A tornado struck the town of Delphos, Ottawa county, Thursday evening, about 10 o'clock, and demolished 27 houses. About 15 buildings remain. Yesterday Mr. Neil Haggart received a telegram from his brother Alex., a well known resident of this county, who was engaged in the hardware business there, announcing the disaster, and asking his immediate presence. Mr. Fred Quincy, a brother-in-law of the latter, was engaged in the dry goods business. Probably both of these gentleman loose heavily. We hear of no loss of life. A man and his little child are reported seriously injured. Mr. C.B. Thompson, of this county, who, with his family had been visiting relatives at Jewell Center, was at Glasgow when the storm struck that place. A stone livery stable was demolished where his team had been put up. He reports no other material damage there. West of Glasgow eight houses were blown down; a number were injured. He states that in Delphos the Universalist church - a stone structure, the Odd Fellows Hall and several store buildings were destroyed, besides residences. The hail which accompanied the storm did not pass over a wide scope of country. It will be remembered that the cyclone of two weeks ago passed uncomfortably near Delphos.
LATER- The following dispatch was received this afternoon:
MINNEAPOLIS, KANS., June 11, 1879
To C.S. Conrad: A hurricane struck Delphos at 10 P.M. Twenty-seven buildings down and about fifteen persons badly injured. Quincy store and stock, loss $6000; Kiser & Bilingsly, $3,000; Masonic hall; Moser billiard saloon, $1500; Printing office, total wreck; McDonough hotel, $3,000; Keables store, $2,000; Dinwiddie's livery stable, $1,500; Universalist and Catholic churches, total loss; Methodist church damaged; heavy damage in the country but have no particulars. H.W. Bessac
The Saline County Journal, June 12, 1879

Through the kindness of Dr. D.M. Dunn, of Minneapolis, we are furnished with further particulars regarding the great storm at Delphos:
Through the kindness of Dr. D.M. Dunn, of Minneapolis, we are furnished with further particulars regarding the great storm at Delphos:
Dinwiddie & McDonough's livery stable was blown down; 2 buggies were broken, horses bruised, and feed destroyed; estimated loss, $1,500. C. McDonough's hotel, under contract to be built by J. Trumbull, was utterly demolished. Los, 1,200. Universalist church - stone - a complete wreck. Loss $1,000. School house blown down; damaged to the amount of $500. Catholic church, unfinished, completely demolished. Loss, $500. F.S. Quincy's store, a complete wreck - both goods and building. Loss, $500. Masons' and Odd Fellows' building blown down. The lower story was owned by Kiser & Billingsley, the upper by the Masons and Odd Fellows. It had been just erected. The Odd Fellows held their first meeting on last Saturday evening. The loss is estimated at $1,400. The Herald building was blown to pieces. Loss, $600 D.B. Lowdon was occupying it as a printing office. Had everything turned upside down. He was damaged to the amount of $150. Mr. Lowdon and child were thrown several rods before they reached the cellar. Tom Donegan's new house blown down. Loss $400. Thad Morris' building entirely demolished. Loss, $200. Wm. Skinner's house blown down. Loss $50. White Bros'. drug store damaged to the extent of $1500. Front blown in. David Barker's house completely demolished. Family were inside. No one hurt except himself. He was in the back, and one foot bruised. Methodist church thrown from the foundation and racked considerably; plastering torn off. Loss $400. Hall's livery stable shed blown down and stable racked. Damage $300. J.H. Mosier's billard hall entirely destroyed. Tables strewn over the prairie. Loss $700. Smith Bros'. grain warehouse blown to pieces. J.W. Davis' hardware store demolished. Loss $1000. Seymour & Simpkin's building which Pendegrast & Garen were occupying as a store room, was torn to pieces at the back, and front blown in. Loss $200. C.C. Wood's house damaged somewhat, and outbuildings blown down; also the north end of his house was blown in. Damaged to the amount of $300. C. O'Neil's blacksmith shop and house demolished. $500 will cover damages. The building occupied by Geo. W. Hayman, as a blacksmith shop, was racked considerably, and the aiding was blown from the north and south sides. W.B. Gregor's wagon shop and dwelling were blown down. He is badly injured, as well as his wife and child. J.N. McClure's dwelling house partially demolished. Loss $200. A. Adam's house and contents destroyed. Damage $250. James Trumbull's house blown down. Loss $250. A.L. Keable's hardware store blown from foundation and damaged. He also had lumber torn to pieces. Estimated loss $4,000. L.S. Disney's blacksmith shop blown down. Mr. Adams was living in it. Loss $400. D. Pinney's dwelling house blown down; damage $100. William Schnell's dwelling house blown down. Damaged to the amount of $450. Thad Morris' kitchen unroofed, and house racked. J.W. Seymour was living in it at the time. Geo. W. Strickler's damage to store building, dwelling house, barns and out buildings, was $500. Wm. Rackold, who was sleeping in Dinwiddie & McDonough's livery stable, had his shoulder blade crushed in three or four pieces, three ribs broken, foot cut - besides receiving internal injuries. Mr. Thompson's little child was hurt seriously in the head. Another child was taken from the ruins of a house, and was somewhat but not seriously hurt. Mr. Thompson's wife was slightly injured. The estimated damage done to Delphos is $25,000. From Delphos the storm went East, and the following was the damage done in the vicinity of the town: Simeon Everly, house blown down. Knowles, house blown down. Louis, Jacob and John Newman's houses were blown. Mrs. Newman's collar bone was broken, and child's arm broken. S.A. Courtney's house was unroofed. The houses of Messrs. Burr, Allen and Royal Bellows were unroofed. Also Bethel school house. the houses of J. Rice and J. Norris were unroofed. J.B. Pace's house was unroofed, and his wife and chil hurt. Messrs. McNamera, H. Ralph and Conger's houses were unroofed. Chas. King and Dan. Bower's houses were blown down. Mrs. Haley's house was unroofed; also houses belonging to Mart. Truax, Wm. Thompson, Gregg, Latham and Joy Bishop, Jr. A.J. Bowers lost some property. Pilcher's stable was burned by lightening. Leber's house was blown down and $150 in money lost. B.F. Simond's house was blown down. Dr. B. Davis' house damaged. A new house built upon Rev. Joy Bishop's farm since the cyclone of two weeks ago, was destroyed. J.D. Stelter's house was unroofed. Great damage was done by hail at Beloit and Asherville.
The Saline County Journal, June 19, 1879 

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