A carload of Maxwell automobiles arrived in Wichita this morning for the Wichita Automobile company, Morris Schollenberger manager. There is a heavy demand for swift light and durable runabouts. It is estimated Wichita residents are driving almost double the number of autos this summer than were operated in 1905. (Wichita Beacon, Wednesday, July 11, 1906, page6)

The old Carey homestead at southeast corner of Lawrence and English was sold today to the Schollenberger Brothers, who operate the Wichita Automobile company for $15,000. It was sold by Mrs. M. S. Dowden who is the daughter of John B. Carey (deceased) and a sister of Charles W. Carey, president of the Little Bank of Commerce. Mr. Carey bought the ground in 1880 and built a brick house on it, the most imposing home in the city at that time. (Wichita Beacon, Monday, October 25, 1909, page 8)

The Wichita Automobile company, owned by the Schollenberger Brothers is having an architect draw plans for their new building on the recently purchased Carey homestead at South Lawrence and English. The lot faces 140 feet on Lawrence and 140 feet on English. Construction will begin in the early spring. (Wichita Beacon, October 27, 1909, page 6)

The Schollenberger Brothers this week purchased the northeast corner of Lawrence and 2nd from Mrs. Bessie Taylor Bennett and Mrs. Ellen C. Ohmart. It is the old Colonel Taylor home place with frontage of 78 feet on Lawrence and 140 feet on 2nd. Price was $25,000. The house will be vacated at once and they will build a new three story building for their Wichita Automobile Company to cost $60,000. (Wichita Beacon, Saturday, August 16, 1919, page 14)

Work progressing rapidly on the three story Schollenberger garage at corner of Lawrence avenue and 2nd street. (Wichita Beacon, Tuesday, February 10, 1920, page 2)


Report of death last night of one of Wichita's pioneer motor car dealers, Harvey H. Schollenberger of pneumonia at age 34. He and his brothers George H. and Morris H. started the first motor car agency in this section in 1902 and handled the Oldsmobile. Survived by wife, the former Maude Gowen, by one daughter, Mary Beth, age eight, three brothers and two sisters. (Wichita Beacon, Wednesday, February 4, 1920, page 2)

The Schollenberger Brothers moved their Wichita Automobile company into its new home on northeast corner of 2nd and Lawrence today. (Wichita Beacon, Saturday, May 15, 1920 page 4) - this article has the history of the company along with a drawing)

Says the Wichita Automobile Company, of the three Schollenberger brothers, opened the first exclusive automobile store here in 1900. Previously they had been in the bicycle repair business. They received their first gasoline driven car in 1900 and after almost a year of effort sold it to a Mr. Meredith. In 1902 the firm sold five cars in Wichita. Since then growth has been continuous and this year they will bring more than 2000 cars to Wichita. (Wichita Beacon, Saturday, October 2, 1920, page special section 8)

Report of a death yesterday of Morris H. Schollenberger suddenly at age 47. Was president of Wichita Automobile Company. (Wichita Beacon, October 22, 1925, Thursday, page 2 has his obit and photo)

The Wichita Automobile Company, the oldest motor sales firm in Wichita, is today in the hands of a receiver. A petition for declaration of bankruptcy was filed Saturday. It is said to be a friendly suit and that the company will be reorganized and retain George E. Schollenberger in its managements. (Wichita Beacon, Monday, November 16, 1925, page 8)

Article says investigation has revealed that the recent death of M. H. Schollenberger was due to suicide from cyanide poisoning, resulting from the deep financial troubles of his company, the Wichita Automobile Company, now in bankruptcy. (Wichita Beacon, November 18, 1925, page 1)

The Wichita Reo Motor Company has taken over the business of the Wichita Automobile Company of George H. Schollenberger and has taken a long time lease on the company's property at 2nd and Lawrence. (Wichita Beacon, Thursday, January 7, 1926, page 11)

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