A Roster of Volunteer Troops

Furnished by the State of Kansas

for the

Spanish American War, 1898


Furnished by the state of Kansas for the Spanish war, in response to the call for troops issued by the president of the United States, April 23, 1898.


Officers and privates - names, rank, and residence when enlisted. Residences given are all in Kansas, except when otherwise noted. When the residence is not printed it is unknown, or not of record.




Abrams, Adolph Private San Francisco, Cal.  
Amsbaugh, Carey Q. Private Abilene  
Arkell, Frederick Private Junction City  
Baldwin, orlando F. Private Kansas City  
Barber, Lem F. Private Abilene  
Beckner, Geo. S. Private Junction City  
Bernardo, Wm. J. F. Private Junction City  
Bigelow, Alpheus A. Private Gardner  
Blesh, Orrin Q. Private Lindsborg  
Blesh, Trolando Musician Hope  
Bohannon, Earl Private Dillon  
Bossheimer, Frank G. Private Kansas City  
Breen, Frank J. Private Newton  
Burton, Benjamin P. Private Stanton  
Callahan, Wm. A. 2d Lieut. Junction City Promoted 1st Lieut. Co. G Nov. 12, 1898
Campbell, David L. Private Junction City  
Chase, Lucian A. Private No record  
Cooper, James F. Corporal Junction City  
Cooper, Will Private Ottawa  
Curtis, Lewis M. Private Abilene  
Degitz, Frederick Corporal Junction City  
Dodge, Chas. I. Q. M. Sergt. Abilene  
Dunlap, Jon Private Abilene  
Dunn, Henry Private Abilene  
Farrar, Field M. Corporal Junction City  
Fitts, Josiah B. Private Abilene  
Flowers, Cecil Private Kansas City  
Foley, Wm. C. 1st Sergt. Junction City  
Fozier, Chas. W. Sergeant Junction City  
Fritts, Thomas W. Private Kansas City  
Fry, Carl H. Private Abilene  
Fry, Edgar A. 1st Lieut. Abilene  
Gallup, Gustavis Private Abilene  
Gamble, Geo. E. Private Abilene  
Garrety, Michael H. Private Kansas City  
Gibson, Coe Private Chapman  
Greenough, Clifford K. Private Bennington  
Griffin, Peter A. Private Kansas City  
Grogan, Chas. L. Private Junction City  
Hart, Bert M. Private Solomon City  
Hart, Norman E. Private Abilene  
Hazen, Wyatt Private Louisburg  
Hester, Frederick A. Private San Francisco, Cal.  
Hooper, Harry S. Corporal Junction City  
Hopkins, Samuel G. 2d Lieut.   Commissioned Dec. 28, 1898
Howell, Wm. W. Private Kansas City  
Hurd, Chas. A. Private Tope  
Ingenthron, John M. Private Wa Keeney  
Irwin, Simon Private Junction City  
Johnston, Chas. Private Detroit  
Kelley, Patrick W. Sergeant Detroit  
Kerns, William A. Private Lawrence  
Kline, James W. Private Kansas City  
Koenig, Fred. W. Corporal Bonaccord  
Kuhn, Harvey G. Corporal Detroit  
Kuhns, Harris E. Private Junction City  
Kurtze, Albert Private Abilene  
Lambers, Frederick E. Private Kansas City  
Lambing, Chas. Q. Private Abilene  
Lightner, Harry G. Private Abilene  
Limbird, Homer M. Private Gardner  
Marsh, Francis Private Junction City  
Maxey, Wm. F. Private Topeka  
Mayor, Gilbert E. Private Kansas City  
McRill, Carl Private Abilene  
Meyer, Fred H. Private Top  
Milam, Chas. A. Private Topeka  
Miller, Edwin H. Private Junction City  
Murray, Joseph W. Sergeant Dillon  
Myers, Carl Private Top  
Neidart, Harry L. Private Abilene  
Neighbor, James Private Junction City  
Orr, James H. Private Hammond  
Parr, Henry M. Private Abilene  
Peters, George A. Private San Francisco, Cal.  
Pfrehm, Geo. W. Private Abilene  
Phiffer, Robert Wagoner Junction City  
Phiffer, Wm. Private No record  
Price, Robert E. Private Abilene  
Rambo, Charles S. Private Kansas City  
Raymor, Willard W. Private Junction City  
Richardson, Robert Artificer Junction City  
Rumold, Wm. J. Private Abilene  
Ryan, Ernest Private Abilene  
Schindler, Chas. Private Abilene  
Schopp, Frank Q. Private Abilene  
Schopp, Grant Private Lawrence  
Seaton, Wm. C. Private Abilene  
Setzer, Leslie G. Private Junction City  
Sherwood, Chas. A. Private Abilene  
Sielhammer, Geo. G. Sergeant Abilene  
Simmons, Edw. T. Private Abilene  
Smith, Earl Musician Abilene  
Smith, Edward W. Private Topeka  
Squires, Benj. W. Private Junction City  
Stephens, Joseph Private Junction City  
Stienmetz, Lambert P. Private Marysville  
Stuteville, Albert R. Private Abilene  
Tate, Guy Private Topeka  
Taylor, Simpson Private Lawrence  
Terry, Albert H. Private Kansas City  
Terry, John W. Private Kansas City  
Thomas, Ray Private Junction City  
Troost, Geo. Private Abilene  
Urie, Noble B. Private Topeka  
Utterback, Sam'l Private Abilene  
Vanmeter, Frederick W. Private Topeka  
Watson, Geo. N. Captain Abilene  
Wilson, Frank Private Junction City  
Wilson, James W. Private Kansas City  
Wolf, Arthur W. Private Abilene  
Wolf, Wm. Private Abilene  
Wyatt, Walter A. Private Lawrence  
Ziegler, Frederick Private Abilene .

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