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A Roster of Volunteer Troops

Furnished by the State of Kansas

for the

Spanish American War, 1898


Furnished by the state of Kansas for the Spanish war, in response to the call for troops issued by the president of the United States, April 23, 1898.


Officers and privates - names, rank, and residence when enlisted. Residences given are all in Kansas, except when otherwise noted. When the residence is not printed it is unknown, or not of record.





Anderson, Frank J. Private Chanute
Bagley, Jno. F. Private Pittsburg
Baker, George W. Private Girard
Baker, Wm. E. Private Girard
Ball, Fred Private Burlington
Barnes, Robert Private Pittsburg
Bennett, James H. Private Pittsburg
Berryhill, Marion Private Pittsburg
Boaz, Volney T. Private Girard
Bogan, Willie d. Private Girard
Bowen, Edw. Artificer Pittsburg
Boyd, Leonard Corporal Opolis
Brown, Chas. M. Private Girard
Buchanan, Chas. M. Sergeant Pittsburg
Burton, orlando J. 2d Lieut.  
Calhoun, Alexander Private Midway
Carlton, Edw R. Corporal Pittsburg
Carpenter, Benj. Private Midway
Carroll, Wm. Private Frontenac
Chamblin, Geo. C. Private McCune
Clark, Raymond Private Pittsburg
Coover, Guy A. Private Walnut
Copen, Albert B. Musician Pittsburg
Culbertson, Harry Private Girard
Cushenburg, Joseph Private Farlington
DeWitt, Clark E. Private Opolis
Doss, Frank Private Pittsburg
Doughty, Western E. Private Pittsburg
Drake, Arthur E. Private Pittsburg
Fairchild, Roy E. Private McCune
Frick, Albert Private Pittsburg
Fuller, Edward Private Pittsburg
Ganstine, James E. Private Girard
George, Wallace E. Private Meriden
Gerken, Fred A. Corporal Girard
Goodwin, Elmer D. Private Girard
Gore, John Private Midway
Grantham, James Walter Private Girard
Harning, Charles C. Private Girard
Harris, Jno. Private Pittsburg
Harris, Lauren V. Private Girard
Histed, James E. Private Pittsburg
Hoffman, Earnest L. Private Cherokee
Hughes, Walter Private Frontenac
Hysom, Iram J. Private Louisburg
Ingels, Charles E. Private Girard
Irwig, Henry b. Captain Girard
Jackson, Winfield E. Private New Lancaster
Jones, Larry Private Pittsburg
Jones, Richard Private Pittsburg
Kelley, Wm. F. Sergeant Midway
Kelly, Hugh Private Pittsburg
Kiethly, Ira Corporal Pittsburg
Koontz, Wiley Private Latimer
Koontz, Wilman Private Pittsburg
Lawhead, Roy Private Pittsburg
Leemaster, Homer B. Private Pittsburg
Lofley, John C. Private Lamar, Mo.
Matteson, Reuben N. Private Girard
McFarland, Jas. E. Private Girard
McGie, Wm. W. Private Pittsburg
Merriweather, Frederick W. Private Girard
Michel, Edwin Private  
Miller, Joseph Private Midway
Millochs, Joseph Private Opolis
Mitchell, Chas. H. Private Pittsburg
Moffatt, Carl L. Private Pittsburg
Moore, Louis Private Pittsburg
Murphey, Wm. C. Private Pittsburg
Need, Henry Private Pittsburg
Neet, Burt Private Pittsburg
Nelson, Wm. Sergeant Pittsburg
Nichols, Allie Private Pittsburg
Nichols, Geo. C. Sergeant Girard
Painton, Mark J. Private Residence unknown
Peach, Benj. Private Girard
Peas, Edw. Private Girard
Pingry, Oscar C. Q. M. Sergt. Cherokee
Rever, Oscar Private Girard
Rice, James F. Private Pittsburg
Richey, Thomas K. 2d Lieut. Pittsburg
Ridley, Surtes Private Frontenac
Roberts, Clinton Private Burlington
Robinson, Joseph A. Private Pittsburg
Rushton, Louie D. Private Girard
Saeger, Amandas A. Private Pittsburg
Schoeppert, George Private Pittsburg
Scott, Edw. M. Private Pittsburg
Seely, Jno. Private Pittsburg
Sharp, Robert L. Private Girard
Shoemaker, Cal K. Private Pittsburg
Snow, Shelton R. Private Pittsburg
Spence, Jno. Corporal Girard
Stamm, Albert Musician Pittsburg
Swain, Frank A. Private Girard
Thornton, Jno. F. Private Pittsburg
Townsend, Benton E. Private Girard
Van Brunt, Harwood Private Girard
Wallace, Geo. W. Private Scammon
Watson, Wm. J. 1st Lieut. Pittsburg
Weltner, Chas. B. Corporal Girard
Weltner, Lloyd Private Girard
Wheat, James E. Private Girard
Whitaker, Yake Private Girard
Whiteleather, Howard Private Frontenac
Wiman, Chas. A. Private Girard
Winsberger, Pete Private Pittsburg
Woolley, Oscar B. 1st Sergt. Girard
Wright, Jno. R. Wagoner Girard
Zimmerman, Chas. A. Private Hepler

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