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Transcribed by Charlotte Slater


Private Sack, Thomas Jacob Hays Died of Disease
Corporal Sailors, Lee O Pittsburg Died of Wounds
Private Sanders, Morton Junction City Died of Disease
Private Sandhagen, George William Haven Died of Disease
Privates Sargeant, Joe R Neodesha Killed In Action
Private Satterlee, Ray Moline Died of Disease
Private Saunders, Gladwyn M Ada Died of Disease
Private Sauzek, Edward A Wichita Died of Wounds
Private Schaich, Robert Henry Talmage Died of Disease
Private Schaplowsky, John G. Halstad Died of Disease
Private Scharpe, Ralph D Dorrance Died of Disease
Privates Schauer, Lawrence J. Phillipsburg Killed In Action
Corporal Scheufler, William Frederick Holsington Died of Wounds
Private Schnable, John J Clayton Died of Wounds
Privates Schneikart, Rudolph Kansas City Killed In Action
Private Schroder, Albert Baxter Springs Died of Disease
Private Schroeder, Ernest E Newton Died of Accident
Private Schultz, Ben Hansover Died of Disease
Privates Schwandt, Carl F Leavenwoth Killed In Action
Privates Schwaub, John Howard Iowa Point Killed In Action
Private Schwinn, Patrick J Weir Died of Disease
Lieutenant Schwinn, Thomas Wellington Killed In Action
Private Scott, Archie R Bellaire Died of Disease
Privates Scrivens, Rolla E Wellington Killed In Action
Private Scroggins, Kirk W. Hill City Died of Disease
Private Seacat, Fred Ashland Died of Disease
Privates Seal, Roy Davis Wichita Killed In Action
Private Seaman, Fred H Hiawatha Died of Disease
Privates Setser, William H Wakefield Killed In Action
Privates Seymour, Quincy R. Rantoul Killed In Action
Wagoneer Shafer, Francis W Cherryville Died of Disease
Sergeant Shannon, Edward Mapleton Died of Wounds
Private Sharp, Harvey R. Osawatomie Died of Disease
Private Sharp, Thomas V Wichita Died of Wounds
Privates Shaw, Walter W Greenleaf Killed In Action
Privates Shepherd, Ralph E Deerfield Killed In Action
Privates Shiel, James Bernard, Pittsburg Killed In Action
Corporal Shipley, Roderick J. Rossville Died of Disease
Corporal Shirley, Earl F. Frankfort Killed In Action
Privates Shock, Anthony Abilene Killed In Action
Private Shoemaker, Floyd Moran Died of Disease
Private Shue, Herschel L. Neodesha Died of Disease
Corporal Sidener, Marion Monroe Burns Killed In Action
Privates Sienbenthaler, George H. Merriam Killed In Action
Corporal Sill, Richard I Madison Died of Wounds
Private Simons, Clide V Carbondale Died of Disease
Private Singleman, Charles Henry Rosedale Died of Wounds
Private Sipes, Walker O. H. Pittsburg Died of Wounds
Private Sisson, Alvin E Courtland Died of Wounds
Private Sitz, Albert Rudolph Hays Died of Wounds
Privates Skaggs, Herschel Sharon Killed In Action
Lieutenant Slade, John P Clay Center Died of Disease
Lieutenant Slaymaker, Harry B. Peabody Killed In Action
Private Sloan, Alva Lucas Great Bend Died of Wounds
Privates Slomski, Martin Touganoxie Killed In Action
Private Smiley, Charles Havan Died of Wounds
Corporal Smith, Albert W Burdick Died of Wounds
Privates Smith, Allen Eugene Valley Center Killed In Action
Privates Smith, Carroll B Kirwin Killed In Action
Private Smith, Charles E. Downs Died of Disease
Private Smith, Clarence William Weir Died of Wounds
Sergeants Smith, Fred W. Iola Killed In Action
Corporal Smith, Glennn I. Fredonia Died of Disease
Privates Smith, Grant Clayton Vernon Killed In Action
Private Smith, Hiram A. Troy Died of Wounds
Corporal Smith, Hollis M Rock Died of Disease
Buglers Smith, Jacob L. Cawker City Killed In Action
Private Smith, Joda Bogue Died of Disease
Corporal Smith, LeRoy Admire Died of Disease
Corporal Smith, Lewis Nelson Ottawa Died of Wounds
Private Smith, Milton T. LaCygne Died of Disease
Privates Smith, Peter Edwin Prairie View Killed In Action
Private Smith, Peter S Shawnee Died of Wounds
Corporal Smith, Robert S Marysville Died of Wounds
Private Smith, Wayne V. Palco Died of Disease
Corporal Smyth, James Morris Eureka Killed In Action
Private Snell, Clyde R Junction City Died of Accident
Private Solomon, Frank Hiawatha Died of Wounds
Private Sommeral, Emile Leavenworth Died of Wounds
Private Sondker, Edward H Holton Died of Disease
Corporal Sparling, Clare F Oneida Died of Wounds
Private Sparwasser, Phillip C. New Cambria Died of Disease
Private Spear, Charley Horton Died of Wounds
Sergeant Speer, Joe R Muscotah Died of Wounds
Privates Spencer, Leroy A Cherokee Killed In Action
Private Spicer, Harris T Atchison Died of Wounds
Privates Sponhauer, Harry F Cherryvale Killed In Action
Privates Spotts, Clifford C Tecunseh Killed In Action
Private Springer, Robert Coffeyville Died of Accident
Privates St. Clair, John Edwin Harlon Killed In Action
Privates Stamm, Boyd Severance Killed In Action
Private Stanley, John H Gardner Died of Disease
Private Stanton, Archie L Wakeeney Died of Wounds
Private Startz, Joseph Liberty Died of Disease
Private Stauffer, Walter D. New Cambria Died of Disease
Corporal Stauffer, James LeRoy Hepler Killed In Action
Corporal Steeby, Carl Henry Altamont Died of Wounds
Private Steffen Rudolph A. C. Newton Died of Disease
Private Stenger, Arthur J Council Grove Died of Disease
Private Stephenson, Easton H Argonia Died of Accident
Privates Stephenson, Harry St Francis Killed In Action
Private Stevenson, William A Richmond Died of Wounds
Private Steward, Herbert S. Council Grove Died of Wounds
Privates Stewardson, Samuel S Colby Killed In Action
Private Stewart, Ernest Tipton Died of Disease
Private Stewart, Frank T. Elkhart Died of Disease
Private Stine, Alfred L. Wichita Died of Disease
Private Stinson, Harold M Wichita Died of Disease
Private Stites, Virgil C. Geneseo Died of Disease
Privates Stockwell, Christopher M Stafford Killed In Action
Private Storer, Evert Arrol Alton Died of Disease
Corporal Storey, Earl Raymond Fort Scott Died of Wounds
Privates Stout, Earl H Horton Killed In Action
Private Stumpff, Delbert Merriam Died of Disease
Corporal Stuntz, Hugh O Lawrence Killed In Action
Private Stunz, Archie L Cherrydale Died of Disease
Private Sturm, Jacob E St Francis Died of Wounds
Private Stutes, William A Kansas City Died of Disease
Corporal Sullivan, Earl David Topeka Died of Wounds
Privates Summers, William F. Holton Killed In Action
Privates Supernant, Carl Clifton Killed In Action
Privates Sussex, Floyd Whiting Edison Killed In Action
Privates Sutherlin, Richard H Salina Killed In Action
Corporal Sutton, Cecil A Cawker City Died of Wounds
Privates Swaim, Roy Wamego Killed In Action
Private Swan, Luther E Jamestown Died of Disease
Mechanic Swan, William H Topeka Died of Wounds
Corporal Swart, Wallace M Arcadia Died of Disease
Corporal Swiderski, Victor Leavenworth Killed In Action
Cook Switala, Boley Kansas City Died of Disease
Private Tacker, Albert o Macksville Died of Disease
Private Tapsee, Lyman Mayetta Died of Disease
Corporal Tate, Albert L Cummings Died of Wounds
Private Taylor, Chris Albert Norton Died of Accident
Sergeants Taylor, Earle W Seneca Died of Accident
Private Taylor, George Daniel Rossville Died of Disease
Privates Taylor, Howard C. Hutchinson Killed In Action
Private Taylor, James E Cottonwood Falls Died of Disease
Private Taylor, Russell, Wamego Died of Disease
Corporal Thieme, Eitel Frederick Goff Killed In Action
Private Thomas, Edward P Independence Died of Disease
Private Thomas, Zack Alamota Died of Accident
Privates Thompson, George W. Liberal Killed In Action
Corporal Thompson, Harlan C. Summerfield Died of Disease
Privates Thompson, John I Englewood Killed In Action
Private Thompson, Joseph B Fort Scott Died of Disease
Private Thompson, William E Leavenworth Died of Disease
Privates Thornton, Clarence Cherrydale Killed In Action
Privates Thurman, Harold D Lawrence Killed In Action
Private Tisdale, Arthur S. Russell Died of Disease
Private Titolski, Joe Leavenworth Died of Wounds
Private Tompkins, Frank E Beloit Died of Disease
Corporal Trapp, Peter C. Herington Killed In Action
Privates Travis, John M Victor Killed In Action
Private Trego, Jeseph P. Jr. Newton Died of Disease
Corporal Treham, George Concordia Killed In Action
Private Trissell, Archie L. Garden City Died of Accident
Private Trout, Richard Desota Died of Disease
Lieutenant Trowbridge, Carl B. Kansas City Killed In Action
Privates Tucker, Ellis A Minneola Killed In Action
Corporal Turner, Lawrence W. Newton Killed In Action
Privates Tuttle, Louis F Anthony Killed In Action
Sergeants Umphenour, Chester G. Parsons Killed In Action
Private Ure, Grant Lincoln Park Died of Disease
Private Valmar, John O Jucn tion City Died of Disease
Sargeant Van Cleave, Chester A Independence Died of Disease
Private Van Tasell, Clair Topeka Died of Disease
Private Vandyke, John C Prairie View Died of Disease
Private Varner, John M Moran Died of Disease
Privates Varner, Leo O Great Bend Killed In Action
Private Verhoeff, Leonard Grinnell Died of Wounds
Privates Vermillion, Ed Lyons Killed In Action
Corporal Vigor, John E. Pomona Killed In Action
Corporal Vigus, Frank M Ozawkie Killed In Action
Privates Vilott, Fletcher Mankato Killed In Action
Privates Viola, Ralph H Abilene Killed In Action
Privates Vodraska, Anton J Black Wolf Killed In Action
Private Voltz, Clyde ruleton Died of Disease
Private Wagner, Fred G Prairie View Died of Disease
Corporal Wakeman, Arthur Wathena Died of Wounds
Private Walker, Fay E Green Died of Disease
Private Walker, Glenn E Hutchinson Died of Disease
Private Walker, Ralph Ottawa Died of Disease
Private Walker, Ollie T Piedmont Died of Disease
Private Walls, Earl D. Iola Died of Disease
Private Walrod, Jesse L. Fulton Died of Wounds
Privates Walters, Claude W Burton Killed In Action
Lieutenant Ward, Charles Neodesha Died of Accident
Private Ward, Lawrence L Arkansas City Died of Disease
Sergeants Ware, Arthur F. Fort Scott Killed In Action
Private Warner, Guy Ellsworth Died of Accident
Corporal Warren, Ben C Linwood Died of Wounds
Private Warren, Merry A Cheney Died of Disease
Sergeants Washburn, Raymond Separd Bonner Springs Killed In Action
Corporals Watson, Edgar Ray Sedan Died of Accident
Corporal Way, Floyd Leedey Rock Creek Killed In Action
Privates Weaver, Henry John Hutchinson Killed In Action
Private Weaver, Herman Eldorado Died of Wounds
Sergeants Weaver, William Trew Wichita Killed In Action
Privates Wehry, William Andrew Peabody Killed In Action
Captain Weibel, Ernest, Lawrence Died of Wounds
Corporal Weinberg, Louis B Troy Died of Wounds
Privates Weir, Arthur Norton Horton Killed In Action
Private Weirich, Robert Junction City Died of Disease
Corporal Wellnitz, Frank Emporia Died of Wounds
Sargeant Wells, Claud Hiawatha Died of Disease
Privates Wells, Henry S Soldier Killed In Action
Private Wendt, George C. Olathe Died of Accident
Private West, Everett James Meriden Died of Disease
Privates West, Owlen J Mildred Killed In Action
Private West, Paul Ls McCracken Died of Wounds
Corporal Westling, John R. Topeka Killed In Action
Private Wheatley, Charles Bunker Hill Died of Wounds
Private Wheeler, Charles W Whiting Died of Disease
Wagoneer White, Homer Hiawatha Died of Disease
Lieutenant White, John B. Hutchinson Killed In Action
Privates Whitesell, Arthur P. Newton Killed In Action
Sergeants Whiting, Clark Dighton Killed In Action
Privates Wiesner, Frank A Ellis Killed In Action
Corporals Wilder, Thomas E Macksville Died of Accident
Corporal Wilhelm, Claude McPherson Killed In Action
Private Wilkinson, Charles Winchester Died of Disease
Private Willard, Cleveland Mound City Died of Disease
Sergeants Williams, David R. Tonganoxie Killed In Action
Private Williams, Earl E Cherokee Died of Disease
Private Williams, Earl R Yoder Died of Wounds
Corporal Willis, High W. Chaney Died of Disease
Private Wilson, Elsworth W. Preston Died of Wounds
Private Wilson, Harry V Winfield Died of Disease
Private Wilson, John Topeka Died of Disease
Private Wilson, Leonard R Topeka Died of Disease
Privates Wilson, Ralph H Leavenworth Killed In Action
Corporal Wilson, Roscoe Richard Edna Died of Wounds
Corporal Wilson, Glen R. Overland Killed In Action
Sergeants Wimmer, Lawrence M. Liberal Killed In Action
Privates Wingate, George L. Ogden Killed In Action
Private Winterstein, Leo A Ottawa Died of Disease
Private Wolf, Erwin G Topeka Died of Wounds
Private Wood, Everett Lawrence Died of Wounds
Privates Wood, Jasper M Hiattville Killed In Action
Private Wood, Ernest W Guy Died of Disease
Private Woodcox, Ernest E Topeka Died of Disease
Private Worford, Benjamin Hamilton Died of Wounds
Mechanic Wright, Frank A. Montrose Died of Disease
Private Wright, Gracen I. Alexander Died of Disease
Horseshoer Wright, H. Hoer Achillis Died of Disease
Sergeants Wright, Roy E. Kansas City Killed In Action
Privates Wright, William E Leavenworth Killed In Action
Private Wymore, Verne Kingman Died of Wounds
Privates Yocum, Birchard Garfield Culver Killed In Action
Privates Yokem, Virgil L Humboldt Killed In Action
Private Young, Lawrence Ernest Clifton Died of Disease
Corporal Zemke, Carl August Blue Hill Killed In Action
Privates Zidek, Rafael Marysville Killed In Action
Privates Zieka, William Sharon Springs Killed In Action
Lieutenant Ziesenis, Harry Charles Lawrence Died of Wounds
Private Zormeier, Math J Greeley Died of Disease

Source: Soldiers of the Great World, Compiled by W. M. Hausler, F. G. Howe, A. C. Doyle, 1920

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