers Katy Katherine Coop, Mrs. John Witt, Clark A. Smith,
Obituaries - Samuel G. Breakey,
Churches - Congregational Church, Methodist Church Notes,
Community - Mr. Beck First White Man in Osborne County, New Garage Opens, Herb Dibble
Marriages - Jones- Haas, Wineinger-Darby, Greenman-Miller, Cole-Varner,
Obituaries - Anna C. Johnson,
School - Alice Paynter for H.S. Commercial Department
Birth - Daughter to Rev. C.E. Trueblood
Community - Gossip-Visiting, Sickness

2016Mar30 Bios: Lawrence Monroe Shearer, John Charles Starr,
County: Men of Kansas 1905 - Charles H. Nicholas, Charles Wesley Norton, Dan B. Harrison, Edwin Parker Sample, Raymonde T. Weld
County: Town History: Alton, Bristow, Cheyenne, Cook Creek, Deliverance, Dial, Downs,

2016Feb16 Obits: George Henry Weeks, submitted by Kyle M. Condon

2016Jan14 County: Kansas Settlers - Abbott, Archer, Bliss, Cline, Jacobs, Thurber, Wyler, Yeager
Obits: Danny Pilcher, Richard H. Pilcher -submitted by Maurene Miller

2015Nov12 Military: G.A.R. Rosters: Greenman Post #232 Downs, Kansas; O.M. Mitchell Post #69, Osborne, Kansas; Portis Post #263. Portis, Kansas;
Passenger Lists: Germany to Osborne, Kansas

2015Oct6 Obit: Francis Guy Riedel - submitted by Maurene Richard Miller
Maintanence: Separated Death Records from Obituraries

2015Sep19 News: Court: State v. Whitaker (1885 trial of John R. Miller, John Cranshaw and Albert Whitaker for the murder of Delbert J. Tunison)

2015Aug5 Bios: John H. Wolters, Z.C. Young, John Kaser, Fred V. Heberlein
County History: Historical Markers - B-24 Bomber Memorial Restored
Directories: Round Mound Township in 1893
Land Records: Complete 1900 Land Records for all 23 townships in Osborne County and including 7 towns
Obits: Robin R. Clark

2015Jul16 Bios: Osborne County Pioneers: Francis Marian and Malinda Layton Buck, Henry R. Hurlburt, Winfield W. Watson, James B. Gilmore, William John Roadhouse, Eli S. Wilcoxson, James Madison Mills, Aaron Storer, Willis Samuel Brown, Winfield S. Tilton, Milton Oliver Stafford, Charles Guttery, James Thomas Cahill, Ziba Gregory
Marriages: Gregory-Spealman; Ettinger-Nesbitt, Schroeder-Moritz, Wolcut-Basham
News: Accidents: Accidental Shooting, Woman in Man's Garb,
News: Anniversaries: Honored by His Neighbors-Mr. Grieve, A Happy Surprise-William Roadhouse
News: Court: Ernest Darland Arrested
News: Crime: Arrested for Disturbing a Meeting, Burglars at Kirwin
News: School: Report of school taught in Dist. 52 in 1896
Obits: Jacob T. Junk, Robert J. Junk - Submitted by Maurene Richard Miller, Merl Noyes, Job Rakestraw, J.I. Turner, Grace Conrad, Tempa Butler, Douglas W. Jackson, Thelma I. Curran, Arthur W. Schoen, James R. Standley, Sr., Laverna Gasper, Gertrude Domoney

2015June24 Marriages: Marriage Licenses in Osborne County for 1896. This year the number reaches 90, as against 84 issued last year. The Probate Judge performs the ceremony in many cases. A Complete List.

2015June23 Obits: Junk, Eugene; Junk, Fred P.; Junk, John F. - Submitted by Maurene Richard Miller

2015April2 Bios: Albert A. Ford, Charles G. Paris, George Schumacher
Directories: Natoma Township Residents 1894, Osborne Business Directory 1880
Military: Osborne County Military 1896 G.A.R. Post Rosters
Obits: Bihlmaier, Betty J., Bloomer, Robert "Bob", Booz, E. Darlene, Conway, Edmond M., Conway, Kirk E., Craig, Roland Gene, Curry, Roger D.,  DeBay, Freda, DeFord, Donald, Foster, Raymond Lee, Godbout, Marguerite, Godden, Mary Lou, Goering, Marietta B., Green, Marjorie, Knouf, Mable E., Koops, Carol J., Krueger, Cynthia Sue, Mertz, Henry C., Murphy, Gerald "Murph", Nelson, Elmore D., Otte, Grace L., Mary Katherine (Brummer) Payton,  Pruter, Ray Elden, Randolf, Scott V., Richardson, Jo Ann,  Schroeder, Leon C., Schweitzer, Lucile, Sickmann, Ronald J., Stanfield, Kathleen A., Taylor, Debra M., Trexler, Dora B., Vandament, Joe Ann, Winstel, Bonnie Jean

2015March7 Bios: new index page
Obits: Gladys Pauline (Kelley) Brummer, Katie B. Brummer, Robert A. Brummer, Roberta L. Brummer

2015February15 Bios: Harry Burton Brown

2015January11 County History: Historical Markers: Froenika Neuschwanger, Abraham and Elizabeth Shellenberger Homestead -both submitted by Carole Pyles, Thank You!
Land Records: COMPLETE 1917 Land Records with the addition of Corinth, Ross and Sumner Townships.

"Canvassing a cemetery can provide details not previously known. Especially if those that gather the info know the families personally. Check out site updates."  

2014Dec3 Cemeteries:
Cole Cemetery (also known as Blue Ridge),
Victor Cemetery (complete listing),
Cedar Bluff Cemetery (complete listing),
IXL Cemetery (complete listing),
Round Mound Cemetery (complete listing),
Round Mound Lutheran Cemetery (complete listing)
County History: Historical Markers:
Site of the Homestead of Charles "Buffalo" Jones,
Blue Ridge Baptist Church,
Victor Cemetery,
Site of the Round Mound Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church & Parochial School,
The Pleasant Plains Methodist Church,
Site of Mount Ayr Congregational Church,
Site of John Neuschwanger,
Site of Mayview School District #28,
Weston Stockade;
History of Covert,
History: Towns: History of the Names: Osborne, Osborne County, Portis
News: Misc:
An Osborne county woman, who conducts her own farms, has 200 bushels of choice apples this year.,
An Osborne county farmer, John Conrad, threshed thirty-five acres of wheat last week which averaged fifty bushels per acre machine measure.,
George and Frank Smith have finished cutting their 340 acres of wheat.
School Records: Mayview (Guyer) District 28

2014Nov14 Cemeteries: Cheyenne Cemetery-North side complete, Delhi Cemetery
County History: Historical Markers: B24 Bomber Memorial, Blue Hills  Tour, Cheyenne Missionary Baptist Church, Cheyenne United Methodist Church, Holy Corner, Wolf Bridge & Green View Stone School
Maintenance: Fixed link to Church History  

2014Oct26 News: Business: Golf Club, J.Q. Bradshaw subscriber to Osborne County News for 33 years, Letter List, 50 years ago, Physicans, Attorneys, Notaries, Etc.; Successful Institution, Reports of the condition of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK
News: Gossip: Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Garber got back to their home at Portis Saturday evening after an absence of 5 weeks., Dr. E.O. Henshall returned this morning from a few days visit with his son, Dr. James Henshall at Kansas City.
News: Marriage: Dr. James E. Henshall and bride returned Friday from their honeymoon trip to the Great Lakes.
Obits: Ben A. Roy, James B. Henshall

2014Sep11 Obit: Wanda Bader Alflen -submitted by Maurence Richard Miller

2014Sep9 Cemeteries:
Updated list of and locations of cemeteries
Baker Cemetery: names added-Amanda Bergier, Dora V. Bergier, infant Bergier, Jos. Glen Bergier, Joseph V. Bergier, Guy Bowen, Sarah J. Bowen, Jacob Cagley, Rebecca Cagley, Francis Cook, Aaron H. Forney, Margaretta Forney, N.H. Forney, Rebecca Forney, Rose Forney, Elizabeth Schumacher, Walter Schumacher, Alexander Michael, Anna Mitchell, Mary A. Mitchell, W.C. Mitchell, Elizabeth (Baker) Schumacher, Walter Schumacher, Lee Taylor, Robert M. Taylor, Sarah E. Taylor,
Bloom Valley Cemetery: updated info with canvass of cemetery
Cornith Cemetery: names added-Apple or Williams?, Charles Ames, Dudley Ames, Eunice B. (Carther) Ames, Mary (Carter) Ames, Hilda Barber, Johanna Becker, A. Brown, Anna N. Cheets, Jacob W. Cheets, Charity Collins, Edward Colyer, Connelly, Anna Dillon, Scott Dillon, Thomas Paul Dillon, J.P. Earl, Leslie K. Earl, Ethan S. Grosback, Neva A. Grosback, Albert L. Hainer, Lynn Hainer, Rose Ann (Richards) Hainer, Oscar Hainer, Laura W. Hall, Isaac B. Hart, Martha (Cowen) Hart, Mary E. Hart, Milburn A. Hart, Mitchell Hart, Ralph A. Hart, Robert Hart, Wm. Wayne Hart, William F. Hoverman, Frank B. Hull, Nora (Wilson) Hull, Olin H. Hull, Opal Hull, Amy Belle Judson, Louisa E. Judson, Scott E. Judson, Smith Judson, Bertha S. Kelley, Dewey L. Kelley, Grace A. Kelley, James L. Kelley, Ross R. Kelley, Wm. T. Kelley, Annis M. Kenyon, Agnes L. McConnell, Malinda W. McConnell, Augusta Martens, Bertha E. Martens, Emma L. Martens, Frederick Martens, Frederick W. Martens, Gus W. Martens, Hazel H. Martens, Rebeca (Gepford) Mize, Austin W. Murphy, Flossie E. Murphy, E.B.P., Lele Belle Rapalee, Harry A. Rathbun, Mary Belle Reynolds, Thomas Richards, E.C.S., Ellen C. Shafer, M.F. Shafer, N.M.C. Katherine M. Sharp, William T. Sharp, James K. Smith, Junanita Smith, Kenneth D. Smith, Tracy (Cheets) Smith, Eddy L. Spain, Darly w. Standley, Minerva Steerman, Santford M. T?, Benjamin F. Tallman, Eulalia Tallman, Geo. C. Tallman, Mary A. Tallman, Harriet H. Teed, Thompson, Bessie M. Thornberry, Nellie Welch, William Welch, Beverly Jo Williams, Elmer K. Williams, Minnie A. Williams, Shane A. Williams, Bert Wiltse, Harriet K. Wiltse, William Wiltse, Basil Wood, Elizabeth (Judson) Wood, Lowell K. Wood, Ada M. Wright, Ann E. Wright, Robert Wright, Wright?, Yost
Oak Dale Cemetery: names added-Celia E. Asper, David D. Asper, Frederick E. Asper, Henry J. Asper, Sarah E. Asper, William Asper, Lucy Billings, R.F. Billings, Samuel Billings, Bert Bryant, Daniel Bryant, Ella (Warren) Bryant, John Samuel Bryant, Sarah J. Bryant, Charles Chapin, Eliza J. Chapin, Emma M. Chapin, Lydia (Van Fleet) Chapin, Phebe J. Chapin, Samuel Chapin, Sedley Chapin, Wilma Irene Countryman, Emmons B. Courter, Sarah Courter, Laura A. Cox, Forest H. Creamer, Geo. W. Creamer, John N. Creamer, Matila Creamer, Amos C. Davis, Glaydes R. Davis, Julia C. Davis, Theron M. Davis, J.M. Easterling, Margaret (Kilgore) Easterling, Newton C. Fowler, Aurela Frazell, Theordore B. Garner, Anna B. Greenman, Ben J. Greenman, Eldo E. Greenman, John J. Greenman, John N. Greenman, Nathan N. Greenman, Sarah Greenman, Charles B. Headley, Jessie Hercules, Alice M. Hull, Earnest Hull, Ellen (Burns) Hull, Frank E. Hull, Franklin Hull, E. Benton Jones, Emmaline Jones, Ethel Lee Jones, Mabel Jones, Bruce Morrissey, Dauice Morrissey, Bessie Maude Palmatier, Bobby Ray Peters, Henry P. Peters, Lucy Ann Peters, Lucy V. Peters, S.F. Peters, Samuel Peters, Virginia Mae Peters, Sarah (Hill) Pitt, Sidney Pitt, William H. Pitt, Lilly Ethel Quillin, Lucy V. (Peters) Quillin, Fred W. Skinner, Ward A. Tomlinson
Pioneer Adventist Cemetery: names added-C. Houn, William Henry Jones,
Rose Valley Cemetery: names added-Christian Baetsch, Ursula Baertsch, Ida L. (Hofer) Carner, Minnie E. Haynes, Christian Hofer, Ida L. Hofer, Ida May Hofer, Jennie Hofer, Tiller Huiting, Josephine (Baker) Kimble, Elizabeth (Pitschi) Maier, Charles Oliver, Elizabeth Pitschi, Nancy Catherine Reichel, Edward G. Rudy, Agnes Yost, Barbary Yost, Henry Yost, Laurence Yost, Mary Yost, Menna Yost
Tipton Lutheran Cemetery: names added-Lenore (Grandma), G.C. Albercht, Fred Backhoff, Frederick C.W. Backhoff, Heirrhust Narie Backhoff, Hormina H. Backhoff, William Backhoff, Doratha Bock, Freda Boehner, Pauline S. Boehner, Caroline Brinkman, William F. Brinkman, Willie Ehlers, Alma Gertje, Hans Guhn, Anna Mehl, Ann Dorathea Mehl, Mary C. Mertz, Charlie F. Mortz, Lenn Mortz, Matthias Mortz, Mary Nicholas, Mattie (Pottberg) Nusbnum, Caroline Paulsen, Herman Paulsen, F.W. Reich, Pauline H. Reich, Catherina L. Reinking, Chris F. Reinking, Ernest Reinking, Frederick Reinking, Erin Tack, Lena Tack
Union Cemetery: Complete with 124 names
Obits: Emma M. (Kurtis) Kunish, Joseph A. Kunish -submitted by Maurene Richard Miller, Bertha Zimmerman
Schools: Osborne County Graduates 1914, Osborne High School Graduates 1913, Osborne High School Graduates 1914, Osborne High School Graduates 1916, School Catalogs 1875-1877

2014Aug21 Obits: Maude Irene (McConnell) Wiese, Submitters Name: Maurene Richard Miller2014Aug25Obits: Emma M. (Kurtis) Kunish, Joseph A. Kunish -submitted by Maurene Richard Miller

2014Aug22 County Records: National and State Register of Historic Places
News: Accidents: Mr. J.S. Rudd badly hurt
News: Business: Frank Rothenberg to work on addition, Emmigrant Train
News: Church: Father Heltz conducts service
News: Clubs: Epworth League of Downs, Eastern Star of Downs, Osborne Odd Fellows
News: Governing: Scott Declines
News: Misc: Miss Gunn permanent resident of Osborne, Mrs. S.D. Moody now resident of Osborne, Automobile party
News: Schools: Fat and Lean Men of Osborne, Hawkeye is Well Represented, Downs School Board adds to contract
News: Sick: Diphtheria Scare at Natoma, Dr. Stevens will treat all classes
News: Weather: A Phenomenal Season
Obits: Madge (Gaunt) Walworth, Mead Walworth -submitted by Maurene Richard Miller

2014Jun12 County History: Historical Markers: Covert Church of the Nazarene, Covert Presbyterian Church & the Covert Methodist Episcopal Church, Covert Ghost Town,
News: index,
News: Anniversary-Reunions: Hawkins Family Reunion, Osborne High School Class Reunions of 1930, 1940, 1950, 1955, A Shower, A Seven O'Clock Dinner, Little Birthday Party, Birthday Party, Embroidery Club, Mrs. D.E. Gilbert Entertains, A Family Party
News: Accidents: Cecil Lockard, Clyde Dixon, Bill Henry Auto Accident, Dean Hunt Shoots Self in the Foot
News: Births: New Baby Girl-Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Anderson
News: Business: Clint James of Covert; L.C. Kisling, Tipton; The Hillman Stock Company, City Patrons, W.D. Gerard; Geo. O Smith; News to Engage Correspondents; Banker Chas.B Hahn, Emery Moore Sends Fat Cattle, Smith Center Auto Show Boosters, Bad Piece of Road Fixed, Solomon Valley Mill Alterations, Saving Money on Sewer Building, A.J. Paynter, who is somewhat of a genius, At the Mrs. Ida Leighton sale last week the cattle brought exceptionally good prices, Remodeling Local Store This Week, W.T. Eckman sells colt to Ernest Leighton
News: Church: Mrs. Ida Leighton Takes Pic, Rev. Tindal, First Congregational Church, Ladies' Aid Society
News: Community: Don Wells Rents House, Downs Celebration, E.D. Leighton Moves, Red Cross Receipts, Covert Readers
News: Court: Probate Judge Fink, May Jurors
News: Crime: Speeding Fiends, E.L. Curl, Carl Bliss' Car Stolen
News: Gossip and Visiting: Sadie Stegink of Downs, Mrs. Walter Steffey of Seattle, Mesdames W.A. and W.N Bliss, W.H Sandy, D.O. Bancroft, Mrs. W.W. Miller, W.H. Layton, John Grieve, Tom Aiken, John Yeager, Thelma and Vila Sandy, Ernest Leighton and family return on train, Mrs. E.S. Baldwin returned home Tuesday, Ernest Leighton of Independence is visiting relatives in Effingham and Atchison this week, Minnie Leighton visits her cousin Ernest Leighton
News: Governing: County Treasurer, H.S. Woodward, Mr. Ruth,  Road Overseer; Eli Roadhouse-Secretary of Farmers Union
News: Marriage: O'Connor-Curry
News: Misc: Ernest Leighton, Mrs. W.H. McDaneld, Bruno Schneider, Mrs. Ida Leighton -First Chicks, Most Shade Trees, Census Supervisor, Charlis Landis, Mr. Greig's Horses Ran Away, W.H. Akens family moved to Portis, C.D. McComas Tearing down Sam Kindley's barn, Gus Katzel Has Not Been Found
News: School: School House Sold, Covert Rural High School, No School in Twin Creek, Killcreek P.T.A., Paul Anderson Cleans Violin
News: Sick List: Ralph Hadley, Willis Carlin Horse Sick, Mrs. Oscar Hoar, E.P. Meredith Sick with Quinsy, Howard O'Conor Sick with Chickenpox, Mrs. Gene Greig Took Seriously Ill, Donlad Farnsworth Rhuematism. H.C. cole was absent from his duties Friday and Saturday owing to unusual physical disabilty
News:Weather: Floods, High Water in Solomon Valley, M.D. LaRosh Receives letter from Frank Dunkleberg
Obits: Ida Leightonm Mrs. Wm. Dimond, J.L. Emrick, Hiram Nickell, Emma Kirkham, Gustav Adolph Katzel
Schools: History and Teachers Who Taught at: Oak Dale School District #2, Oakdale School District #23, Mayview School District #28, Hillview School District #33, Osborne Schools Faculty 1925-1926

2014Jun9 County History: Historical Markers: Covert Chuch of the Nazarene, Covert Presbyterian Church & the Covert Methodist Episcopal Church, Covert Ghost Town
Schools: Oak Dale School District #2, Oakdale School District #23, Mayview School District #28, Hillview School District #332014May11County History: A History of the Newspapers and Magazines Published in Kansas from the Organization of Kansas Territory 1854 to Jan 1, 1916
Military: F.H.K.N. is Part of National War Program

2014May6 Cemeteries: Bloomington Cemetery, Sumner Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Butler Cemetery, Kill Creek Cemetery
County History: Historical Markers: Bohemian Hall & Cultural Center, Kill Creek Cemetery-Presbyterian side, Kill Creek Cemetery-Mennonite side, Christian Graybill Homestead & the Story of Theodore Vogel and the Midnight Rangers, William & Isabella Stevens Homestead, Charles Greenfield Homestead
News Articles: Has Song Published - Thanks to Lori DeWinkler!

2014Apr14Cemeteries: Oakdale Cemetery, Corinth Cemetery, Baker Cemetery (formerly South Solomon Cemetery), Bloom Valley (Iowa Cemetery), Luteran Cemetery, Zimmerman Cemetery
County History: Historical Markers: Zimmerman Cemetery, Columbia School District #50
Obits: Opal Roadhouse
Schools: Columbia District #50, Bloomington District #10, Updated info for Rosedale School, Iowan School district #60, North Dehli Dristrict #62

2014Apr8 Cemeteries: Mt. Ayr Cemetery
Churches: Kill Creek Mennonite / Presbyterian Church
County History: Historical Markers: Pennsylvania Aveneue, Samuel Hoot Homestead, Levin Brunner Homestead, Kill Creek Mennonite / Presbyterian Church2014Apr4County History-Historical Markers: The Founding of Alton, Kansas, Tilden-Bloomington, Bloomington Cemetery,
Corrected link for Town History: Osborne City
Index Links: Cities: Alton, Portis; Communities: in Highway Heritage: Alton, Bloomington, Portis
Church History: Antioch Church of Christ, Union Baptist / Congregational Community Church

2014Mar25 County History - Historical Markers: Butler Cemetery, The Founding of Portis, Lawrence Creek United Brethren Church, Little Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Walrond Stockade, Highway Heritage for Portis, Bloomington and Alton
Church History: Lawrence Creek United Brethren Church, Little Zion  Primitive Baptist Church

2014Mar7 Schools: Rosedale school, Osborne schools, Baker School District #12
research: Historical Society Officers, organization dates for townships in Osborne County
church history: Churches in Osborne, Twin Creek Branch of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Kill Creek United Methodist Church
county history: Historical Markers-Twin Creek Branch of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Baker Cemetery, Baker School District #12, Pioneer Adventist Cemetery, Highway Heritage History-Downs, Sod and Stubble,
cemeteries: Rose Valley Cemetery, Downs Cemetery

2014Mar1 Cemteries: Bristow Cemetery 80+ names added, Mount Hope Cemetery 85 names added
Osborne County Historical Markers: Kill Creek Methodist Church, Mount Hope Cemetery

2014Feb21 land records: Where did your ancestors live in 1917 Osborne County? Grant Township, Lawrence Township, Hawkeye Township, Tilden Township, 

2014Feb19 land records: Where did your ancestors live in 1917 Osborne County? Towns of Portis, Alton, Natoma, Academy, Covert, Bloomington, Delhi Township (part 10_13-24 and 25-36), Winfield Township, Hancock Township

2014Feb16 cemetery: Catholic Cemetery (10 additional names), updated Bristow cemetery with markers and symbols
directories  Patron's Directory for 1900 -complete
land records: Where did your ancestors live in 1917 Osborne County? Round Mound Township, Victor Township, Mt. Ayr Township, Valley Township, Natoma Township, Liberty Township, Jackson Township, Delhi Township (part 9 and 10_1-12)

2014Feb12 cemetery: Pioneer Adventist Cemetery-complete, historical marker,  addition of 20+ names to Osborne cemetery.
county history: Osborne - Geography, people, history, art, cuisine, architecture, customs, commerce, Solomon Valley Highway Heritage Alliance
maintenance: reattached broken links to towns

2014Feb10 land records: Where did your ancestors live in 1917 Osborne County? Bethany Township, Lawrence Township, Covert Township

2014Feb9 land records: Where did your ancestors live in 1917 Osborne County? Penn Township, Kill Creek Township-complete

2014Feb6 census: Portis city census 1930 - 1A
church history The Vile Worm of Superstition, Warren S. Dean, Mormon Elder, Osborne ministers
news articles: Ad for land in Osborne, Alfalfa, Kansas news items, Co-operative Library, The Farmers' Union, Mails Live Calf, Alton Empire, misc tidbits, Osborne County Germans, Charles Cook, Chicago Grain, Mr. Huckle, Fine Prospect, Thrown from Horse-Carrie Hiatt, A Postal Note, Frank Lewis, Grocery, rains, 135 pounds, Alliance store, 26 left Osborne, A. Linn, Sam Garland, J.W. Leedy, Webb McCall, Osborne County Fair Association, Wheat, School district builds barn, Death of Jointist, Prohibition ticket, 135 Pounds
military: Bull City regiment to Phillipines
Governing history: named officers 1898

2014Jan28 updated look of Osborne county site; cemeteries: updated Osborne cemetery (over 100 new names)

2014Jan3 county history: North Central Kansas and Statistical Exhibit of Osborne County 1884;
Mercantile Interests and bios ~ Osborne (Osborne Exchange Bank, W.W. Watson, Walrond & Mitchell, Baldwin & Co. A.J. Harris, Allen Clark, Mortons & Parsons, W.H. Mize, J.M. Smith, Bleam Bros, R.G. Hays, Saxey & Smith, F.M. Hudson, Henry Hillebrandt, Howell Bros, A. Linn, W.H.C. Riley, Lipton House, Creamery, The Beach Flouring Mills, D.J. Rice, J.K. Stanbach, T.H Lovell, F.P. Wells, E.A. Palmateer, Fred Yoxall, W.F. Cochran, J.C. Laurance, J.W. Hahn, E.B. Jones, Dr. T.J. Gossett, L.A. Linvelle, Captain J>A. Burman, Judge S.B. Farwel, Frank Stafford, Newspapers, Haud Imnemor Mortis Cemetery, Capt. D.J. Flintzer, Capt. John Cronk, P.W. Kenyon, A.J. Fowne and Sons),
Portis and Bull's City (Eagle Creek Stock Ranch, P.A. Judson, F.S. Layman, Bull's City, H.C. Bull, Public School Building, Western Empire Newspaper, The City Bank, Lumber Yard, Bull's City Flouring Mills, Iron Bridge, Feature of Singular Beauty, Prospect, Magnesia Limestone Quarries, Beal & Taylor, Eureka Mills

2013Dec17 Osborne County Ads and more Ads; Bios ~ Tj Davis, CE Williams, WE Farnsworth, Omar Gregory; Patron's list from 1917 (complete)

2013Dec18 Land surveys ~ Metes and Bounds, Meridians & Base LInes, Townships of Land, Sections of Land, Fractional Pieces of Land

2013Dec19 Geodetic Center of North America

2013Dec25 8th Biennial report for 1891- 1892; Last Indian Fight

2013Dec28 The Christian Endeavor Convention; Newspaper articles ~ Eighth District Farm Labor Meeting, Farming That Pays, Judge S.B. Farwell, Hon. Lewis Hanback, Osborne County People's Party Convention, U.H. Hull, A Set of Swindlers, Democratic Convention, 6th District "chasing rainbows", The Day of the Lister is Past; more news ~ Sixth District Fellows, Hon. C.M. Cole; Tidbits; Bios ~ Judge Heren, Captain Osborne; Marriages ~ Hoy and Earle, Scott and Farwell; more ads ~ Grand Auction Sale, Public Sale; Schools ~ Western Kansas Track Meet, Osborne County Teachers, Reading Circle


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