Ackerman, Theodore

Banks, W. E.

Beemer, D. S.

Bickerdyke, Mary A.

Bradbury, J. M.

Bradshaw, George T.

Chadbourne, J. S.

Copeland, Charles P.

Dixon, James J. A. T. & Co.

Eastland, W. G.

Fleck, Ira S.

Giddings, Banker & Co.

Gross, Daniel

Harshbarger, C. M.

Hart, Q. A.

Hibbard, H. C.

Kinney, Asa

Mann, Stillman

McGinnis, Jesse

McKeen, D. W.

Moore & Sons

Moses, W. H.

Oliver, J. W.

Parker, F. L.

Perce, William

Robb, J. W.

Smyser, George W.

Sutter, Edward & Emile

Tusten, H. W.

Walker, Joseph H.

Weeks, Lillie

Weeks, Wesley Cole

Yoxall, Albert

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