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A Roster of Volunteer Troops

Furnished by the State of Kansas

for the

Spanish American War, 1898


Furnished by the state of Kansas for the Spanish war, in response to the call for troops issued by the president of the United States, April 23, 1898.


Officers and privates - names, rank, and residence when enlisted. Residences given are all in Kansas, except when otherwise noted. When the residence is not printed it is unknown, or not of record.





Antrim, Thomas J. Private Strawn  
Ashcraft, Elmer H. Private Chanute  
Baker, Newton A. Private Le Roy  
Baker, Conway Private Le Roy  
Barber, Wm. C. Sergeant Garnett  
Barton, Samuel F. Private Moran  
Bryant, James H. Private Vernon  
Carter, Fred L. Private Westphalia  
Christy, Chas. M. Captain Waverly  
Cobb, Thomas B. Private Le Roy  
Corkhill, James G. Private Dover  
Corkhill, John W. Private Dover  
Cornett, Bert Private Toronto  
Cornett, John Private Toronto  
Craig, Curran C. Private Garnett  
Craig, Dan'l F. 1st Lieut. Garnett  
Craig, Jno. M. Sergeant Garnett  
Craven, Geo. H. Private Le Roy  
Currier, Lloyd F. Corporal Garnett  
Donaldson, Zachariah Private Westphalia  
Dorman, Frank E. Private Yates Center  
Dotts, Jonathan W. Q. M. Sergt. Garnett  
Endsley, Lincoln Private Burlington  
Epp, Peter Private Burlington  
Evans, Andrew W. Private Paola  
Fergerson, Arthur M. Corporal Burlington  
Fergus, Albert Private Yates Center  
Ferguson, Allen P. Private Chanute  
Fezler, Wesley F. Private Neosho Falls  
Fox, Jno. H. Private Burlington  
Frick, Robt. A. Corporal Garnett  
Fullington, Artemus H. Private Yates Center  
Gillespie, James B. Private Waverly  
Hale, James W. Private Le Roy  
Hamilton, Charley Private Burlington  
Hamilton, Clarence B. Private Yates Center  
Hamilton, Gus R. Private Vernon  
Hampshire, Jesse H. Corporal Garnett  
Hardy, Edward J. 2d Lieut    
Hartwell, Frank D. Private Le Roy  
Hayes, John H. Private Yates Center  
Hedges, Rufus H. Private Garnett  
Hefflin, Jno. F. Artificer Strawn  
Heflin, Joseph Private Strawn  
Heiter, F. A. Private Residence Unknown  
Helmick, Geo. S. Private Le Roy  
Hemphill, Edw. Private Burlington  
Henderson, Oliver T. Private Westphalia  
Herington, Joseph F. Private Burlington  
Hollingshead, Arthur Private Garnett  
Hutchinson, Wm. B. Private Richmond  
Ingerson, Lewis J. Private Burlington  
Jackson, Chas. Private Neosho Falls  
Jackson, Winfield Private    
Jamieson, Frank O. Private Hoge  
Jamieson, John T. Private Hoge  
Johnson, Edw. D. Sergeant Garnett  
Jones, Clifford Private Neosho Falls  
Keefer, Dudley Private Burlington  
Kindler, Albert W. Private Burlington  
Klinger, Wm. J. Private Le Roy  
Landis, Geo. W. Private Burlington  
Lane, Wm. M. Corporal Burlington  
Larrison, Thomas F. Private Le Roy  
Lee, Jno. H. Private Westphalia  
Lewis, James Sergeant Burlington  
Lieurance, Edw. Private Neosho Falls  
Madison, James Wagoner Westphalia  
McCoy, Frank E. Private Westphalia  
McIntyre, Elmer Private Neosho Falls  
Miller, Clyde Private Kincaid  
Mills, James S. Private Waverly  
Moore, Peter J. Private Waverly  
Moore, Wm. Private Aliceville  
Morris, Harry Private Kasnas City, Kan.  
Morris, Harvey D. Private Garnett  
Morris, William H. Private Toronto  
Morton, Chas. G. Private Le Roy  
Muhr, John C. Private Westphalia  
Murdock, Joseph Private Westphalia  
Newell, Francis T. Private Toronto  
Oakley, Thomas Musician Garnett  
Paxton, John V. Private Garnett  
Plummer, Hiram L. Private Garnett  
Porter, Delos M. Private Le Roy  
Ramsey, Norman F. Private Toronto  
Ray, Phillip S. 2d Lieut Yates Center Resigned August 27, 1898
Remfer, August Private Westphalia  
Rice, George O. Private Garnett  
Roberts, Ralph L. Private Le Roy  
Robison, Homer J. Private Yates Center  
Rudrow, Sherman Private Garnett  
Rupe, Norman A. Private Osawatomie  
Sefft, Jno. Q. Sergeant Garnett  
Shaughnessy, Albert Private Garnett  
Shields, Jacob R. Private Westphalia  
Sidorfsky, Charles Private Le Roy  
Simmons, Harley O. Private Burlington  
Snodgrass, Chas. Private Residence Unknown  
Spark, Fred D. Private Clay Center  
Spencer, Jno. Private Garnett  
Spencer, Orlando B. Private Moran  
Stephens, Sim Private Burlington  
Stewart, Frank R. Private Garnett  
Stewart, Ross Private Chanute  
Sutton, Carl Private Le Roy  
Swisher, Chris. C. Private No record  
Terrill, Guy J. Corporal Waverly  
Thomas, Oakley D. Private No record  
Van Slyke, Arthur H. Musician Westphalia  
Vance, Walter D. Private Topeka  
White, Sidney Private Yates Center  
Whittington, Chas. W. Private Garnett  
Whittington, Eugene D. Private Kincaid  
Wilson, Edw. C. Private Garnett  
Woodruff, Abraham C. Private Yates Center  
Wyatt, Lloyd C. Private Garnett  

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