Bios: Jonathan F. Fulkerson; C.T. Hart;
News: Codell: Clara Cline has been working for Mrs. J.W. Smith;
News: Rooks County: Final Proof in support of claim-J.T. Cline; 177 lb squash grown by Mr. Cline;
News: Webster: J.T. Cline adjudged insane; Sheriff Mannaugh takes F. Cline to state asylum; Jack Barnett moved into Cline house; Frank Cline-a crazy man; Probate Judge to look after case of Frank Cline;
Obits: Harry W Hamel, submitted by Maurene Miller; C.T. Hart; J.F. Isenberger; Nellie Sheldon; Wanda Smith; Ella Laughlin;

Obits: Harry W Hamel, submitted by Maurene Miller

Biographies: Isaac W. Herren, William L. Privett, Samule N. Hawkes, Edward A. Hood, Oscar W.H. Zimmerling, Ross Manly,
Census: 1895 Kansas State Census for Belmont Township; Pages 1-10; Agricultural Group 1-3 and Schedules 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 [complete for Belmont Township]

Census: 1910 Plainville City, pages 1A,1B,2A,2B
Obits: Mrs. George T. Granger, Mrs. V.L. Petrie

News: Codell: 1916 Dr. Littlejohn diagnosed smallpox,
News: Rooks County: Twin Mound - John Thompson, 100 Years Ago (1916),
Obit: Herman Henry Fellhoelter, Jr.

News: Codell: 1916 Dr. Littlejohn diagnosed smallpox,
News: Rooks County: Twin Mound - John Thompson, 100 Years Ago (1916),
Obit: Herman Henry Fellhoelter, Jr.

News: Codell:
May 25. 1916 - Snake Bite Kills Child, Local Happenings - Mary Henrie cuts of tip of finger, quarantine at A.E. Bice home lifted; School news - Ethel Miltstead, Myrtle Vermillion, Belle Lunden, Anna Foltz, Bessie L. Ruby; County Seat Items - C.H. Dewey, George S. Barnes earliest settlers of the county
Jun 1, 1916 - Codell Notes after cyclone, Bice family news, death of George W. Lamb (life insurance and appointment of administrator, Dr. Littlejohn's office, Twister Notes
News: Governing: Political Announcements for offices in 1916
News: Marriage: Paris-McGhghy
News: Weather: 1917 Destructive Tornado, 1918 Codell Account of Tornado
Obits: Mabel Ludlum, George W. Lamb, Mary Bucchheister, Ida Alice (Smee) Mead, Hattie (Grimes) Smither, William B. Bradley, Charles E. Knipp Damar, Lewis Dillon, Mrs. Gilbert, Ethel May Adams, Lawrence Vincent Adams, Jos. McGown

Bios: Isaac W. Herren
News: Birth: boy to Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Seize, girl to Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Cline
News: Codell: Miss Carrie Cline visits with Amos Danner and wife
News: Plainville: Dog Tax for 1906
News: Marriage: Martin-Wyant, Harston-Kertz, Reppert-Darland
Obits: Anna Mary Roose, Maria G. Jones, Betty Lucille (Shandy) Kennard, Aaron Esbern Clark, Dale Robert Dohe, Delores Ann Eilts, Shirley Marie (Johnson) Westhusin, Eunice Staggers, Herman A. Cline, Mary Stagner, Glenn McFadden, Edna M. Kelley, Wayne Harwood, Karl Cecil Yohe, Mrs. Clara Slimmer, Pearl M. Luck, Charles W. Cline, Riley Veatch, Sarah Elizabeth Cremer-Reddish,

Obit: Leland "Lee" Balthazor, Randall Balthazor - submitted by Maurene Richard Miller

Obits: Mary E. (Flavin) Kriley - submitted by Maureen Miller, Dr. Irving D. Gartrell, Vincent Wiley, Guy Sparks Miller, Emma E. Doane,

Bios: Charles W. Smith
County: Newspaper history
Directory: Plainville Societies
Military: World War I Records
News: Weather: A Town of 250 Inhabitants Burned, The Drought Did it, Ten Killed; Many Hurt by Tornado, Cyclone in Codell
Obits: Lola Grace Bair, Grandma Dice, John Doake, Mary Korb, W.A. McClay, Vincent Wiley Osborne, Belva Merle Ross, Mrs. J.A. Morley, Mrs. Christena Ganung, Volne Morrell Gray, Mrs. Juliette H. Killam, Mary Boucher Desbian, Catherine Matthews, Elvira E. Dorr, Melvin Lawton Curtis, Samuel Trassell, Joseph Adams, Flora May Bradley, Mrs. Sarah A. Smith, Mrs. Lydia G. Harris.

*****Brand New Section*****Take a Look

I thought you might enjoy viewing news related items in a unique way. Get a feel for the goings on in your community with a variety of happenings on a particular day. News in this category is varied and many including accidents, births, deaths, marriages, sketches, church, clubs, parties, obits, and much more.
Community News has been added for the following: Alcona (1898) Codell (1898, 1892, 1903, 1906,1920) Motor (1884, 1887) Mt. Ayr (1899) Paradise (1894, 1898) Plainville (1886, 1888, 1892,1898, 1901, 1903, 1905, 1906) Rooks County Misc News (1875, 1878, 1880, 1881, 1884, 1885, 1887, 1888, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1898, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1908, 1910, 1927) Stockton (1929, 1879, 1884, 1887, 1888, 1896, 1898, 1903, 1910, 1912, 1919, 1921, 1923, 1928 Turkville (1898) Webster (1883, 1888, 1906, 1910, 1919 Woodston (1898, 1915) Zurich (1903)

County: Men of Kansas; Samuel N. Hawkes, Raymond H. Gudger, Robert Hampton Ewing, Floyd E. Young
History: Towns: Codell, Damar, Igo,
News: Accidents: A Shocking Tragedy
News: Birthdays, Anniversary and Reunion Parties: Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Married Fifty Years Ago
News Court: Danger Cannot Be Avoided, Suit for Collection, Nebraska City
News: Crime: A Kansas Sheriff in Jail, Terrific Fight, Where Did the Aid Committee Go, Believes His Brother Innocent
Obits: Claudia Lewis. John Lawson, W.R. Griffin (Kansas only Millionaire is dead)

Cemeteries: update of index, Interments for Ash Rock, Chalk Mound, Pleasant Valley, Survey, Hopewell, Green Mound, Stockton (original cemetery), and updated Spring Branch, Eureka, Alcona

Cemeteries: Eureka
County: Kansas Settlers-Purlina Searling, Ed. Smith, C.W. Smith
News: Accidents: Mr. Hockett's boy suffering from fractured limb, Mrs. Frank Bice lost 3 teeth, Descome D. Hoagland frosted one of his feet
News: Births: Thyfault 11 lb boy, Osman 8 lb girl, Coleman daughter
News: Misc: Legal Notice for Benjamin L. Reynolds, Motor happenings Oct 29, 1884
News: Sick List: Mrs. J.N. Adams will not survive long, Mrs. Hoyt dangerously ill, now improving
Obituaries: Bedore child, Burgess boy

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