Rooks County Kansas



News: Reunions - Veterans of Northwest Kansas Will Meet in Plainville 1889; Coming Reunion 1889; A Successful Meeting of the Old Soldiers - 1900, 1907, 1911; Thomas Family 1915; Gilbert Family Reunion 1916; Hazen Reunion 1922

News: Marriage: Swift-Ketchersid
Obits: Laura Farrier Hopton, Marvin Emerson Otis, Sarah Livingston

Census: 1910 Federal Census, Plainville City, pg 3A
Obit: Leonard F. Dix

Bios: Jonathan F. Fulkerson; C.T. Hart;
News: Codell: Clara Cline has been working for Mrs. J.W. Smith;
News: Rooks County: Final Proof in support of claim-J.T. Cline; 177 lb squash grown by Mr. Cline;
News: Webster: J.T. Cline adjudged insane; Sheriff Mannaugh takes F. Cline to state asylum; Jack Barnett moved into Cline house; Frank Cline-a crazy man; Probate Judge to look after case of Frank Cline;
Obits: Harry W Hamel, submitted by Maurene Miller; C.T. Hart; J.F. Isenberger; Nellie Sheldon; Wanda Smith; Ella Laughlin;

Obits: Harry W Hamel, submitted by Maurene Miller

Biographies: Isaac W. Herren, William L. Privett, Samule N. Hawkes, Edward A. Hood, Oscar W.H. Zimmerling, Ross Manly,
Census: 1895 Kansas State Census for Belmont Township; Pages 1-10; Agricultural Group 1-3 and Schedules 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 [complete for Belmont Township]

Census: 1910 Plainville City, pages 1A,1B,2A,2B
Obits: Mrs. George T. Granger, Mrs. V.L. Petrie

News: Codell: 1916 Dr. Littlejohn diagnosed smallpox,
News: Rooks County: Twin Mound - John Thompson, 100 Years Ago (1916),
Obit: Herman Henry Fellhoelter, Jr.

News: Codell: 1916 Dr. Littlejohn diagnosed smallpox,
News: Rooks County: Twin Mound - John Thompson, 100 Years Ago (1916),
Obit: Herman Henry Fellhoelter, Jr.
News: Codell:
May 25. 1916 - Snake Bite Kills Child, Local Happenings - Mary Henrie cuts of tip of finger, quarantine at A.E. Bice home lifted; School news - Ethel Miltstead, Myrtle Vermillion, Belle Lunden, Anna Foltz, Bessie L. Ruby; County Seat Items - C.H. Dewey, George S. Barnes earliest settlers of the county
Jun 1, 1916 - Codell Notes after cyclone, Bice family news, death of George W. Lamb (life insurance and appointment of administrator, Dr. Littlejohn's office, Twister Notes
News: Governing: Political Announcements for offices in 1916
News: Marriage: Paris-McGhghy
News: Weather: 1917 Destructive Tornado, 1918 Codell Account of Tornado
Obits: Mabel Ludlum, George W. Lamb, Mary Bucchheister, Ida Alice (Smee) Mead, Hattie (Grimes) Smither, William B. Bradley, Charles E. Knipp Damar, Lewis Dillon, Mrs. Gilbert, Ethel May Adams, Lawrence Vincent Adams, Jos. McGown

Bios: Isaac W. Herren
News: Birth: boy to Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Seize, girl to Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Cline
News: Codell: Miss Carrie Cline visits with Amos Danner and wife
News: Plainville: Dog Tax for 1906
News: Marriage: Martin-Wyant, Harston-Kertz, Reppert-Darland
Obits: Anna Mary Roose, Maria G. Jones, Betty Lucille (Shandy) Kennard, Aaron Esbern Clark, Dale Robert Dohe, Delores Ann Eilts, Shirley Marie (Johnson) Westhusin, Eunice Staggers, Herman A. Cline, Mary Stagner, Glenn McFadden, Edna M. Kelley, Wayne Harwood, Karl Cecil Yohe, Mrs. Clara Slimmer, Pearl M. Luck, Charles W. Cline, Riley Veatch, Sarah Elizabeth Cremer-Reddish,

Obit: Leland "Lee" Balthazor, Randall Balthazor - submitted by Maurene Richard Miller

Obits: Mary E. (Flavin) Kriley - submitted by Maureen Miller, Dr. Irving D. Gartrell, Vincent Wiley, Guy Sparks Miller, Emma E. Doane,

Bios: Charles W. Smith
County: Newspaper history
Directory: Plainville Societies
Military: World War I Records
News: Weather: A Town of 250 Inhabitants Burned, The Drought Did it, Ten Killed; Many Hurt by Tornado, Cyclone in Codell
Obits: Lola Grace Bair, Grandma Dice, John Doake, Mary Korb, W.A. McClay, Vincent Wiley Osborne, Belva Merle Ross, Mrs. J.A. Morley, Mrs. Christena Ganung, Volne Morrell Gray, Mrs. Juliette H. Killam, Mary Boucher Desbian, Catherine Matthews, Elvira E. Dorr, Melvin Lawton Curtis, Samuel Trassell, Joseph Adams, Flora May Bradley, Mrs. Sarah A. Smith, Mrs. Lydia G. Harris.

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Community News has been added for the following: Alcona (1898) Codell (1898, 1892, 1903, 1906,1920) Motor (1884, 1887) Mt. Ayr (1899) Paradise (1894, 1898) Plainville (1886, 1888, 1892,1898, 1901, 1903, 1905, 1906) Rooks County Misc News (1875, 1878, 1880, 1881, 1884, 1885, 1887, 1888, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1898, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1908, 1910, 1927) Stockton (1929, 1879, 1884, 1887, 1888, 1896, 1898, 1903, 1910, 1912, 1919, 1921, 1923, 1928 Turkville (1898) Webster (1883, 1888, 1906, 1910, 1919 Woodston (1898, 1915) Zurich (1903)

County: Men of Kansas; Samuel N. Hawkes, Raymond H. Gudger, Robert Hampton Ewing, Floyd E. Young
History: Towns: Codell, Damar, Igo,
News: Accidents: A Shocking Tragedy
News: Birthdays, Anniversary and Reunion Parties: Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Married Fifty Years Ago
News Court: Danger Cannot Be Avoided, Suit for Collection, Nebraska City
News: Crime: A Kansas Sheriff in Jail, Terrific Fight, Where Did the Aid Committee Go, Believes His Brother Innocent
Obits: Claudia Lewis. John Lawson, W.R. Griffin (Kansas only Millionaire is dead)

Cemeteries: update of index, Interments for Ash Rock, Chalk Mound, Pleasant Valley, Survey, Hopewell, Green Mound, Stockton (original cemetery), and updated Spring Branch, Eureka, Alcona

Cemeteries: Eureka
County: Kansas Settlers-Purlina Searling, Ed. Smith, C.W. Smith
News: Accidents: Mr. Hockett's boy suffering from fractured limb, Mrs. Frank Bice lost 3 teeth, Descome D. Hoagland frosted one of his feet
News: Births: Thyfault 11 lb boy, Osman 8 lb girl, Coleman daughter
News: Misc: Legal Notice for Benjamin L. Reynolds, Motor happenings Oct 29, 1884
News: Sick List: Mrs. J.N. Adams will not survive long, Mrs. Hoyt dangerously ill, now improving
Obituaries: Bedore child, Burgess boy

County: Kansas Settlers-Purlina Searling, Ed. Smith, C.W. Smith

Churches: Baptist and Methodist Church, Codell, KS 1910
Schools: Codell School 1915 - History of Codell School, Grade Classes, Freshman Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, Senior Class

Land Records: Bow Creek, Sugar Loaf, Famington, Lanark, Ash Rock, Richland, Rush, Hobart, Greenfield, Medicine, Northampton, Twin Mound, Corning, Walton Townships - this completes the entire county land records for 1904-1905

Bios: Casey Gregory Cochran - submitted by Paul Albert
Obits: Bradley, William B., King, Alonzo M., Mickey, Lewis Washington, Slason, George F., Cochran, Casey Gregory , Zeigler, Fred, Washington Irving Griffin - submitted by Paul Albert

News: Court: Ernest Darland Arrested
Obits: Ben Renner, Fannie Zell Dodrill, L.L. Bliss

Dougherty, Bessie Marie (Powell)
Dougherty, Frances Galbraith "Frank"
Dougherty, Harriet Elinor (Smith)
Dougherty, Harry Francis
Dougherty, Mary B.
Reed, Amos R.
Reed, Sylvia (Day)
Submitted by Paul Albert


News: Accidents: Jessie Cline had an electric shock Monday which came near being fatal., A frightful accident occurred in Rooks county last week.
News: Business: John Cline, a Harrisburg bricklayer..., The Plainville Times, the leading People's party paper of Rooks County..., Will Cline is fixing his blacksmith shop up to be one of the neatest in the county., The new bank building is enclosed., 
We understand the post office will be moved to main street if suitable quarters can be obtained., Glen Howell has purchased six lots one block north of the new bank building., Jas. McComb of the McComb Land Co., is fiting up the rear room of the Heiner Mercantile Co., for a real estate office.
News: Church: The M.E. people think of selling their property on main street and putting up a new church.
News: Gossip: My son George aged 17 left his home on June 5, 1906, without reason, James Gilbreath of Codell has just completed a second story to his store,
Mr. Tucker, Sr., of Codell has just completed his new residence, 24x26 at Codell., A new iron bridge is being put in over Paradise Creek, Miss Dell Weeks who used to have charge of the famous "Sod Hotel"..., Mrs. Catherine Cline of Council Bluffs, Iowa, was here last week visiting...,
News: Military: GAR News: Commissioner John McCormick and son Clyde returned recently from Minneapolis, where they attended the National G.A.R. encampment.
News: School: Public school opens Monday, September 17th., In speaking of the graduating exercises held at the Hays Normal
School Records: Common School Graduates, Class of 1915-1916,

Bios: Fred William Brandt, Harriet Rebecca Brandt-submitted by Peggy Thompson

Bios: H.A. Hart, H.A. Hicks, Benjamin Hill, W.P. Isenberg, Joseph McNulty,
History: Sculptures on hillside, History of the Names: Rooks County, Plainville, additional Rooks County history
News: Accidents: Jack Shaw met with an accident.
News: Business: W.H. Remy, reports that he has 31 acres (measured ground) of wheat from which he threshed on Monday 1,276 bushels to the acre, Winter wheat is in fine condition in this section. B.F. Shively left a sample of Fulcaster wheat, John Cline, a Harrisburg bricklayer, has portions of a brick and mortar picked up in the ruins of the palace of the Caesar's Palatine Hall, at Rome, Italy, by a son of the late Dr. O'Connor, who has just returned from a tour of Europe., The Plainville Times, the leading People's party paper of Rooks County, announces in its last issue that it will no longer support the People's party ticket
News: Crime: Has a Sister at St. Johns, A load of wheat was stolen some time last week
News: Gossip: Oliver Evens family visiting, L.P. Johnson and F.B. Cramer, of Phillipsburg, were registered at Commercial Hotel last Sunday. J.H. Richardson and family, of Shelbyville, Ill, have arrived
News: Governing: Secretary of State Bush has announced the following appointments:
News: Misc: C.H. Smith, of this township, took a fleece last week from a member of his flock, a 5 year old ram, that tipped the scales at thirty one pounds., J.W. Buffum was exhibiting a bald eagle in town, which was captured by Ret Johnson on the Paradise creek.
News: School: The new school building at West Plainville is nearly completed, The people of Codell have voted bonds and are preparing to build a large school building, which will contain two rooms.
News: Sick List: Frank Cline, who was sent to the Topeka insane asylum, returned last week entirely cured of his malady.
News: Weather: There appears to be a feeling abroad that western Kansas is "burned up" with hot winds.
Obits: Kisiah Earlywine, Caroline Clines, J.T. Cline, Asa Ives
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News: Business: Col Deane submitting propositions for the extension of the railway,
News: Crime: Webster Bank Robbed
News: Gossip: J.R. Cline is working for Clarence Simpson this week, putting up feed and husking corn.
News: Marriage: Bice-Cline

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News: new index
News: Business: Dr. F.S. Webster-The Stockton Dentist
News: Clubs: Plainville Commercial Club
News: Crime:  Promiment People of Webster Caught Stealing
News: Sick List: Clifford Thomas Has Eyes Treated, Mrs. F.O. Coe very sick
Schools: Index, Stockton High School Alumni 1896-1912, Stockton Yearbook 1913, Plainville Yearbooks 1908, 1909, 1912, 1914

Obits: Karen Nuckols, Mrs. Dolphis (Clara E.) Senesac, Edlo Senesac, Lester V. Senesac - Submitters Name: Maurene Richard Miller

County Records: National and State Register of Historic Places
Obits: Bryan Ruff-submitted by Freda Roberts.

County History: Solomon Valley Highway Heritage: All now complete with the addition of Webster

County History: A History of the Newspapers and Magazines Published in Kansas from the Organization of Kansas Territory 1854 to Jan 1, 1916
Governing Records: Nominations for Official Positions 1892
Newspaper items: Gored by an Elk, Ravaged by Prairie Fires, Dangerous Experiment, The Kansas Farmer is Prospering, She Couldn't Say, Kansas Third Party, Exodus From Western Kansas, Destructive Prarire Fires, A Shocking Crime, Premature Escape, A Hazardous Experiment, Terrific Fight, More Opinions, Picnic and Moonlight Concert, Kansas Needs 15,000 Harvest Hands, Terrible Itching, Post Office at Amboy Discontinued, Palco Destroyed by Fire, Fears His Wealthy Uncle Has Met with Foul Play, A Check on Russian Thistles, Playmates are Wed; Friends for 57 Years, Hard Times in Kansas, Alliance Lecturer, Birth Date Not Known
Marriages: Kern-Krous
Military: F.H.K.N. is Part of Nation's War Program
Obits: Edgar H. Burlingame

Land records: Where did your ancestors live in Rooks County? Alcona Township, Belmont Township, Iowa Township, Lowell Township

Land Records: Alcona township, 1~12, 13~24, 25~36

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Cemeteries: St. Thomas Cemetery - over 120 names added

County Records: Woodston - Highway Heritage History

county history: Stockton - geography, people, history, art, cuisine, architecture, customs, commerce; Solomon Valley Highway Heritage Alliance
military G.A.R. Memorial
cemeteries: update of 30+ names to Stockton Cemetery. Alcona Cemetery (near Stockton) 40+ names

land records: Logan Township, Paradise Township, Plainville Township - all complete

military: Kansas G.A.R. Shows Gain, call of 1,600 men to fill regiment, G.A.R. reunion, circular
newspaper items: storms, railroad, misc tidbits, hoboes, Prairie Fire, Rooks County Fair Association, Another Black Hill's Invasion, Hottest Day on Record, Proposed Railway, Land Notices, Henry Hart, Judicial Convention, Smith or Reville, A.J. Davis, George Mickel, A.H. Olds, Only Women Vote, Female Suffrage
obit: David A. Elsbree

Land Records: Township land owners listing for Ask Rock and Stockton (complete).
Newspaper items: Piano, J.W. Larimer, Hateful Grasshopper, Lost Boy-Z.T. GREENE, 12 Pounds Lost-MAX ALWENS, Postal Changes-DANIEL WHITE, Extension of the Central Branch-A.A. EVERSET, W.W. FAGEN, The Northwest Fossilbs-PROF. MUDGE, MRS. WEEKS of Plainville, MR. MINER, DR. AINSWORTH of Stockton, Mad Cat-J.W. PHELP, Bravest Women in Kansas-MRS. C.S. MAYNARD, MRS. SENATOR PLUMB, Citizen of Rooks County, County Improvements, T.R. BREEN, Law Makers-E.J. DONNELL, Post Office Changes 1887, County Clerk, J.T. SMITH, Animal Crackers, Wilcat of JACK VICKERS, MR. CLINE visits, MRS. HUNTER visits, Banker Attemps Suicide-M.F. FRITTS, Indians Robbed Train, Well Fallen Into Hell--MR. DAPPIN, Kansas Fossils;
Military: G.A.R.;
Obituaries: BLUNT-2 yr old child, WILLIAM J. "BUD" BEDARD; 
Court items: MAHER Trial Nears End, MAHER Sentence;

Cemeteries: listing of graves ~ Plainville, Sacred Heart.   Markers ~ Paradise Center, Stockton


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