Southwestern Business Directory, McKenney Publishing Co., 1889
 Scandia, Republic County Directory

transcribed by Sheryl McClure

A post, express and telegraph town on the Missouri Pacific Railroad at its crossing with the Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway, in the midst of a fertile and coal-producing country has good educational facilities and churches of all denominations, plenty of water, and is offering great inducements to immigrants.

D. C. Albro, restaurant
The Brunswick Hotel, J. A. Lowe, proprietor
M. & C. Campbell, millinery
Carstensen & Cullers, hardware
Chicago Lumber Co., W. A. Hauley, manager
J. L. Coleman, restaurant and confectionery
John Egg, blacksmith
Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, R. Morely, president
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SCANDIA, capital 350,000, J. R. Caldwell, president, J. W. Petterson, vice-president, W. H. Laney, cashier, J. R. Caldwell, C. P. Carstensen, J. W. Petterson, W. H. Laney, Thure Wohlfart, C. W. Gulic and W. W. Caldwell, directors.

John Goold, butcher
Gulick & Co., grocers
S. W. Gunter, real estate, loans and insurance
R. A. Haddeus, dry goods and groceries
J. J. Hadsell, book and music store
John Hamberger, livery and feed stable
A. P. Happer, druggist
HOWELL BROS., lumber dealers
J. Jennings, photographer
J. W. Kennedy & Co., grain merchants, dry goods and general merchandise
John Kitter, liveryman
Martin Linch, tailor
Mary Loftus, bakery and restaurant
NICHOLES & SMITH, boot and shoe dealers
Palace Drug Store, J. C. Weber, proprietor
P. Petterson, tailor
Sanford, Furgason & Robinson, hardware and agricultural implements
Herman Spelda, liveryman
John Ward, bakery and restaurant
Q. L. WHITE, druggist
Wilson & Bro., general merchandise.

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