Newspaper Items


A Sad Homicide The Result of A Charivari Party (Owen Henry) ~ April 23, 1879

Grandpa Gregg Taken to County Poor House ~ 1885

Burglary at Kensington ~ June 18, 1897

Accidental Shooting At Ben Hope Residence ~ July 29, 1887

Serious Accident in a Horse Race Yesterday Afternoon ~ October 9, 1900

Hugh Day Killed by His Mother-in-Law (Mrs. John Campbell) During Family Quarrel ~ February 26, 1901

Doctor E. M. Donelson is Shot - 1906

Kansas Kills Step-Brother ~ March 23, 1911

Kansas Boy Drowns in Pond ~ June 14, 1914

First Merchant and Teacher ~ December 16, 1915

Cedar Depot Robbed ~ August 25, 1921

Some of the Memories of Fifty Years Ago ~ November 24, 1921

Denver Man Murders Divorcee and Then Takes His Own Life - W. J. Allen - 1922

Tragedy Culminates in Murder - J. R. (Dick Broomer)

Becky Browne of Norton Arrived on Saturday Evening

Ladies Golf Association

Ray Chance Charged with Murder of Logan County Farmer

Mrs. Norton Not Found

Kansas Auto Accident Fatal to Giddings Man (Allen Hempel)


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