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Fred Bell, Saline County, 1952 - Suffered a heart attack during a courtroom scuffle with a murder defendant.

Jacob Boelens, Labette County, 1950 - Crashed returning from a call.

Elmer Davis, Dickinson County, 1949 - Shot alongside his brother, Undersheriff Milton Davis, at the farmhouse of a "berserk" man who also shot three others.

Earl Kerns, Stevens County, 1949 - Hit in the chest while making an arrest for public drunkenness.

Albert Erdman, Elk County, 1933 - Shot on his last night on duty.

Govan Mills, Hamilton County, 1927 - Shot in a scuffle with a suspect.

Samuel Pratt, Thomas County, 1925 - Shot at a roadblock by two men suspecte d of killing a Nebraska police officer.

Orla Hefner, Kearny County, 1920 - Shot in the back by a suspect while stooped over to crank-start his patrol car.

Frank Blizzard, Elk County, 1920 - Car exploded when it ran over a small quantity of nitroglycerin.

Martin Moore, Morton County, 1916 - After being attacked at a Rolla home and ordered off the property at gunpoint, returned with a warrant and was shot.

Walter Davis, Lyon County, 1916 - Shot while detaining two robbery suspects .

E.L. McCracken, Barber County, 1908 - Shot through an outhouse door while trying to talk a man into surrendering.

A.O. Welfelt, Cowley County, 1907 - Shot himself while drawing his gun on a murder suspect in Oklahoma Territory.

Edward Coleman, Washington County, 1899 - Shot with his own revolver during a struggle.

Seldon Lard, Riley County, 1897 - Shot after trying to serve a warrant to a Leonardville cafe owner.

Samuel Dunn, Seward County, 1892 - Ambushed when mistaken for a judge he was trying to protect.

John Cross, Stevens County, 1888 - Shot alongside four members of his posse while returning from the Cherokee Strip to serve a warrant.

Albert Shenneman, Cowley County, 1883 - Shot while arresting a man suspecte d of killing a Valley Falls marshal.

Alexander Ramsey, Ellis County, 1875 - Shot by horse thieves in Stockton; they weren't charged with theft because the horses belonged to Native Americans.

Chauncey Whitney, Ellsworth County, 1873 - Shot by a buffalo hunter while trying to break up a fight over cards.

Peter "Rattlesnake Pete" Lanihan, Ellis County, 1871 - Former deputy of Wild Bill Hickok shot while breaking up a bar fight.

B. H. Casebolt, Chautauqua County, 1926 - Deputy Sheriff shot down while pursuing burglars of Wauneta store.

Howard Courant, Elk County, 1933 - Night Marhsall killed; Found lying in street at Longton.

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