War is Over (front of Picture) - November 11, 1919 - submitted by Karen Weir

1. Mr. Lowe; 2. Mr. Close; 3. Miss Stansbury; 4. Miss Moorhead; 5. Miss English; 6. Miss Coleman; 7. Mrs. Lavin; 8. Mrs. Miran; 9. Mr. Mieran; 10. Mr. Mason; 11. Miss Robinson; 12. Mrs. Pearce; 13. Miss ?

War is Over (back of Picture) - November 11, 1919 - submitted by Karen Weir

This photo is from Karen Weir's personal photos collection that came from her husbands grandparents house in Stafford, Kansas - Earl Boyd Weir and Nell Lowe Weir. Nell's father was Herbert Peach Lowe, from Staffordshire, England who came to the U.S. at an early age of 17 with two brothers. One brother went home, one went to Canada, and Herbert went to Chase County, Kansas, later moving to Stafford. The back of the picture gives names of people. It indicates number one is Mr. Lowe, however, he would have been 53 years old, so Karen thinks it can't be Herbert P. Lowe but perhaps his youngest son who participated in World War I.

The picture below headlines states "Yankees Wipe Out Teston Salient." Karen is unsure of the date on this one or even what it's in reference to. If you know anything about either of these photos, please email me at lipstickgirl@sbcglobal.net.

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