Marriages in Rooks County

Order of data: Groom, Bride, Marriage date, Place of Marriage
Source: Rooks County, Kansas Marriages 1840-1935

Fred Attebery, Annie Ralston, 21 March 1901, Richland Twp., Kansas

Roy L. Booth, Lizzie Sanders, 14 March 1901, Near Corning, Kansas

Albert H. Brent, Mary C. Maxwell, 2 April 1874, Fairview, Kansas

Ralph G. Harris, Edna Logsdon, 20 November 1894, Richland, Shawna Kansas

William Hunkel, Christian P. Frazer, 30 September 1889, Walton Township, Kansas

Charles Kaufholz, Mortensa Sites, 9 August 1900, Plainville, Rooks, Kansas

Franklin Kilmer, Laura Kilmer, 3 March 1878, Corning, Kansas

Stephen Kilmer, Amanda Howe, 17 March, 1878, Corning, Kansas

Frank Lucen, Lizzie Payne, 20 March 1889, Walton, Kansas

Geo. E. Nading, - L. Puckett, 25 November 1895, Fairview Township, Kansas

William C. Olds, Mary Baker, 2 September 1888, Fairview, Kansas

Edward W. Palmer, Mary J. Caton, 2 January 1887, Richland Twp.

George O. Simon, Clarinda L. Collard, 10 March 1878, Corning, Kansas

Chas. S. Williams, Nancy Belle Wilson, 27 January 1887, Richland, Kansas

Nicholas Witty, Louise Elsenbath, 18 February 1896, Corning, Kansas

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