Rooks County Kansas

A History of the Newspapers and Magazines Published in Kansas from the Organization of Kansas Territory 1854 to January 1, 1916


A History of the Newspapers and Magazines Published in Kansas
from the Organization of Kansas Territory 1854 to January 1, 1916

Source: History of Kansas Newspapers, 1916
Organized 1872; named for John C. Rooks, member of company I, 11th Kansas cavalry; county seat, Stockton; area 900 square miles, 576,000 acres; population (1915) 10,596; assessed valuation (1915) $20,163,239; resources and industries - building stone, gypsum, potter's clay, agriculture and stock raising.

- Population (1915) 1291; elevation, 1775 feet; establish 1872; originally called Stocktown by first settlers, who were cattle dealers; later the name was shortened to Stockton; industries - elevators, flour mill, marbel mill, marble works, machine shops; telephones, waterworks, public library, municipal electric light plant; is on the Missouri Pacific railway.

REVIEW, Republican; N.F. Hill, editor and publisher, Stockton. Weekly. Mar 4, 1909 7 vols.
This is a continuation of the Weekly Echo, Woodston, founded 1903, J.W. Shorthill, editor and publisher; in 1907 name changed to You All's Doin's, Merton L. Smith, editor and publisher; in 1909 moved to Stockton, and name changed to Stockton Review, with W.R. Baker, editor and publisher.

ROOKS COUNTY RECORD, Republican; W.L. Chambers, editor and publisher, Stockton. Weekly. Dec 6, 1879 36 vols.
Founded 1879 as the Stockton Record, by W.L. Chambers and T.C. McBreen; name changed 1n 1880 to Rooks County Record, same editors and publishers.

ROOKS COUNTY SCHOOL MONTHLY, educational; J.W. Smith, editor and publisher, Stockton. Monthly. Oct 1908 7 vols.
Founded 1908 by C.E. Rarick.

PALCO - Population (1915) 268; elevation; 2282 feet; established 1887; originally called Cresson; named changed to Palco about 1888; industries - elevators, flour mill, machine shop, cement plant; telephones; is on the Union Pacific railway.

NEWS , independent; Lulu B. Ross, editor and publisher, Palco. Weekly. Mar 11, 1915. 1 vol.
Founded 1905 as the Palco Enterprise, by E.G. and C.A.G. Inlow, name changed in 1915 to the Palco News, with Lulu B. Ross, editor and publisher.

PLAINVILLE - Population (1915) 1008; elevation 2156 feet; established 1877; name on account of its location; industries - elevators mill, municipal water system, public library, telephones, electric lights; is on the Union Pacific railway.

TIMES, independent; Will A. Hill, editor and publisher, Plainville. Weekly. Jan 19, 1905. 11 vols.
Founded 1904 by Fisk & Merrill. Plainville Gazette, founded 1898 by W.A. Hill, consolidated with the Times in 1913.

WOODSTON - Population (1915) 367; elevation 1711 feet; established Oct 21, 1885; industries - elevator, mill, machine shop; telephones; is on the Missouri Pacific railway.

ARGUS, independent; Fred M. Learned, editor and publisher, Woodston. Weekly. Apr 22, 1909. 7 vols.
Founded 1909, with Fred M. Learned, editor, and Green & Learned, publishers.

[listed by town, newspaper name, dates active, vols.]
Academician (q and m)    May 1888-1896    7
Alliance Signal    Jan 1, 1891-1899    8
Democrat    Oct 23, 1885-1886    1
News: Western News   (Published at Plainville, May 1881 to Apr 1882)    Apr 20, 1876-1909    32
Post    Mar 23-Oct 26, 1905    1
Rooks County Democrat     Sep 30, 1886-1889    3

Enterprise    Mar 16, 1905-1915    10

Echo    Apr 4, 1884-1886    2
Gazette    Jul 1, 1898-1913    15
Press    Feb 28-Dec 23, 1885    1
Rooks County Journal, Plainville and Stockton    Feb 14, 1895-1902    8
Times (1st)    Feb 4, 1886-1894    9

Eagle; Stockton Eagle    Sep 4, 1885-1888    3
Enterprise    Mar 8-Nov 15, 1888    1
Merchant's Journal    Nov 21, 1894-1895    1

Echo; You All's Doin's    May 28, 1903-1909    6
Saw; Register    Nov 5, 1886-1889    3
Star    Oct 20, 1901-1903    2

SHORT LIVED - Vol. 1.   
Christian Call    May 1-Dec 1892   
Clipper    Aug 20-Dec 17, 1890   
Observer    Sep 2-Nov 4, 1890   
Rooks County Teacher (m).    Oct 15, 1892-Jun 1893   

Dispatch    Dec 8, 1887   


The Stockton News, January 6, 1876.
Source: Kansas Historic Quarterlies, August 1941, Vol 10, No. 3, pages 299 to 323, transcribed by J.S.
The News was established at Stockton by J.W. Newell in January 1876. It was Republican in politics. Newell purchased the press and material of the Lincoln County Patriot, removed it to Stockton in November 1875, and issued the first number January 6, 1876. The Society has Vol 1. No. 15, of the News, dated April 20, 1876. If published regularly the first number should be dated January 13, 1876. However, the Osborne County Farmer, of Osborne announced it January 14:

The Stockton News has made its appearance. It is a neat, well edited six column sheet, is a credit to Mr. Newell the publisher, and will be an honor to the people of Rooks county if they support it handsomely.

This indicates that the first issue may have appeared January 6, 1876.

The News continued publication until September 30, 1909. During the period of May 1881 to April 1882, it was published in Plainville. With the issue of March 28, 1883, it changed its name to The Western News, having earlier dropped Stockton from its title. The Society has a good file of this paper.


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