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Anderson, Hannah W. October 23, 1893 Riley County March 28, 1969 Riley County, Kansas Alert Covenant   Randolph-Fancy Creek Holmes Mother of Bertil & Marvin
Bruns, Eleonora A. July 2, 1897 Riley County March 21, 1974 Manhattan, Kansas Cowan-Edwards-Yorgensen Carteer McKemy Riley C E Y  
Conrad, Jaunita V. July 16, 1912 Riley County October 14,1970 Manhattan, Kansas Burliew-Cowan-Edwards Chapel Lowell Wendland Sunset B C E  
Floberg, Gladys E. February 22, 1916 Riley County December 6, 1964 Manhattan, Kansas Burliew-Cowan Chapel Carl A. B. Swanson Randolph-Fancy Creek Burliew-Cowan  
Hedke, Henry Herman December 31, 1888 Riley County April 3, 1964 Manhattan, Kansas Randolph Methodist Joseph Wilkerson Randolph-Fancy Creek Burliew-Cowan  
Hoaglund, Hilma June 14, 1876 Riley County January 31, 1967 Manhattan, Kansas Leonardville Methodist Bill Eisele Leonardville Holmes  
Holmberg, Delpha Ethyl November 11, 1898 Riley County August 21, 1977 Manhattan, Kansas First Lutheran, Manhattan Milton Olson Randolph-Fancy Creek Holmes  
Lash, Lillie Marie March 23, 1913 Riley County February 22, 1975   Leonardville First UMC Paul Seyffer Leonardville Holmes  
Lund, Ida L. August 30, 1874 Riley County June 16, 1967 Manhattan, Kansas Alert Covenant Joseph Bowman, E. Lindstrom Pleasant Hill B C E  
Nordstrom, Elmer A. May 21, 1888 Riley County November 5, 1964 Manhattan, Kansas Randolph Methodist A. Pope and A. Eckert Masonic Graveside Service Randolph-Fancy Creek Burliew-Cowan
Rahe, Frank A. January 9, 1887 Riley County July 5, 1973 Riley County, Kansas Leonardville UMC Lowell Wendland EUB Leonardville Holmes  
Samuelson, Lillie February 18, 1898 Riley County April 5, 1978 Overland Park, Kansas First Lutheran, Manhattan, KS Milton Olson Sunset C E Y  
(Source: Compiled from funeral cards held at the Riley County Historical Musuem - transcribed by Peggy Thompson)

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