Wichita, Kansas, Street Name Changes

1919 & 1930

1st Ave. Ash Ave.
2nd Ave. Locust Ave.
3rd Ave. Getto Ave.
4th Ave. St. Francis Ave.
4th Ave. St. Francis Ave. S.
5th Santa Fe
25th Scott
26th  N. Ida Ave.
28th Maud
B Ave. Grace
Bering Ave. Breckenridge
Chestnut Skinner
Dover S. Mosley Ave. S.
Elm Mento
Euclid Ave. Santa Fe
Francis Ave. Funston Ave.
Grandview Ave. Grove Ave.
High 23rd E.
High 23rd W.
Kellogg Greenway
Kentucky 26th E.
La Grange Ave. Charles Ave.
Lincoln Kiowa
Lottie Ave. Wheeler Ave.
Maple Ave. Prince Ave.
Mulberry Ave. University
Norris Ave. Dewey Ave.
Oates Ave. Gates Ave.
Riverview River
Roosevelt Moser Ave.
Seymour Maple
Sommer Moser
Stites Grove Ave.
Tyler Grove Ave.
Wall Campbell Ave.
Walnut 8th
Wichita Ave. Handley Ave.

 Joel Weintraub ( transcribed from NARA M1283 and M1931.  Transcribed with permission

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