Biographies of Pawnee County Residents


Sam Brack Family
by Violet Brack Mantz & brothers and sisters

Sam and Elizabeth Brack and their children. Harold, Violet, Ruby. Orville. Vera and Meari moved from a farm north of Otis, Kansas to a farm north of Rozel in August 1924. Mearl died in September 1924. Children born at Rozel are Raymond, Florine, Betty and her twin sister Bessie (Bessie lived only two hours), Arlyn, and Leroy. Sam died in 1966. Elizabeth, his widow, Lives In Dodge City. She celebrated her 90th birthday March 6. 1986.

Harold worked in the oil fields and later became a farrier. In 1956 he moved to California where he remained until his death in February 1981. Harold served his country in the Marines during World War II. He was on active duty In the Pacific.

Violet went to grade and high school at Rozel. She graduated in 1936. In 1938 she married Edward Mantz of Bazine. Ks. They have three children. Kay, Gary and Gail. Kay, her husband George Fiala and son Joel live at LaCrosse, Ks. Kay works for the Golden Belt Telephone Company. George is employed at the Timken State Bank. Their son Joel is in the seventh grade. Gary and his wife Dianna live on a farm north of Bazine. They are dairy farmers. They have two children, Brenda and Gregory. Brenda is a nurse. She and her daughter Ashley, live at Russell. Gregory is a freshman at Colby Community College. Gail is a farmer and stockman. Mailyn is a Tupperware manager. Their son Chad is a freshman in Bazine High School and Megan is in the first grade.

Ruby went to grade and high school at Ronl. She married Wilbur Johnson of Lamed. Kansas. Ruby worked in Lischeskey's Clothing Store and Wilbur was a barber. Later they owned and operated a flower shop. Wilbur died in December 1960. Ruby died in November 1977.

Orville Eldon was born July 17, 1920. He attended school at Rozel, graduating in 1938. He worked in Idaho. Kansas, Tezaa and in 1941. El Reno, Okla.. where he broke horses for the U.S. Cavalry. While there he met and married Helen Lorraine Miller in July, 1942. In April 1943. he moved to Rozel Their son, Orville. Jr., was born Aug. 7. 1943. Orville, Jr. is the manager of an auto parts store in Littleton. Colorado. He is married and has two sons, Samuel, age 18, and Daniel, age 16. he served in the U.S. Army for 20 years, serving in Alaska. Japan. Viet Nam. Germany. Korea. Panama and the United States. Son Gerald owns his own auto repair garage in Yuma. Arizona. Gerald was born in January 1947. He is married and has three children. Cathy, 13 years, Gerald II, 11 years, and Jason, 9 years. Gerald served in the U.S. Marines for four years in Viet Nam. Son David was born Nov. 8, 1949. He served in the U.S. Marines and died in Viet Nam on June 1, 1969. Son. Stephen, was born Jan. 1, 1961. He is a supervisor at Pella Window Company. Denver. He is married and has three daughters. Rebekah, 12 years, Jennifer, 11 years, and Heather, 10 years. Son Melvin is a junior-senior high school teacher for the past nine years in Melbourne. Australia. He was born Feb. 15. 1953 and is single.

Daughter Helen Elizabeth was born April 24. 1955. She is married. Beth is a Licensed Practical Nurse in Englewood. Swedish Hospital (Denver). Daughter. Barbara was born Oct. 7. 1959. She is single and is a computer aided draftsman and programmer at Stearns Catalytic Corp.. Glendale County. Denver.

Orville served in the U.S. Army from Aug. 12.1943 to Jan. 10. 1946. Ha served in New Guinea, the Philippines, and Japan in World War II. His wife and son stayed in Rozel during this time. Orville moved his family to Lamed in 1947. He worked at Marconet Tire Company and at Vogt Motor Company. In 1955 the family moved to Denver where he began his own auto repair garage. He is still working in that capacity at this time. 1985.

Vera attended grade and high school in Rozel. She married Herman Stude of Garfield, Kansas. They live on a farm northwest of Dodge City. They have four children. Alvin, Carolyn. Jerry and Phyllis. Alvin and his wife Jane, have three children. David, Tracy and Eric. They Live at Lamar. Colorado. Carly lives at home with her parenta. Jerry and his wife Arlene, live at Dodge City. They have two sons. Phyllis and husband
Kevin Keirmer live In Dodge City.

Raymond attended grade school and high school at Rozel. He was in the U.S. Army in World War II and saw active duty in Europe. He lived in California for a number of years and then moved back to Dodge City, where he was a constructor: worker He moved to Lamed where he and his wife Martha, were employed at Lamed State Hospital. Raymond died in August 1985.

Florin JoAnn graduated from Rozel High School in the spring of 1946. She moved to Lamed where she worked as a clerk, first at Wiggins Drug Store, and later at Liecheskey's Dry Goods Store. On July 29. 1951, she married M.Sgt. Charles Fertig, a career soldier and also a native of Lamed. They moved to Ft. Sill. Okla. where he was stationed. Florine accompanied her husband on three overseas tours to West Germany, for a total of seven years. In the summer of 1965 while stationed in Frankfort. Germany, they adopted two sons. Robert Dean and Charles Douglas. During her husband's tours in Korea and Viet Nam she and their two sons stayed in their home in Lawton. Upon Fertig's return from Viet Nam, they moved to Ft. Hood. Tex. In January 1972. M. Sgt. Fertig retired from active duty. They returned to their home in Lawton. Okla., where he is employed by Civil Service at Ft SUL Their oldest son. Robert, is employed with Skaggs Grocery in Texan Carlie D. is employed at Cameron College in Lawton.

Betty was the eighth child In the Sam and Elizabeth Brack family of five boys and five girls, a total of ten children. She has the honor of being the youngest daughter. She was bom in Rozel and attended both grade and high school there. She graduated from high school in 1947. She will always have a lot of good childhood memories of Rozel. and the people in the community. Betty married John Marlett of Lamed, in they moved to Hays. They built and operated an A & W Drive-In Restaurant on East 8th Street, until April 20. 1984. They also owned A & W restaurants in Russell and McPherson. As of now. they are retired. They are the parents of five children. Their oldest daughter. Linda Janell married Arthur Meier, of Hays. She and her husband are living in Omaha. Neb. They have a daughter. Janell Marie, and a son, Craig Michael. Janell is presently going to the University of Nebraska, Omaha, and majoring in physical therapy. Craig is attending Creighton Prep High School in Omaha.

John. Jr.. and his wife Joyce live in McPherson. John. Jr. is their oldest son. He and Joyce have four boys, Johnny III. Michael Wayne, Matthew James,and Mark Lee. Their third child, Connie Jean is married to Kenneth Staab, of Hays. They live in Hays and have two children, Danny Lee and Angella Ann. Their second son Douglas Brent is presently in the National Guard in Fort Knox, Ky„ and will be coming home to Hays soon. Their third son, Michael Allen is living in Portland, Ore. He is getting married in Portland on Nov. 16. He is marrying Beverly McKearney.

Arlyn Brack attended grade school and two years of high school in Rozel. He graduated from Lamed High School. He served his hitch in the U.S. Army. He received his discharge in Chicago and remained there where he was employed by Graves Freight Co. In 1963 he and his wife Catherine moved to Dodge City. Catherine died in 1975. In 1977 he remarried. Arlyn and his wife, Marilyn, live in Dodge City. Leroy. the youngest in the family, went to grade school in Rozel and to high school in Lamed. Leroy served his country in the Navy Air Corp. He was discharged in Houston, Tex., and remained there to attend college. At the present time he is employed at the college. He is single. (Submitted by Barbara Ziegenmeyer)

John M. Brack Family

by Edith Brack

John M. Brack waa born in Russia in 1870. In 1875 he came to America along with his parents. Johannes and Elizabeth Brack, four brothers, and one sister. They settled in Rush County.

In 1905 he came to Pawnee County with his two sons, Benjamin and Jacob, and bought a farm south of Rozel The farm having only one owner before has been in the Brack family for 60 years.

On May 23. 1906. he married Mathilda Muenchow and to this union three sons were born. John W.. who still lives on the home farm. Sigfried. who died at the age of fifteen, and Ernest, of Hutchinson.

In 1914 a large red barn with white stars was built and has been used as a guide to many a person who has become lost and used it for a landmark to their destination.

Mr. Brack died in 1947 and Mrs. Brack died in 1962. They are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery north of Kinsley.

Benjamin married Nina Webster and to this union were bom three daughters, Betty Grassmich of Las Vegas, Nina Lee Torres of California, Edna Mae Rowe of Florida. He died May 2, 1980.

Jacob remained a bachelor and died Sept. 21, 1985. John W. married Edith Westphal and they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in February 1985. They are the parents of a son. Douglas, who lives in Kinsley and is employed at Cross Manufacturing, and a daughter Carol Nutting of Temple, Tex. Her husband. Harlie is director of engineering of Texas Hydraulics.

They have three grandchildren. Kathy Nutting Smith, of Belton, Tex.. Kyle Nutting of Temple, Tex., and Mitchell Brack of Kinsley, one great grand-daughter, Salee Smith of Belton, Tex.

Ernest married Ardis Busby and they are parents of five children, Gene of the home, Gary who works for the telephone company in Hutchinson, daughters Cheryl Freeman of Dallas, Texas. Brenda Diehl of Burton, and Gay Lynn Spencer of Neodesha. They have six grandchildren. (Submitted by Barbara Ziegenmeyer)


BALL, Mrs. Isabel Worrell, pioneer woman journalist of the West, born in a log cabin near Hennepin, Putnam county, Ill., 13 March, 1855. She was educated in public schools and academies, her favorite study being history. Her father was a lawyer, and at the age of thirteen years she began to study with him, gaining a fair knowledge of law. In 1873 her family removed to western Kansas. She rode over the prairies, assisting in herding her father's stock, learning to throw a lasso with the dexterity of a cowboy, and to handle a gun. The outdoor life restored her health. She taught the first public school in Pawnee county, Kans., her school district including the whole immense county. She was the second woman to be appointed a notary public in Kansas. She held positions in committee clerkships of the Kansas legislature from 1876 to 1886, and served as press reporter from 1877 to 1890. Her journalistic work began in 1881. In New Mexico and Arizona she had many experiences with the Indians, and gathered much interesting material for future work. She practically "lived in a little gripsack." The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad was being built and she was special correspondent for the Albuquerque "Daily Journal." Her life was often in danger from Navajoe and Apache Indians. Once the boarding train was surrounded by the Indians, and escape entirely cut off by washouts. The little dwelling, a box car, was riddled with bullets, and two men were killed, but Mrs. Ball escaped unhurt. For two years she lived in that wild country, seeing no woman's face, save that of a squaw, for three months at a time. In 1882 she returned to Kansas and acted for three years as editor of the Larned "Chronoscope." Removing to Topeka in 1886, she was made assistant secretary of the State Historical Society. After filling an editorial position on the "Commonwealth," in 1888 she became literary critic of the Kansas City "Daily Times." In 1889 she changed to the Kansas City "Star," and in the fall of 1891 she removed to Washington and entered upon special journalistic work. Meanwhile she had contributed many sketches to eastern periodicals. In 1889 she was prominent in the formation of the Western Authors' and Artists' Club, which meets annually in Kansas City, and of which Mrs. Ball is the secretary and master spirit. Her marriage to H. M. Ball occurred in 1887. (American Women Fifteen Hundred Biographies, Volume 1, Publ. 1897. Transcribed by Marla Snow)

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