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The appended honor roll of the men of Shawnee County who served in the Great War is as nearly complete and correct as it has been possible to make it. This roll is made possible through the courtesy of the Adjutant General's Office of the State of Kansas. If there have been errors of commission or omission,w e shall be pleased to be advised and the Adjutant General's office will also welcome such information. Commissioned officers are not shown in this roll - THE KANSAS FARMER AND MAIL AND BREEZE.

Source: Atlas & Plat Book for Shawnee County, Kansas, Published by Kansas Farmer and Mail & Breeze, Topeka, Kansas, 1921


Sacco, Louis
Sacco, Second
Sage, Joe J.
Sage, Vincent A.
Salsbery, Edear R.
Sams, Clarence E.
Samsen, Lewis Engler
Samuel, Harry I.
Samuel, Lee R.
Samuelson, John E.
Samuelson, Otto W.
Sanborn, Frank O.
Sandffer, Hubert
Sanders, Floyd
Sanders, Orville W.
Sanders, William
Sanderson, Floyd E.
Sargent, Glenn Max
Saunders, Galen W.
Sawyer, Lester Ernest
Sawyer, Raymond M.
Saxon, Keene
Scanlan, Frank J.
Schanfeldt, John J.
Scharping, Erwin E.
Scheuermann, Conrad
Schick, William
Schlegal, Otto C.
Schlichter, William T.
Schlitter, Phillip
Schlotz, Arthur H.
Schmid, Walter
Schmidt, Edwin
Schmidt, Gus A.
Schmidt, William O. B.
Schnieder, Clarence F.
Schnell, Bruno E. L.
Schock, Gus C.
Schonfeld, John J.
Schonfeld, Joseph J.
Schnofeld, Peter J.
Schonfeld, Adam J.
Schott, Louis
Schulmeister, Joe A.
Schultz, Fred
Schultz, George Hnery
Schultz, herman Emil
Schurtz, Howard A.
Schutt, Harry W.
Schwan, Andrew
Schwartz, elmer B.
Scneder, John Wymer
Scneder, Leslie M.
Scofield, William
Scott, Earl W.
Scott, Fred L.
Scott, John F.
Scrinopskie, Abe
Seals, William
Searles, David Wesley
Sears, Melvin F.
Sebring, Harry L.
Sebring, John G.
Seeley, Daniel M.
Seger, Ralph L.
Sells, Allen W.
Senne, Charles Emil
Seward, Louis Guy
Seward, Roy William
Shadinger, Harold Dill
Shafer, Rolland E.
Shaffer, Paul
Shakeshaft, Arthur t.
Shaler, Paul Morse
Shannon, Edwin N.
Sharp, Clifford D.
Sharp, Francis Raymond
Sharp, Herbert W.
Sheahan, Albert
Sheets, Clarence R.
Sheets, Edwin Alpheus
Shehi, Walter S.
Shehi, Winfield
Sheldon, Benjamin W.
Sheldon, Merriam W.
Shepard, Corland W. Jr.
Shepard, William T.
Sherman, William M.
Shideler, Raymond Reed
Shiemall, Glen W.
Shimer, James Robert
Shinn, John C.
Shirer, Hampton F.
Shirk, Harold L.
Shirley, John A.
Shonkwiler, Guy C.
Shook, Stanley J.
Shore, Alonzo F.
Shore, Olin P.
Short, Earl l.
Short, Howard L.
Shorthill, Rollo S.
Shrader, Paul R.
Shrake, Roy C.
Shreffer, Boyd LaVerne
Schultz, Joseph
Sieber, Earl A.
Sieber, Ray A.
Siebert, Anthony J.
Sigrist, Frank
Silk, Max H.
Silkiner, Albert
Sillett, Harry E.
Sills, Shellie M.
Simmons, Arthur
Simms, Earl F.
Simmons, John Liberty
Simpson, Harry S.
Singer, Rockie M.
Singleton, William S.
Sipp, Fred Ingalls
Sisson, John Ewing
Skidmore, Thomas L.
Skinner, Homer
Skinner, Joseph W.
Skinner, Joseph W.
Skripsy, Henry C.
Slater, Louis M.
Slaughter, Benjamin S.
Slaughter, Harold L.
Slaughter, Mitchell Arthur
Slavin, John
Slaybaugh, Elmer H.
Sloop, Rollin L.
Slusser, Frank C.
Small, Paul H.
Smelser, Carl H.
Smercheck, Stephen
Smiley, Harold A.
Smiley, James Clifford
Smith, Albert E.
Smith, Albert William
Smith, Ansol
Smith, Bud
Smith, Charles A.
Smith, Charles J.
Smith, Charles M.
Smith, Clarence Andrew
Smith, David William
Smith, Frederick D.
Smith, George William
Smith, Guy M.
Smith, Harold J.
Smith, Harold L.
Smith, Harold Pinneo
Smith, Harry L
Smith, Harry R.
Smith, Robert M.
Smith, Ira K.
Smith, James B.
Smith, John
Smith, Lester E.
Smith, Louis R.
Smith, Marian A.
Smith, Marshall
Smith, Philander
Smith, Ralph R.
Smith, Raymond Sherwood
Smith, Rollin James
Smith, Ronald v.
Smith, Sherrill Bronson
Smith, Theodore M.
Smith, Walter
Smith, Walter L.
Smith, William G.
Smith, Woodard A.
Smeller, Claud B.
Snellgrove, Earl Newton
Snook, Albert Elroy
Snowden, Bert J.
Snyder, Perry C.
Snyder, Ottis f.
Snyder, Sebastain Q.
Soderholm, Carl Reuben
Soffray, William M.
Sommer, Richard
Sommers, Alfred Eugene
Sonne, Carl W.
Souders, Byron P.
Sounder, Clifford V.
Souders, Robert I.
Souders, Vernon Millison
Souders, Warren Clarence
Space, Zeph Frederick
Spader, Walter J.
Spangler, Clyde B.
Sparling, Walter George
Spalding, Joseph
Speer, Paul E.
Spell, Glenden S.
Spiker, Leslie James
Sproat, Dewey Manila
Sproat, Phillip H.
Sroaf, John W.
Stack, James W.
Stack, James G.
Stadel, George H.
Staerkel, Max G.
Stager, Roy Edward
Staney, Leslie O.
Stamm, James D.
Stammers, Theodore
Stamp, Harland
Stanley, Jack D.
Stanton, George L.
Stark, Henry Richard
Starup, Walter R.
States, George Edwin
Steele, Arthur
Steele, Elijah
Steele, Thomas
Steimetz, Henry O.
Steinrauf, Harold
Steinrauf, John F.
Steinrauf, William S.
Sterling, Chester A.
Stephens, John H.
Stevenson, Earl W.
Stevenson, John D.
Stevens, Francis J.
Stevens, James D.
Stevick, James F.
Stewart, Archie E.
Stewart, Ben F.
Stewart, Fred Ave
Stewart, James Raymond
Stewart, Leslie J.
Stewart, Roy
Stiles, Frank A.
Stillson, Nathan S.
Stitt, Earl D.
Stitt, Elmer David
Stitt, Orby J.
Stockman, Henry Francis
Stockwell, Claud
Stogsdill, James W.
Stoks, Carl Franklin
Stolphe, Frederick J.
Stone, Alpha
Stone, Edwrd Lee
Stone, Francis E.
Stone, John Russell
Stone, William A.
Story, Earl C.
Stout, John M.
Stovall, Aaron E.
Stover, Raymond Luther
Stover, Theodore Emery
Strader, Harlan Roy
Stratemeyer, Lewis C.
Straub, Frederick O.
Strauss, Charles B.
Streeter, Frederick H.
Strimple, Clyde W.
Strothers, Louis
Stufflebean, Clyde O.
Stugais, William
Stumbaugh, Sidney
Sturtevant, Ira A.
Sullivan, Eugene V.
Sutherland, Archie
Sutherland, Clarence
Sutten, Alpha E.
Swan, Albert Markley
Swanson, Carl J.
Swanson, Francis E.
Swanson, Joseph N.
Swanson, Paul J.
Swearingen, Ernest B.
Swearingen, Maurice
Swearingen, Ralph M.
Sweeney, Paul
Swendson, Claude S.
Swendson, Harold M.
Swink, Bert
talbert, Joseph H.
Taliaferro, donald Francis
Tanquary, Ernest C.
Tasker, Gerald Wilson
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, Carl Benjamin
Taylor, Chauncey R.
Taylor, Earl B.
Taylor, Fred
Taylor, Henry H.
Taylor, James Henry
Taylor, James Orion
Taylor, James W.
Taylor, Jesse D.
Taylor, Mark D.
Taylor, William E.
Teel, Charlie A.
Terrill, Edmond J.
Terry, McKinley
Terry, McKinley Mark
Thacker, Saford B.
Thatcher, Oliver C.
Thomas, Adolphus J.
Thomas, Charles Maceo
Thomas, Christopher Y.
Thomas, Roy Lester
Thomas, Theodore W.
Thompson, Alva Roy
Thompson, Benj. Franklin
Thompson, Carl Theodore
Thompson, Chas. DeByrd
Thompson, Edward W.
Thompson, Elmer C.
Thompson, Fred
Thompson, George E.
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Marrel C.
Thompson, Reuben
Thompson, Samuel Ross
Thompson, William D.
Thompson, William R.
Thoren, Carl E.
Thorson, Arthur Leonard
Thorson, Paul Erickson
Thrapp, Frederick Wm.
Throwbridge, Lanier C.
Tibbetts, Wallace L.
Ticehurst, Bertram
Tillinghast, Harry Elmer
Tillier, Lucian Eugene
Titus, Martin D.
Todd, Henry
Tolman, Francis Wililam
Tomilson, William A.
Tork, Alfred E.
Torrence, Howard
Towles, Glenden
Towne, Harry R.
Townsend, Clifton
Trackwell, Henry
Trahoon, Burt
Trahoon, Louis
Travis, Albert L.
Travis, Edward E.
Trimble, James Garfield
Trimble, James ralphord
Troxell, John P.
True, Larken N.
True, William E.
Tschantz, Ernest
Tucker, Claude H.
Tuer, George L.
Tupper, Frank
Turner, Harlan Henry
Turner, Horace Lee
Tweedy, Robert D.
Tyler, Royal Ernest
Tyler, William H.
Tyree, Jesse V.
Tyrrell, Harry W.
Uhl, George F.
Ulamperl, Abe B.
Underwood, Grant
Underwood, Henry M.
Urban, Michael M.

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