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      Accidents misc. Births Court Crime Governing Marriage Obituaries

      1916 Cyclone Saturday
      1917 Destructive Tornado
      1918 Codell Account of Tornado

        • 1898 E.G. Ganoung, Mrs. Luce, Charley Bradford, J.M. Miller, Ben Barret, M. Smith, Edna Thompson, Mrs. Eberly, Carl Jaeke
        • Codell
        • 1898 F. Splitter, Mr. Milt Mendenhall, millet now in stock, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Ruffum, Isaac Conger
        • 1892 School News
        • 1903 Postmaster Poweel, Mr. S.R. Tucker, Mr. Willis, Mr. McDonald, L.D. Wood
        • 1906 James Gilbreath, Mr. Tucker
        • 1916 Cyclone Saturday, Snake Bite Kills Child, Local Happenings - Mary Henrie cuts of tip of finger, quarantine at A.E. Bice home lifted; School news - Ethel Miltstead, Myrtle Vermillion, Belle Lunden, Anna Foltz, Bessie L. Ruby; County Seat Items - C.H. Dewey, George S. Barnes earliest settlers of the county, Codell Notes after cyclone, Bice family news, death of George W. Lamb (life insurance and appointment of administrator, Dr. Littlejohn's office, Twister Notes
        • 1916 Dr. Littlejohn diagnosed smallpox
        • 1917 Destructive Tornado
        • 1919 Clara Cline working for Mrs. J.W. Smith
        • 1920 Obit-Millie Ella Drake, Obit-Desaline Troyer, Codell Items (misc), New Section Crew at Codell
        • Motor
        • 1884 Motor
        • 1887 Legal Notices
        • Mt. Ayr
        • 1899 Mary Adams, Bert Parkhurst, George Green, M.S. McIntyre
        • Palco
        • 1894 Post Office at Amboy Discontinued
        • 1898 Mrs. F.M. and Miss Lulue Ross, Chas. Elsworth, J.E. Littlefield, James Cronin, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Morris, Miss Phemia Fesler, I. Morris, Mrs. Crippen, Dillon Willey, Frank Ashton, J.R. Brobst, W.H. Berks, Miss Maud Read, Jas. Cronin, Charlie and Ed Soliday, Mr. and Mrs. B. Atcheson, Mrs. Adams, Jake and Walt Bomgardner, G.A.R., Ladies Relief Corps, George Dabien, Bert Bomgardner, Fred Morten
        • Paradise
        • 1906 Obit-Mr. H.M. Kirkpatrick
        • Plainville
        • 1886 Moses Thyfault, Dr. Gray
        • 1888 B.O. Coleman
        • 1892 J.H. Richardson, School News
        • 1898 The Normal, daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ruby, son born to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Perkins and Mr. and Mrs. H.D. McDonald, Plainville Mill & Elevator, West Plainville (misc)
        • 1901 Plainville School Notes
        • 1903 Temperance Meeting
        • 1905 The Plainville Commerical Club
        • 1906 Eloped, new iron bridge, Miss Dell Weeks, Mrs. Catherine Cline, School News
          News that does not necessarily mention one of the communities here listed or fit into a category, and yet, is still of interest to Rooks County researchers.
        • 1875 Postal Changes
        • 1878 Piano, Kansas Fossils
        • 1880 Post Office Changes
        • 1881 Mr. Prentis, Citizen of Rooks County
        • 1884 Fred Brown
        • 1885 Sam Kline Not Taking Sheep to Rooks County, Extension of the Central Branch, Brick Yard; Final Proof in Support Claim of J.T. Cline; 177 lb squash grown by Mr. Cline
        • 1887 Post Office Changes
        • 1888 County Clerks, Mrs. J.N. Adams
        • 1890 John Cline
        • 1891 W.H. Remy, B.F. Shively
        • 1892 Winter wheat, The Plainville Times, C.H. Smith
        • 1893 J.W. Buffum
        • 1894 Postal Changes, Hoboes, Picnic and Moonlight Concert, Weavers Move to Rooks
        • 1895 Frank Cline
        • 1896 Wilkes Booth's Message Scratched on Glass, Fish, Lizard or Rabbit?
        • 1898 Chas. C. Gregg
        • 1902 Sixth District Congressional Convention
        • 1903 Mr. Sears Stopping
        • 1906 The Kansas farmer is prospering
        • 1908 Locate to Valley County?
        • 1910 Frank Cline
        • 1916 Twin Mound - John Thompson, 100 Years Ago
        • 1927 Rooks County Record, Jack Vickers
        • Stockton
        • 1929 Ten Stockman From Washington County Were the First Settlers in Rooks County in 1871
        • 1879 J.W. Larimer
        • 1884 Railroad Matters Hot, Proposed Railway, Henry Hart
        • 1886 County Improvements, George Mickel, A.H. Olds
        • 1887 Experiment Without Parallel
        • 1888 Col. Deane
        • 1896 Human Skeleton Found, A Financial Prodigy
        • 1898 Willis Delay, Chas. Martin, Arthur McKinnis, Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Yeagy, Edd Hopple, daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ruby, Vandy Burton, H.H. Olney, jake Shirley, F.C. Cochran and Miss Ethel Shaw, Frank Dunn, Miss Pearl Wolf, Will Wells, C.S. Duden, Elmer Hill and Solon Smith, D.C. Johnson, David Allard, J.A. Southard, Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall, W.C. King, Mrs. Capt Osborne, Miss Mildred Hazelrigg
        • 1903 Dr. F.S. Webster
        • 1910 Stockton, Kansas News (misc)
        • 1912 She Couldn't Say
        • 1919 Stockton, Kansas News (misc)
        • 1921 Marriage:Jackson-Seales
        • 1923 Mr. and Mrs. Will Thomas
        • 1928 Stockton, Kansas News (misc)
        • Turkville
        • 1898 H.E. Stone, Cora Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Clemmons, N.B. Clouse, Mr. and Mrs. Leighton, M. Lavelle and Mr. Bartholonew
        • Webster
        • 1883 Hugh K. Lightfoot
        • 1887 Petition of Webster Post 389
        • 1888 Mrs. F.O. Coe
        • 1905 J.T. Cline adjudged insane
        • 1906 Webster Happenings (misc), School News, Oliver Evens; Jack Barnett moved into Cline House
        • 1907 Sheriff Mannaugh takes F. Cline to State Asylum; Frank Cline-a crazy man
        • 1909 Probate Judge Daughtery looks after case of Frank Cline
        • 1910 W.E. Cline
        • 1919 J.R. Cline
        • Woodston
        • 1898 Mrs. Capt. Osborne
        • 1915 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Married Fifty Years Ago
        • Zurich
        • 1903 James Atherton

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