The people of Ottawa county are circulating petitions in behalf of the extension of the B. & M. from Concordia to that place. We also notice that a proposition has been presented by what is known as the Chicago, Kansas & Western Railroad Co. (the Santa Fe Railroad in fact) to build a line through that county, the petitions for an election being in circulation. So the Santa Fe seems to "want the earth," and is reaching out its arms for new territory in every direction.
Saline County Journal, December 23, 1886

A Kansas Town Believes the Union Pacific Is Worse Than the Missouri Pacific
To The Star: Believing you to be anxious to help your readers, and the people of Kansas City in general, I am writing to acquaint you with the kind of service we in this county seat town of about two thousand people, and as rich a country as ever lay out of doors, receive from the Union Pacific Railway Company, after paying them $300,000 to come through here.
Our morning mail train – if never really never, gets in until from 1 to 7 p.m. – is a freight and no trains on Sunday at all. Three weeks ago last Monday our first mail, or in fact any mail, including The Kansas City Star of Saturday, came in to us at 7 p.m., Monday night.
I traveled for some little time on the central branch of the Missouri Pacific and am ready to produce figures to prove that for mail service there is no town of this size on the Missouri Pacific receiving such treatment from them as we are from the Union Pacific.
Edgar Wood
Minneapolis, Kas.
Kansas City Star: February 5, 1910

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