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A letter received from a nurse at one of the hospitals in Dodge City reports J.W. Huffman suffering with a broken leg. Johnny had one leg broken at Cedar ten years ago. Whether this is a fracture of the same member or not, the message did not state. Anyhow, it is a serious calamity.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ August 18, 1921 ~ Submited by Julie Schadek)


Frank Akens began work Tuesday morning at the Pugh Music Co. at Downs and says he expects to be employed there all winter. He will work in and out of the store at Downs and will travel a good deal in the interest of the sale of pianos, sewing machines and talking machines for the firm. He will be at Portis to accompany the Dyremos on trips and we imagine he will also be around Portis about Sunday. He has agreed, we understand, to cover the territory in the vicinity of Cedar. - Portis Independent.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ November 3, 1921 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek)

The interests of C.I. Cushing in the Cedar State Bank was sold last week to G.R. Hain, cashier of the Claudell State Bank. Mr. Hain was elected cashier of the Cedar bank to succeed George Oldson, the former cashier of the bank.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ February 2, 1922 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek)



Ward Greenman, who has been in charge of a yard for the Central Lumber Co. at Cedar for some time, has accepted a position with the Farmers Union store in this city. Ward was married recently and is on the lookout for a house, a pretty scarce article at this time.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ March 17, 1921 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek

Ernest Schneider is gaining quite a reputation as a breeder of thorobred Spotted Poland China hogs. He called yesterday with a handful of inquiries from prospective buyers, located all over this section of the state. He has shipped quite a number this spring at fancy prices, the latest order being for three fine gifts from Dr. W.W. Anderson of Cedar for which he received a check for $75.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ April 7, 1921 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek

Mrs. Lena Fruitger, accompanied by her little son, came down from Cedar Friday evening and spent the weekend at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ward Greenman.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ June 16, 1921 ~Submitted by Julie Schadek)



Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Hull and child came down from Cedar Saturday night and remained over Sunday visiting at the Frank Hull home, southeast of town.
(Downs News and The Downs Times ~ January 20, 1921 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek)

C.L. Cushing was a business visitor in Cedar Tuesday, making the trip by auto.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ October 20, 1921 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek)

Mrs. J.M. Smith, of Cedar, came down last Wednesday and stayed until Monday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hull.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ January 5, 1922 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek)

Mr. and Mrs.Elmer Fruiteger came down from Cedar last Saturday to attend the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Greenman's infant child.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ January 19, 1922 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek)

Mrs. Jessie Stephenson, of Cedar, was a guest at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Greenman Thursday evening of last week. The following morning she continued her journey to Salina, where she went to spend a few days visiting relatives.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ May 11, 1922 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek)



Last Friday morning we received a card from W.H. Ransom, who had started for Colorado in his car Thursday morning, stating that it took him six hours to get as far as Logan. He found the roads from here to Kirwin in a very bad condition, owing to the heavy rain the night previous. A severe hail storm had swept the country between Cedar and Harlan, almost completely destroying all crops in its path.
(The News and Times (Downs) ~ August 18, 1921 ~ Submitted by Julie Schadek)


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