Immanuel Baptist Church

Submitted by Barbara Ziegenmeyer

The history of the First Baptist Church would not be complete without first going back to the Immanuel Baptist Church, which was organized on March 12. 1896. The church started with two members. Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Leonard. These are excerpts from the minutes of the organizational meeting, held on March 12. 1896:
"The following persons met at the home of Sister Byland for the purpose of organizing a Baptist church known as the Immanuel Baptist Church. It was moved and carried a church be organized, with Brother Abbott acting moderator and Brother F.H. Leonard clerk pro tern. It was voted the church manual by J.N. Brown rules of church order and declaration of faith be used. Other decisions made were that two persons would constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and that meetings would be held on alternate Lord's Days.

First came the reading of Brother F.H. Leonard and Sister Leora Leonard's church letters, making them the church. They proceeded to receive members. On motion. Sisters Mildred Sidebottom and Jeanette Smith were received as candidates for baptism, and Brother A.W. King and Sister L. King and Brother Rimer Johnson and Sister I.M. Johnson were received as members on relation of faith and experience. On motion, the church granted Brother Leonard the license to preach and called him to be the supply pastor. May Johnson was made clerk. Elmer Johnson, deacon and Brother King, treasurer. A motion was made for the Lord's Supper to be observed quarterly. The ordinance of baptism was performed for Sisters Sidebottom and Smith by Brother J.C. Abbott. May Johnson. Clerk"
The church continued to grow. At the March 22. 1896 meeting. May Johnson, clerk, reported that Brother E.L. Gay led the singing and prayer. Brother Leonard had the devotion exercises, and the collection amounted to $1.75. Brother Leonard had his ordination services April 25,1896 and the hand of fellowship was extended to him by the church council. June 13, 1896, 75 cents expenses for paying Brother H.E. Abbott and Brother J.W. Meyers' expenses to the ordination services were received.

Other noted dates were:

June 28. 1896-Brothers E.W. Johnson. F.W. Leonard, A.W. King were chosen as delegates to the convention.

Aug. 16.1896 Brother Dan Sidebottom was elected as a delegate to the Association. Sister Sidebottom is to see the Lamed pastor in regard to preaching. A letter dismissing himself and his wife from Immanuel Baptist Church was received from Bro. Leonard.

March 23. 1897 Bro. George Countryman was made moderator. Sister Jane Howell was taken into the church as a candidate for baptism.

April 18.1897-Brother Charles Ruff was appointed moderator.

May 14, 1898 Brother Ruff was called to preach another year.

August 1898 Dan Sidebottom and William Wilson were delegates to the Convention in Lyons. Lydia Dirks was clerk of the church and Dan Sidebottom moderator for the coming year.

Nov. 2.1902-The church voted to hold a box supper for the benefit of the pastor.

April 3, 1904-William Wilson was elected moderator; A.W. King, treasurer Ada Wilson, church clerk; and Rev. Brunner. pastor.

June 1, 1904 Rev. and Mrs. Ruff, Mrs. Savannah Jones, and Dan and Nellie Sidebottom were received into the church.

Nov. 5, 1904-The church voted to take the Lord's Supper every three months. Brother Brunner was to administer the elements if the church had no pastor.
1906 Sister Brunner was hospitalized and the church voted to take up subscriptions to help with hospital expenses. In April, $122.50 was collected. Sister Nils held meetings for a week; 812 was paid to her and ten cents for oil.

April 1906 The total collected for Sister Brunner was $127.50 and was dispersed as follows:

Doctor bill and hospital expenses ........$90.05
Sister Brunner (personal).................5.00
For nurse in home.......................4.00
Balance in treasury ....................28.45
(the balance to be refunded at 22 1/4%)

1905 The time of the church meeting was changed to Friday before the first Sunday of each month at 3 p.m., to accommodate members hauling cream.

Nov. 3, 1907 Brother Ruff was elected pastor for another year.

Jan. 1. 1910 The treasurer reported that $82.32 was paid to the pastor.

Amount in treasury ....................$1.70
Expenses for The Kansas Baptist..........1.00
Oil .....................................30
Balance on hand ..........................40

Aug. 5, 1910 John Mack was paid $1.00 per month for janitorial services.

September 1911 Collections were: Brother Elmore. 81; Sister Mack. $1; Ethel Boyd. 25 cents: Zella Ruff. 50 cents; Sister Howell, 85; Brother Alexander. $6. The note at the Norris Bank has been paid and $6 deposited, leaving a balance of 92 cents

1912 Brother Ruff was pastor.

Aug. 17,1913 Will Jones and Elinor Ruff were baptized at King's pool in a large cement tank.

October 1916 Meetings were discontinued at Lone Star because of a fire, which destroyed the school house where the meetings were held. The Sunday school, under the leadership of Mrs. P.B. Dirks, has prospered and the B.Y.P.U.. under the leadership of Charles Dirks, has also accomplished much.

The following is a list of the members of the Immanuel Baptist Church:

L.H. Leonard Mr. L.H. Leonard Mildred Sidebottom
Jeanette Smith A.W. King Elmer Johnson
I. May Johnson Dan Sidebottom Nellie Sidebottom
L. King Annie King Jane Howell
Ella Lowes Sam Alexander Mattie Alexander
Eld G. Brunner Ethel Elmore M.M. Elmore
Dora Elmore Mattie Harm Mrs. Savannah Jones
Mrs. Ray Charles Ruff Adela Ruff
William Wilson Ada Wilson John Wilson
Bessie Ruff P.B. Dirks Will Jones
Alice Dirks Mrs. Minnie Merkel John Merkel
Gladys Merkel Alvin Tucker Earl Zahn
Alta Elmore Tom Stevens Nina Webster
Carl Sidebottom Frank Olsen Jessie Ruff
Zella Ruff E.C. Sidebottom Mrs. Lizzie Stevens
Emery Elmore Garven Elmore Cecil Elmore
John Mack Buddy Olsen Nellie Ruff
Ethel M. Boyd S.F. Mack Mabel Ruff
Chester Ruff J.H. Stilts Nellie Stilts
Jay Besore May Besore Olin E. Lamport
Emma Lamport Laura Olsen Charles E. Wilson
Myrtle Thompson Jesse Elmore Mabel Burdett Evans
H. Jane Graves Elinor Ruff Mabel Stevens
Mrs. Tina Wilson Lydia Dirks Charles Dirks
John Dirks Herman Merkel Cecil Merkel
Jack Tucker Grace Jones Viola Zahn
Lizzie Elmore Estal Jones Lena Webster
John Olsen Rhoda Ruff Myrtle Dirks

Rozel Baptists Build a Church

The 42 charter members of the First Baptist Church of Rozel organized on Dec. 10. 1916, at the home of J.W. Balman in Rozel (now the Howard Winkler home). A few months later, in March of 1917, they decided to go ahead with plans for a new church building. The dedication was held Aug. 25.1929 when the new church was debt free.

When the church was first organized, there was no pastor. The Rev. C.H. Ruff was elected as supply minister, with Rev. Ross of Lamed and Brother Ayers preaching the first services. Many of the charter members came from the Immanuel Baptist Church, which met in the Lone Star Schoolhouse (the last recorded meeting was Aug. 15.1917). The first officers of the church included W.E. Homer. J.W. Balman. J.H. Stilt. Mrs. Lamport. E.D. Smith, John Wilson. Mrs. A.H. Elmore. Mrs. Boswell and Mrs. Sidebottom.

Following are the minutes of the Dec. 10.1916 meeting of the church:

According to previous announcement, a number of Baptists, desiring to effect the organization of a Baptist church in Rozel. met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Balman for that purpose.

There were present also Brother C.H. Ruff and the associational missionary. Rev. W.A. Ayers.

On account of a blizzard, some intending to be present were prevented from coming.

After some consideration, it was voted unanimously to organize the First Baptist Church of Rozel with the understanding that all who wanted to go into the organization should be counted as charter or constituent members, including the following list;

Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Balman Mr. & Mrs. Lester Mrs. A.H. Elmore Mr. & Mrs. WE. Horner
Mr. William Wilson E.C. Sidebottom Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Boswell Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Stilts
Mrs, William Merkel Herman Merkel John Merkel Miss Jennie Smith
Gladys Merkel Cecil Merkel Lena Webster Nina Webster
Carl Webster Miss Mane Zivisek Mrs John Abendroth Mr & Mrs J A Renfro
Mrs OJ Smith ED Smith F.S. Smith Mr. & Mrs. O.E. Lamport
Mr. & Mrs. D.M. Sidebottom Mrs. S.G. Jones and two sons, William and Estel Jones Mr. W.D. Means and wife.
Mrs. M.E. Means Oscar Beale and wife. Cora Beale Mr. & Mrs. W.L.D. Martin  

There were 42 members in all.

After prayer by Rev. Ruff and some further consideration, it was voted to adjourn to Sunday, Dec 17 at 3 p.m. By common consent, this was changed to Saturday afternoon. Dec. 16 at 2:30 and the meeting was closed with prayer by Rev. Ayers.

Other significant dates in the life of the church follow:

March 4.1917 The building committee for the new church consisted of J.H. Stilts. W.D.D. Martin. W.D. Means, O.E. Lamport and Oscar Beale, who was hired to oversee the construction of the church. The date for the dedication of the new church was suggested for the fall of 1919.

Ministers who have served the congregation are:

  • 1. H.D. Hughes (1917-1919)
  • 2. John L. Moon (Oct- 1919-June 1920)
  • 3. Rev. W.E. Howard (Nov. 1920-Dec. 1921)
  • 4. C,E. Riblett (1922-1923)
  • 5. Arthur Combs (1925)
  • 6. A.I. Sunfield (1927)
  • 7. C.J. Spears (1928)
  • 8. W.D. Knight
  • 9. Z.F, Cantrell
  • 10. F.R. Parker
  • 11. M.D. Wheaton
  • 12. A.C. Cook
  • 13. R.F. Sauers
  • 14. T.J. Willard
  • 15. C.R. Wing
  • 16. Sam Beckwith

1926- The church mentioned plans for the first Homecoming and Rally Day.

1927 The parsonage was bought in the fall

Aug. 26.1929 Dedication services were held for the church, free of debt. The Sunday school and B.Y.P.T.J. were both active. Average attendance in Sunday school in September 1929 was 50. with a collection of $1.09. In September 1943 an average of 43 attended Sunday school, with a collection of 87.44. Average attendance in 1954 was 115.

Oct 30.1966 The church celebrated their 50th anniversary. The Reverends Nolan Balman and Royce Jones held revival services. $5,000 was donated to the church by Mr. and Mrs. Leo Harnish's estate. The church used this to purchase a quarter of land northwest of Rozel. farmed by Everett Spreier.

After the death of Hattie Fulhago in 1970. the Sidebottom family donated a gift of Land in Meade County in memory of Mary Elizabeth Sidebottom.

The ABW (American Bible Women) have always been active: their activities Include Bible study, sending cakes and gifts to the State Hospital wrapping Christmas gift boxes for the State Hospital, making quilts and lap robes for hospitals and rest homes, rolling bandages and sending clothing to foreign missions and to Indians in Oklahoma and Arizona, making quilts for fire victims, sending flowers to the sick, helping those in need, serving dinners for bereaved, etc.

Rev. Beckwith is editor of the Reflector, a paper which is sent to all members of the church and most of the community. Many former residents from other states look forward to the news and announcements it contains. This is Rev. Beckwith's 23rd year with the First Baptist Church of Rozel.

                                                        Virginia Franz and Dorothy Ideker

Eldon Elmore was ordained as minister in the Baptist Church on July 20.1975. He is the son of Jack and Louise Elmore.

Rozel United Methodist Church

The dated record. 1882-1908. records of 1916-1917. 1924-1925 were found in micro-film from the publications of named Chronoscopy, Lamed Eagle Optic and the Tiller a) Toiler at the Jordaan Memorial Library in Larned. Ks. Records from the Cultural Heritage Center in Dodge City. Ks., the Rozel Methodist Church and personal interviews, also the Office of Archives and History of Southwestern College of Winfield, Ks. supplied information for this historical account

The Ben Wade schoolhouse. located two miles north of Rozel on NWW 22-21-19 was moved by H. Adamy, Larned, Ks. in August 1901 to Rozel. The location was the southwest corner of the intersection of Smith and Edwards Streets. People thought it would be a good place to have Sunday school and preaching. There were revivals, preaching and Sunday school many years in the schoolhouse.

Nov. 17, 1901 A Methodist Church organized and used the Ben Wade schoolhouse.

Dec. 8, 1901 Union Sunday school was organized, with Mrs. Anderson as superintendent. Met each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. (As to records this is probably the start of the Methodist Sunday School.

March 8, 1902 Residing elder of the Methodist Church preached Saturday. March 8,1902 at 3:30 p.m.. and Sunday, March 9, at 10:30 a.m. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Be prompt!

April 1902 Church had ice cream social to raise missionary funds, was a grand success. Proceeds over $12.

May 1902 Ice cream social, proceeds to buy books for Sunday school and all church meetings.

April 27, 1902 Young people organized, meetings held Sunday evening. Some leaders mentioned were Ed Arnold, Frank Howell and Harry Tuttle.

May 2. 1902 Ladies of vicinity met with Mrs. Anderson and started a Ladies Aid Society.

May 14, 1905 The good people of Rozel met at the schoolhouse Sunday and organized a Methodist Sunday school, or rather revived one that froze to death during the hard winter. 46 present. Dr. Howe, chairman; Mr. W.H. Lumen, superintendent; Mrs. LaBounty, asst. superintendent; Mrs. Buck, secretary; Mrs. Wilson, treasurer. All good people come next Sunday at half past 2 promptly for Rozel needs a Sunday school.

Sept. 26.1906 Trustees for M.E. Church met at Mr. Brown's place and decided on the plans for the new church.

Interesting item Oct. 20. 1905 (Have times changed in 75 years?) It would greatly facilitate the work of the new church building at Rozel if all who have subscribed to it would hand in the amount of their subscription as soon as they possibly can. Please hand in the amount to G.W. Buck.

Nov. 17. 1905 A graphophone entertainment was given at the schoolhouse and the proceeds of 89 were applied to the church fund.

Nov. 24, 1905 The ladies of the Rozel church will serve dinner at Reeds new drug store, on Thanksgiving Day. Come and regale yourself on fine roast turkey and accessories. Thanksgiving sermon and service at 8 p.m. The $42 that was made went to the church fund.

Feb. 23, 1906 Epworth League shoe social at A.D. Smith s last Thursday was well attended. Each one who came was asked to bring as many pennies as the number of shoes they wore, and as each one had a pretty good fountain, a nice little collection was taken. Games were played. Refreshments were served. Everyone had a good time. This collection was used for League supplies.

March 2, 1906 Burdeff News-People of Rozel are to be commended for their liberality in building the church. It is 30 by 50 feet and will be well finished and furnished and in the finest location of the town.

March 11.1906 Rozel Methodist Episcopal Church will be dedicated May11, 1906. Rev. C.J. Howes presiding elder of Larned district will preach in afternoon and evening. Special music will be rendered at these services. All former pastors and neighboring ministers are cordially invited to be present. Everyone came with well filled baskets and enjoy these services. J.M. Alexander, pastor.

April 25, 1906 Rozel M.E. Sunday school organized two weeks ago.  April  11, 1906. H.A. Uffman. superintendent; W.L. Cox. asst. superintendent; I. A. Duval secretary; Mrs. Blanche Riederer, treasurer; Flevy La Bounty, librarian; Mrs. Riederer. organist. Teachers thus far appointed: Mrs. H.A. Uffman. Mrs. Allie Buck, Mrs. Rush and Mrs. Wm. Page.

June 1906 The Rozel Methodist Episcopal Church will be dedicated next Sunday. June 17. Pres. Frank E. Mossman of the Southwest Kansas College will preach the dedicatory sermon in the morning: one of the preachers who may be present will preach in the afternoon and Rev. Barton of Larned will preach at night.
The Larned Octett will furnish special music. Let all come with well filled baskets or prepared to take visitors home. I hereby urge all the people of the county, who can, to come and make the day one long to remember. J.M. Alexander, pastor.

Why two church Dedications? Evidently the first dedication didn't materialize. Thinking it might have been weather conditions. I checked with Cliffor Manry. who keeps the county weather records, Larned. He said on March 10. 1906 there was a snow and sleet storm and on March 11 the snow storm continued. I assume that was the reason for the delay of the Dedication.

June 17. 1906 Rozel Methodist Episcopal Church was dedicated June 17. 1906. Rev. F.E. Mossman. president of Southwest Kansas College, preached a strong dedicatory sermon in the morning. In the afternoon Rev. J.L. Rutan. pastor of Garfield, preached an appropriate sermon on Concentration. The Larned Octette charmed everyone with the excellent selections they rendered. We wish to express our appreciation and thanks to all who helped to make this undertaking a success. The building was erected largely by donated labor and is valued at about $2,000.

Collections and subscriptions during the day amounted to $654.26. The news account listed all the donors and the amounts even to those who gave 50 cents. In the afternoon an effort was made to secure funds to purchase a new organ and also a new bell and $4 was secured, but due to an approaching ran the matter was dropped and the congregation was dismissed. J.M. Alexander, pastor.

June 22, 1906-Dedication of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Rozel last Sunday was very well attended. A large crowd went from Larned. some of whom assisted in the exercises. About $650 was raised. That was 8100 more than was needed to pay off the debt.

April 1917-The Rozel-Burdett charge was changed to two charges. Rev. C.E. Woodson came from Texas in April 1917 to take the Rozel charge.
Ministers serving the church since its organization are

James M. Alexander Peter A. Ostrander C.A. Mulendore George Harvey
W.J. Grote D.F. Irwin E. L. Nicholson. J.D. Renner J.D. Renner
C.E. Woodson R.E. Keyes L. Clyde Gale L.C. McNeil
C.J. Kirk M.E. Kickman. Basil Johnson J.H. Scott
B.H. Davis O. Ray Pomeroy Denver Flowers E.E. Elliott
V.J. Ross Rev. Thomas Raymond White Howard West
Frank Pro R.L. Hatter R.J. Gottschall Ralph Barcelo
Leslie Heisz S.E. Staley Robert D. Simison Duane Harms
Roger Winn John Daly Charles Gardner.  

Sunday school superintendents serving are:
W.H. Luman H. Uffman Mrs. A.D. Smith Andrew Riederer
Henry Riederer O.C. Glenn Henry Uffman George Ott
Harry Smith John Dean Mrs. Emil Fulhage Mrs. Abbie Sidebottom
Mrs. Frank Brannon Clarence Uffman Karl Smith Percy Boyer
Ralph Arnold Mrs. Chester Gibson Dean Umberger. Sam Freeland
Glenn Balman Fern Kitch Mary Coleman Barbara Olsen
Arlene Zook Allen Klein Viola Ellis Judy Thomas
Joyce Klein Juanita Gillaspie Marlene Winter Linda Mounday

Burns Chapel, located 14 miles northwest of Rozel. combined with the Rozel Methodist Church about the year 1924 or 1925. This date has not been ascertained definitely. Church was sold October 1926.

In 1925-1925 the Methodist congregation built a basement under the church which was equipped with a furnace, kitchen, etc. Women of the Ladies Aid Society equipped most of the kitchen and dining room from gifts and donations from business firms and friends in the county.

After the death of Leo Harnish, a gift of 86,000 was presented to the church in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Harnish on Oct. 16,1936. With this gift the north 110 acres of NEV Section 26, Township 21, South of Range 19 was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Frizell of Larned.

At the death of Mrs. Henry (Florence) Hoover, a gift of $.1,000 was given to the church, to be used for any purpose except for payment of current expenses. The money was used to buy a new furnace and repairs for the basement. Mrs. Hoover died Aug. 21. 1947.

On February 1949. Robert Powers received his God and Country Boy Scout Award from Rev. Raymond White. In May 1961. Lee Scott received his God and Country Boy Scout Award from Rev. R. Gottschall.

The sanctuary was severely damaged as was the parsonage in a tornado in May 1949. This damage called for extensive remodeling. The sanctuary was rededicated in January 1960, by Dr. J. Russell Throckmorton. District Superintendent. In November 1964, during the ministry of Rev. Frank Pro, an annex was built. The building committee supervising the work was Harry Winkler, chairman; Verne Meckfessel. Raymond Scott. Dean Umberger, Glenn Balman. Bob Mcllrath and Dallas Wells. All work was donated except the wiring in both the old and new parts of the building.

In September, a new church plant was planned for and presented to the congregation. The Trustees were constituted as a building committee and the following were members: Elmer Arnold, chairman; Arlyn Smith, Glenn Balman, Fern Kitch, Verne Meckfessel and Dallas Wells. On Feb. 15.1962. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Riederer gave ground for the building site of the new Methodist Church in Rozel. Church site legal description is SW 1/4 Section 27. Township 21 S Range 19, W of 6th PM, Pawnee County. Begin intersection of E. side of Lowrey St. City of Rozel, Kansas and N line of right of way to AT & SFRR. 210 ft. NE to place of beginning, thence, NE on E side of Lowrey St, 300 ft. thence, SE perpendicular to E side of Lowrey St. 240 ft., thence SE parallel to E side of Lowrey. 300 ft., thence, NW 240 ft. to point of beginning. The congregation approved plans for the construction of a 872,000 church building. The architect chosen for this project was Ted Mason of Wichita. Rev. Ralph Barcelo was appointed to the charge in 1962. following a number of meetings it was deemed advisable to cut the cost of the original plans for the church to $60,000 before a fund drive was to be made.

Ground breaking ceremonies were held on May 3, 1964. Senator Glee Smith, Jr. of Larned, a former member of the church, brought the message.

The contract was awarded to Fraser & Gilbert of Larned to build the church. The old church building and original plot of 3.10 acres of ground were sold to  Mr. and Mrs. Everett L. Eldridge on Nov. 30.1964, for the sum of $3,000. The new church was completed in January 1965 and Consecration Services were held on Jan. 17,1965. The cornerstone was laid at this time It contained the history of the old church, history of the new church, names of the present congregation and committee members of various branches working on the new church. The total cost of the new church was $60,000. On the day of the Consecration Service Memorial gifts amounting to $5,000 were dedicated.

Rev. Leslie Heisz was the new pastor in 1967, residing in Rozel. Rev. Heisz attended the General Conference at Dallas when the Methodist and Evangelical United Bret hem united. After the merge of the Methodist and E.U.B. Churches, the Rozel-Garfield charge was changed to Rozel-Burdett and the minister was to reside in Burdett. Rev. Samuel E. Staley was the new minister coming in June 1966.

Oct. 12,1969. a congregational vote passed 21 to five in favor of selling the church land to pay off the $16,000 indebtedness on the now church building. This being the land purchased in 1936 from the gift of $5,000 from the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Harnish. The land was sold to Allen & Joyce Klein, Rozel. Ks. The purchase price was $19,260.

Face lifting for the Rozel Methodist Church includes a 30 x 42 addition before which the six men are standing. Addition will Include restrooms, kitchen, dining room, choir room and classrooms. All work except purchase of equipment has been donated by the workers. Left to right are Adam Spreier, the Rev. Frank Pro, Richard Waugh. Harry Winkler, treasurer of the building committee; Russell Skelton and Dean Umberger. There are 175 members in the church congregation. The original building was erected in 1907. Published in the Dec. 26. 1954 edition of the Tribune.

Dedication Day Services. Sunday. April 23, 1972:

10 a.m. Church School
11 a.m. Morning worship, message by the minister
12:30 p.m. Basket dinner. High School gymnasium
2:30 pm.   Formal Dedication service in the Sanctuary. Rev. Basil L. Johnson, Dodge City, former minister and Rev. Robert M. Gordon, Dodge City.

District Superintendent.

January 1977 Trustees placed the listing of Rozel Methodist Parsonage to Roy England, Realtor. Larned. Ks. Trustees: Raymond Scott, chairman: Barbara Olsen. secretary: Allen Klein, treasurer. Joe Gillaspie. Richard Coleman and Mary Coleman. They accepted an offer of (10,000 made by Don Taylor, acting for Pawnee Valley Feeders. Hanston, Ka. on Feb. 22.1977. Trustees provided a new abstract, as no old one could be found. Wayne Wilson made the abstract, cost $76. England Realtor Co. commission $600. The tax proration for two months was $22.14. Total price of the sale was $9,402.86.

Juanita Gillaspie of Rozel U.M.C. was an elected delegate to the 1980 South Central Jurisdiction Conference. Little Rock. Ark.. July 16-16. This is quite an honor for Rozel church, as delegates are usually elected from a large church. The church presented a corsage to Juanita for this honor.

Edward (Ted) Newman was honored on his 92nd birthday with an open house from 2:30 to 4 p.m. at the Rozel United Methodist Church. Mr. Newman was born Dec. 1, 1887 in Bedfordshire, England. He has been a resident of Pawnee County for over 56 years. He is a member of the Rozel Methodist Church. His children are: Charles and Edward of Kansas City. Mo., and Mary Coleman of rural Rozel.

Rozel United Methodist Church began a new tradition of Oct. 21, 1979 with a Service of Celebration for those who have been members of the church 50 years or more. Ten members had a total of 606 years of Christian service. Each was presented with a framed certificate of appreciation and flowers, each was given the opportunity to tall what the Church had meant to them. Glenn Walla. Lay leader, and the Rev. Duane Harms, presented the awards. The Worship Committee plans to make this an annual celebration on Laity Sunday.

The members are Raymond Scott 1911. 68 years: Lola Fromong Powell-1912. 67 years; Berniece Fromong 1912. 67 years; Hazel Fromong 1912. 67 years; Laura Fromong Uhland 1912. 67 years; Howard Riederer-July 10. 1917. 62 years; Helen Drake Scott Aug. 27. 1927. 62 years; Harry Winkler-Feb. 26. 1927. 52 years; Mary Gum Arnold Aug. 19. 1928. 51 years; Berniece Augustine Smith June 6, 1926. 61 years,

An electric Allen Organ was purchased for $6,676.75 and delivered Nov. 21.1979. Dedication April 20,1980 with a special service at 3 p.m., Sunday. Mary Nan Gardiner of Ashland. Ks. played the dedicatory concert. Dedication service for the organ followed the recital. Reception was held Public invited.

Oct. 7.1979 The congregation voted and approved plans for the construction of a Fellowship Hall, cost  $25,000. Plans call for a building 36 x 36 feet, located on the south end of the Education building. The cinder  block building will have brick veneer on the west face  to match the present building. The contractor chosen was Frank Vratil of Shuss and Vratil, Larned. Ks. Heating and air-conditioning contract to Ike Shaver. Larned, Ks. Volunteer labor will be donated. The building committee: Gary Grandy, chairman; Richard Coleman, vice chairman; Joe Gillaspie. secretary; Mrs. Howard (Norma) Zook. treasurer (replacing Donna Wells, the first elected treasurer); Raymond Scott and Clarence Bradford.

Sunday, Nov. 21, 1980 was "Fern and Alice Kitch Day" in Rozel. They will be leaving soon, moving to Topeka to make their home near their daughter. The Methodist Church has planned a full day's slate of activities. All activities are open to the public.

In 1980 a bell tower constructed by Shuss and VratiL contractors of Larned. Ks.. was built on a concrete base of block and brick matching the church building. The original church bell of the 1906 church installed in the tower has one IS Power Unit, Doppler Simulator and Tolling Simulator.

Raymond and Helen Scott gave the bell tower, electrical bell ringing and equipment to the Rozel United
Methodist Church in memory of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Drake and Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Scott. Their wish is the people of church and community use and enjoy the ringing of the bell.
The bell has not been used for many years. The bell and brackett was taken to the new church, but it rested on the ground until 1980. Dedication of the bell June 7.1981.
Two members of the church have gone into the Christian Ministry. Rev. Bruce Gottschall, minister of the St. Paul United Methodist Church of Liberal. Ks. and the Rev. Charles Winkler. Conference Council Director at Wichita, Ka.

The church records have been microfilmed by the Cultural Heritage Center, Dodge City. Ks. The Church Trustees will keep the microfilm.

June 7. 1981 a 75th adversary of the church was celebrated and we dedicated the Fellowship Hall and the bell tower. Kansas Area Bishop. Ben Oliphant, was present and preached the sermon, the first time a Bishop had been in the Rozel Church. Joe Gillaspie, chairman of the trustees, accepted tho property from Helen and Raymond Scott for the bell tower and Gary Grandy, chairman of the Fellowship Hall committee.

Juanita Gillaspie was elected as one of 10 lay persons from Kansas to attend the General Conference (International) of the church. May 1985 in Baltimore. Maryland

There are 170 persons on the church roll as of December 1986.

The Rozel United Methodist Women have been serving supper twice a month for the Rozel Lions Club for 11 years.

Pentecostal Church

The Pentecostal Church had its beginning south of Rozel in a schoolhouse in 1928. Milt Shuck, Oral Roberts. Rev. Hopkins were some of the early ministers and organizers. In 1928, Ed Bruntzel donated the land for a church, just north of his home, at the corner of Grand and Klein. Wilson Chapel was moved in October 1928. and the church had a permanent home. Mrs. A.I. Shannan preached the first sermon Oct 28, 1928. Rev. Shannan was the first pastor.

An item from the Oct 1934 Tiller A Toiler. Rozel Pentecostal Holiness Sunday school is increasing: Supt Irvin Franz, while attending conference at Sun City last week, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as in Acts 2:4. He feels he is better qualified for his position.

Sept. 2. 1936 a parsonage was purchased from C.W. Thurman. Rev. and Mrs, O.F. Kramenska were the first pastor and family to live in the parsonage.
In 1943. Rev. J.E. Boman was pastor.

The church later disbanded in Rozel and the building was purchased by Golden Smith, who converted it into a home, where he and Clara spent their last days.

Rozel Christian Fellowship
By Duane and Sue Kerahner

The Rozel Christian Fellowship, one could say. began on a cold winter night in the month of December 1975. It was a rather interesting beginning, with no one involved realizing or expecting that there would ever be a Rozel Christian Fellowship. Duane Kershner, who had been involved in mission work in Mexico and Honduras. Central America, had returned home to Rozel to visit his parents, Calvin and Elma Kershner. It was a cold night, Duane recalls, with some snow on the ground, when around 10:30 he kept getting an uneasy feeling that he should go a couple of blocks down the street, to a house where two friends of his younger brother Steve were living.

Finally, somewhat reluctantly, he put on his coat and walked the couple of blocks and knocked on the door. It had been five years since Duane had given his life to Jesus Christ, much of that time had been spent in personal evangelism. He was invited in. stepped over a few empty Coors cans, and saw that Ron Bryant was there. After some time Ron turned to Duane and wanted to know where he had been the past few years. They had gone to high school together but almost 10 years had slipped by. Duane began to share with Ron how that some years before, in a very traumatic time, he had called upon Jesus Christ and about all that had happened since then. Ron Bryant went home in the quietness of that late night, surrendered his life to Jesus.

Some months later white on his return trip to Honduras. Duane stopped once again in Rozel. This time to find a changed Ron Bryant. He spent several days with Ron and soon his wife Mary had made a commitment also to Jesus. Now things began to happen. Ron and Mary began to pray for their friends Stan and Becky Tedrow of Burdett and soon they too. gave their lives to Christ. Then at Ron and Mary's invitation. Stan and Susan Bryant, Harold and Val Dryden and the Tedrows began to get together at Ron and Mary's house on Saturday nights to pray, read the Bible and fellowship. Rather suddenly other people began to come also. Now on Saturday nights there were at times 20 to 30 people gathered in that small living room. So began Rozel Christian Fellowship.

It seemed hard for some of the towns people to believe but week after week here came the cars. Whoever heard of having church on Saturday night and sometimes until after midnight? But things were happening. A number of people were prayed for and received physical healing. Others were receiving the outpouring of the Holy Spirit like on the day of Pentecost in the Bible. It was like old time revival meetings but no one had advertised a revival or even planned one. Meanwhile, Duane had returned from Honduras and at Ron's request began pastoring the group. Ron and Mary remodeled their three car garage and the Saturday night group moved into the new and larger quarters. More people continued to come. Eventually someone suggested that they call the meeting the Rozel Christian Fellowship, because it was a tremendous time of fellowship and rejoicing, for those who had found a real and living faith in Jesus Christ.

It had been around 18 months since the fellowship started, when a missionary couple came to visit Paul and Verne! Miller in Hanston. Ks. Paul and Verne) had been in Mexico and had done mission work with the couple. The Millers brought the missionary couple to the Saturday night meeting in Rozel. Ron and Mary were drawn to this couple and the missionaries invited them to come to Mexico with them, to help in the work there. This was a big step, but Ron. Mary and their three girls all with great excitement responded to the call and after prayers, away they went. The three and one half years, in Mexico that followed were exciting ones for the Bryants. Ron's work eventually became that of sowing the "Life of Christ" film series in remote villages and working with native pastors. Large crowds would gather to see the films as Ron would set up his portable generator and get the projector running.

Meanwhile in Rozel exciting things continued to happen at the Fellowship. Leon and Teresa Shearer from Palm Springs. Calif came to help in the work. Leon and Stan Bryant became the first elders. Stan Tedrow served as deacon and Harold Dry den as the first worship leader. Jerel and Cindy Hagerman who were among the first members, felt the call to service and left for Palm Springs. Calif, to go into full time pastoral training. They presently pastor the Macksville, Ks. Christian Church.

Eventually the Shearers returned to California where they attended the Calvary Chapel School of Evangelism and from there went to the mission field in Mexico. The work in Rozel continued to grow with people driving out from Larned. After much prayer Duane and Sue Kershner. who were pa storing the Fellowship, moved to Larned to start what is now the New Covenant Church. Stan and Becky Tedrow then took the pastorate of the Fellowship, having sold their lumber yard In Burdett After sometime Stan and Becky began to drive each week to their home town of Medicine Lodge, Ks. to conduct a bible study there. They pastored the Fellowship in Rozel for three years and then moved to Medicine Lodge where they now have a growing church. Around tbe same time Ben and Arlene Zook and their two daughters. Jolene and Valory. felt the pull to missions and moved to the Mexico border in Texas, for language school.

Stan and Susan Bryant, now pastor the Rozel Fellowship and begin a new chapter, in its history. It has been an exciting 10 years.

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