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Source: Plainville Gazette, Jun 18, 1903
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Burns, at Wa-Keeney, on June 18, 1903, Miss May Adamson and Mr. Samuel Riley Stithem were united in marriage by Judge Howe. Mr. Faanics[sic] Burgess and Miss Dora Stithem accompanied them on their trip. They visited the bride's parents, who reside south of Wa-Keeney, Wednesday: Mr. and Mrs. Stithem will stay at the home of the groom's parents until after harvest when they will move to their farm in Ellis County.

Thursday, Oct 30, occurred the wedding of Mr. John Orva Bice and Miss Carrie Cline, at Stockton, by Probate Judge Case. Miss Cline is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Cline, of this city, and John Bice is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bice, living just west of Codell. A reception was given Mr. and Mrs. Bice, at the bridgegroom's home last Sunday, with 50 invited guests present, mostly relatives of the bride and groom. a sumptuous dinner was served, and in the evening the bride and groom, together with the groom's brothers, Elmer and Forest Bice, with their wives left for a 2 week touring trip west, and will probably visit Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bradford, near Fowler, Colo., before returning. Your correspondent joins their many friends in wishing them a long and prosperous life together.
Codell Items by W.A. Barry -- Source: Natoma Independent, Nov 6, 1919

Vandy Bruton and Miss Minnie Matthews of Webster were married Wednesday evening. their many Stockton friends unite in wishing them a long life and abundant prosperity.
Source: Plainville Gazette, Jul 22, 1898

Plainville Times 1 Feb1923
Charlie Cline and Miss Erwin were married at Hays Monday which was a surprise to all. We know nothing of the bride. She accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Thornbury here a couple of weeks ago, who have been preaching at the Pentecostal Church.

Osborne County Farmer, 21 Jul 1910
Mrs. Sarah E. Dorr and Rutson E. Sanford were married at Stockton on Tuesday of last week by the probate judge. The bridew has been a resident of Osborne for a couple of years. The groom we do not know, but understand he is brother to the man who lives on the I.O. Coates place over south. The Stockton papers gave their addresses as Stockton. Mrs. Sanford recently came in possession of some property at Stockton through a trade of her newspaper plant here and it is likely they will live up there.

Natoma Notes

Married Sunday June 17th, 1900 at the parsonage by Rev. Scott, Miss Pearl Harston and William Kertz. Dinner was served at the bride's home. Mr. Kertz is a popular farmer near Alton and this bride is one of Osborne counties most successful school teachers. We extend congratulations.
Plainville Gazette, Jun 23, 1900

Married at the residence of the bride's parents in this city, Thursday evening Nov 26th, Mr. S.G. Hopkins and Miss Nettie Gray.
At 8 o'clock this evening a number of friends gathered at the residence of Dr. Gray to witness the marriage of his daughter, Miss Nettie to Attorney Hopkins. The playing of a wedding march by Miss Fanny Budd announced the approach of the bridal party. Mr. Nicodemus and Miss Iva Weeks entered the room, followed by the bride and groom. Mr. Nicodemus acted as groomsman, and Miss Weeks as bridesmaid. Judge Budd stood up and pronounced the words that made Selden Hopkins and Nettie Gray husband and wife. The bride, wearing a dress of cinnamon colored material, trimmed with beautiful point lace, was just her own sweet self, making no ostentatious display, and acting as if it were an everyday affair to be married to a talented young lawyer; and Hopkins looked the pride and satisfaction feeling at having won for his wife one of the fairest and most amiable of God's creatures. Dinner being announced to the guests prepared to the dining room where a rich feast was waiting, to which ample justice was done by all. The guests were - Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hopkins; Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Budd and Miss Fannie Budd. I.W. Gray and wife and son Robbie, R.B. Gray, wife and daughter, Mrs. E.H. Thompson, F.C. Thompson and wife, A. Nicodemus and Miss Iva Weeks, O.E. Lackore and Miss Cora Ruble, J.F. Thompson, Miss Abbie Thompson, N.L. Jones, C.G. Cochran and wife and Miss Ethel Shaw, Miss Mattie Skirvio, C.C. Thompson.

Following is a list of the presents:
Marble top bureau, I.W. Gray and wife - silver knives and forks, Dr. and Mrs. Gray - Silver dessert knives, C.E. Lackore - Clock, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hopkins - Bedspread R.B. Gray and wife - Table, Misses Vina and Rila? Hopkins and Mrs. S.S. Daniels - 1 dozen silver teaspoons, Lee Jones - White graphite table set, Mr. and Mrs. O.G. Cochran, Miss Iva Weeks and A. Nicodemus - Bedspread, Mrs. R.S. Thompson - Teapot, Frank Thompson - Sensation glass, Belle Gray - Gold lace pin, C.C. Thompson - Copy Mrs. Brownings poems, Miss Abbie Thompson - Pair linen towels, Miss Mattie Skirvin - Silver sugar shell, Mrs. D.H. Budd - Silver pickle fork, Miss Fanny Budd - Silk panel hand painted, wall pocket, Miss Cora Ruble - Pickle dish, Miss ?ny Thompson - Lamp, Mrs. E.H. Thompson - Rolling pin, Leo Jones - Marriage certificate, D.H. Budd
Source: Plainville Echo, Nov 26, 1885

At the residence of the bride's father in Rooks County, Kansas, July 1, 1894 by Rev. J.H. Hoff, Prof. Geo. St. C. Kern of Logan, Kansas, to Miss Nancy A. Krous of Nicodemis, Kansas. Mr. Kern will be remembered as one of Phillips counties prominent teachers. The Herald extends congratulations.
Source: Phillipsburg Herald, Jul 5, 1894

Married-By Rev. J.T. Locke on Wednesday, March 20, at the home of the bride's parents, four miles east of Webster. Miss Sadie F. Martin to Mr. Roy Wyant, of Stockton.

A very joyful occasion, one which through old is average new and of thrilling interest was this event, celebrated, at the hospitable and commodious farm residence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin where a large number of neighbors and friends gathered to witness the ceremony.

The Bride was robed in an elegant dress of tan colored cassimere,[sic] made in the prevailing style and trimmed with white silk lace and satin with ribbon to correspond and wearing beautiful flowers. The bride presented a picture of youthful loveliness, seldom surpassed. The groom attired in a fine suit of black appeared the noble and gentlemanly young man that he is, and well educated to render pleasant the pathway through life of one who has intrusted[sic] to him her happiness. Mr. Wyant has been known to our people for some time as a young man of honesty, integrity and good business capacity, and the bride a young lady of education and refinement. It is seldom that a more promising young couple set sail on the great ocean of life, and we congratulate our friends. Mr. Mrs. Martin on this joyful occasion, they being well known to our community as people to the highest integrity and the possession of one of the finest farms in Rooks county, attained through their industry. All the details of the wedding were most beautifully arranged, the only regret being that on account of the severity of the weather many of the invited guests living at a distance were unable to be present.

At a little before 12 o'clock noon, the contracting parties attended by Mr. Wm. Smith and Miss Susie, sister of the bride, to the strains of the wedding march filed into the parlor and took their stand before the minister who in a beautiful impressive manner solemnized the rite which joined together two young and trusting hearts. Rev. Locke has been a minister of the gospel for many years and is a gentleman of talent and culture and well suited for the performance of this ceremony.

Immediately after the ceremony all repaired to the dining room where a sight met their gaze calculated to satisfy the desires of an epicure. A table laid with silverware and crystal and decorated with beautiful flowers and loaded with the delacies[sic] of the season prepared by the skillful hands of the hostess and her daughters. As we are unable to describe the many luxuries which graced the festive board we will simply say that no finer entertainment was ever participated in by the people of this portion of Rooks County.

The following is a list of the presents with the name of donor:
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McComb, large rug; Mr. and Mrs. Huey, pair of towels/ Mr. and Mrs. C. Bragg, framed picture and scenery; Lizzie and Sarah Emeigh, fruit set; Myrtle and Fred Dunning, pair towels; Cleve Dunning, stand cover; Mr.and Mrs. J. Martin, bed spread; Mrs. Kerr and William, chair tidy; Mrs. Chandler, stand cover; Mrs. A.G. Schneider, fruit dish; Mrs. H.F. Oyer, set goblets; Mrs. C. Oyer, stand fruit dish; Mrs. M. Legrande, sauce dishes; Mr. and Mrs. James Martin, set knives and forks; George Martin; lamp; Henry Martin, large mirror; M.C. Murry, fruit set; Mr. Austin Bray, granite stew pan and strainer; Mr. an[sic] Mrs. Marshall, bread plate; Wm. Smith and Miss S. Martin, water and tea set; Bride's mother, set dishes; Bride's father, cow; Mrs. E. Bray, granite coffee pot.

We understand that the young couple will make their home in Stockton. That their path may be strewn with roses is the wish of their many friends.
Plainville Gazette, Apr 5, 1901

Mr. Henry McGhghy and Miss Ada Paris were united in marriage by pastor T.V. Hubbell a the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McGhghy last Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. A fine wedding dinner was served at 12:30. The following persons were among those who were present: Mr. Joe Beohmer of Tipton; Nora McGhghy of Alton; Mrs. Philista McGhghy, Coral Leslie Arthur, Alfred and Flora McGhghy all from Woodston and Miss Viva Williams of Woodston; Mr. and Mrs. McGhghy were formerly of Stockton coming to Plainville Jan 18, 1917. Mr. McGhghy is employed by Mr. Meade. These young people have our best wishes for a long, happy, prosperous wedded life.
Plainville Times, 24 May 1917

Codell Items
O dem bells, don't you hear dem bells? Clyde Reppert left Friday morning for Albert, Kansas, near which place he and Miss Blanche Darland was united in holy bonds of Matrimony Sunday evening at 6 o'clock May 9th 1915. The wedding took place at the home of the Bride's aunt, Mrs. J. Bye. The Bride's mother, Mrs. Foster of Aldine, Nebraska, Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Darland and Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Darland of Codell, were the only relatives from a distance. Mr. Repert[sic] grew from boyhood near Codell and is a good moral, temperate and industrious young man. Miss Darland has also been well and favorably know here since childhood. Mr. and Mrs. Reppert goes to Atchison to visit the grooms sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. W.H Reynolds and will return to Codell about May 17. We want to join the many relatives and friends of this young couple in wishing them a long, prosperous and happy life together. They will take up house keeping on Mr. Reppert's farm west of Codell.

Grandma Hilgers of Plainville came down and mothered C.B. and H.O. Darlands children while their parents went to Albert, Kansas, to attend the Reppert-Darland wedding.
Plainville Times, May 13, 1915

A pretty wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Swift, 600 North Spruce St, Wednesday evening Sept 15th at 8.30 o'clock, when there daughter Glayds Aileen was united in marriage to Mr. R. Knight Ketchersid of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.
Promptly at 8.30 o'clock as the bride's sister, Mrs. G.C. Drake played Lohengrins Bridal Song, the bride attended by her sister Edith and the groom by his twin brother Cline, took their places by a nook beautifully decorated with ferns and baskets of flowers.
The bride's gown was of white brides satin, with bodice and overdrape of embroidered net and cap veil held in place with a wreath of orange blossoms. She carried a shower bouquet of brides roses and wore a necklace of La Tausen pearls, a gift from the groom. The bride's attendants wore pink and white and carried an arm bouquet of pink roses, conforming with the color scheme used in the decorations and in the luncheon which followed the simple ring ceremony performed by Rev. C.E. Hovgard, pastor of the M.E. Church.
Immediately atter teh serving of the luncheon, the bride and groom departed amidst a shower of rice, for a two week honeymoon in Colorado and other points of interest in the west.
They will be home after Oct 1st, in  Cottonwood Falls where the groom has a home prepared for the bride. Abilene Register.
Plainville Times (Plainville, Kansas_ 24 Sep 1920

Source: Plainville Gazette, Aug 27, 1903
The pleasant home of Rev. and Mrs. B.F. Rhoades, at Stockton, was the scene of a quite home wedding last Sunday, August 23, when their daughter, Maud, was united in marriage to Mr. Clifford L. Wilson, of Plainville, Rev. Talmadge officiating.

Mr and Mrs. Wilson came to Plainville that afternoon and are the guests of O.G. Wilson and family for a few days. They will make their home here.

The bride is no stranger here having been employed in the Gazette and Advertiser offices where she made a circle of friends who cordially welcome her to our community. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. O.G. Wilson and has grown to manhood in this vicinity, where he is esteemed for his many good qualities. The happy couple have the hearty good wishes of every one for happiness and prosperity.

On Wednesday evening, Nov. 25, Mrs. Neutie Tucker of Argentine, and Mr. Thomas H. Green of Stockton, Kansas, were quietly married at the home of the bride, 3520 Barber Ave. The bridal couple were attended by Mrs. Goldie King, as matron of honor and Mr. J. Jackson as best man. The wedding party stood beneath a beautifully arranged bridal canopy in the spacious living room, and the ceremony was performed by Rev. Wm. Williams, pastor of Mount Zion A. M. E. church. Besides the immediate members of the brides' family only a limited number of friends witnessed the marriage.

After the ceremony, an informal reception was held and the guests were served danity refreshments. The bride wore a beautiful gown of Chinese blue velvet, and wore the grooms' gift, a diamond necklace. Mr. Green is a wealthy farmer of Stockton, Kansas, and besides his farm, is the owner of other valuable real estate holdings. Mrs. Green is a popular matron of Argentine, and is a past matron of Jeptha Chapter. Her friends regret very much her departure from their community.

Mr. and Mrs. Green will make their home in Stockton, after the holidays.
(Kansas City Advocate ~ Friday ~ December 4, 1925)

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