Source: Marriage Notices from Kansas Territorial Newspapers 1854-1861


Baldwin, Lewis Randolph, Matilda


Blood, Charles L. Halstead, Anna

March 1, 1860

Rev. C. E. Blood
Browning, Aseph Junietta Jr. Copeland, Abby

November 29, 1855

Rev. C. E. Blood
Caley, Charles L. Myers, Caroline

January 29, 1861

Daniel L. Chandler, J. P.
Corwin, Bartholomew Buzbee, Nomily

October 31, 1860

Daniel L. Chandler, J. P.
Curtis, John O'Malley, Mary

May 26, 1860

Rev. L. Durnortier
Dixon, Jackson Millspaugh, Martha Jane

December 3, 1859

Mncher Condray, J. P.
Dixon, Thomas Hoff, Margaret

May 1, 1856

Rev. J. B. Duerinck
Donald, Samuel A. Norris, Nalonie E.

April 10, 1860

Rev. E. H. Robertson
Dyche, Calvin M. O'Malley, Bridget Mealy

December 23, 1856

Rev. J. B. Duerinck
Eells, Horace Kimble, Cordelia A.

September 27, 1860

Rev. John Paulson
Frake, William Condray, Catherine


Gould, J. H. Cotton, Lydia A.

August 9, 1860

Rev. W. A. McCollom
Gove, Moses Johnson Miller, Mary Mrs.

October 18, 1860

Rev. N. O. Preston
Hair, Jones Robbins, Alice Jane

October 1, 1860

Rev. C. E. Blood
Haling, John Curtis, Mary A.

April 28, 1860

Rev. C. E. Blood
Hunter, William J. Allingham, Susan

April 11, 1860

Johnson, James Hair, Mary A.

March 30, 1856

Kesting, Robert A. Norton, Charlotte

January 24, 1857

Martin, Henry W. Merris, Mary


Muntz, Adelbert Haacke, Augusta

May 17, 1860

Davies Wilson, J. P.
Murphy, John Cossek, Margaret

December 2, 1860

Rev. O. Durnortier
Myers, Joseph M. Brigham, A. Elizabeth

May 1, 1860

Wallace Wilson, J. P.
O'Malley, Daniel Carey, Brdiget Catherine

June 18, 1858

Rev. Wallace Wilson, J. P.
O'Neil, John Lattker, Sara Elena

May 12, 1860

Rev. L. Durnortier
Parsons, John U. Jr. Kent, Annie

May 15, 1860

Rev. William A. McCollom
Pipher, John W. Wisner, Mary A.

September 10, 1857

Platt, Thomas Pipher, Sally

January 1, 1856

Rev. Joseph Denison
Quigley, William Henry Kerby, Catharine Eliza

January 19, 1861

Davies Wilson, J. P.
Raleigh, Michael Cassen Hoff, Elizabeth

May 23, 1857

Rev. J. Schultz
Robertson, Eli H. Evans, Caroline E. Mrs.

June 26, 1860

Rev. Joseph Denison
Seigenferdt, August Belt, Mary

April 9, 1860

Wallace Wilson, J. P.
Shuff, Henry Nufor, Phelipe

April 10, 1856

Thomas Reynolds, Pro. Judge
Snow, William M. Hall, Helen M.

August 23, 1860

Rev. N. O. Preston
Still, William O'Malley, Catherine

April 23, 1860

Rev. L. Durnortier
Taylor, Elliott Johnson, Anna J.

December 25, 1860

Rev. C. E. Blood
Waller, G. W. Thompson, Mary Ann

October 13, 1859

Rev. C. E. Blood
Wells, Thomas Clarke Bemis, Eleanor

October 30, 1856

Rev. Newell Trafton
Whitehorn, Samuel Dr. Lovejoy, Juliet L.

February 19, 1856

Younkin, Jeremiah Branscomb, Elizabeth

December 23, 1860

T. J. Giddings


Akin --- Williams - Miss Maude Williams and Mr. DelMar Akin of Manhattan, Kan., were quietly married Wednesday. June twenty-first at four p.m. at the home of the bride's father. The Rev. Neal of Hutchinson, performing the ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Akin left on the evening train for Manhattan, Kansas, where they are to make their home.

The bride has lived here the most of her live and has a host of friends who wish them much happiness in their new home. (Haven Weekly Journal Haven, Reno County, Kansas Saturday, June 24, 1905 Page - front *** column - 3 submitted by Rose Stout)

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