Southwestern Business Directory, McKenney Publishing Co., 1889
 Mulvane, Sumner County Directory

transcribed by Sheryl McClure


Is situated in the northeastern portion of the county, at the junction of two branches of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, and being on a slight eminence, affords an extended view of the Arkansas Valley. A commodious bridge spanning the Arkansas River at this place secures a large trade from one of the wealthiest farm¬ing communities of the valley. From Topeka, 177 miles.

Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, H. B. Addington, agent
H. B. Addington, agent, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad
D. Badger, hardware
C. A. Barry, furniture
C. C. Bishop, attorney
Brown & Huffbower, stock dealer
Central House, J. H. Gregg, proprietor
Chamberlain & Son, grocers
G. R. Clements, train dispatcher
Dryden & Carter, hardware
W. H. Egan, president Mulvane State Bank
Foudray Bros., confectionery
Gould & Hancock, grocers
Carrie Greenland, milliner
J. H. Gregg, proprietor Central House
Guy & Co., butchers
W. K. Harris, physician
C. Hodgson, real estate
Mrs. C. Hodgson, milliner
W. H. Home, restaurant
J. N. Hostetter, postmaster and stationery
A. Huftbower, feed and coal
W. M. Hurne, manager Western Union Telegraph Company
J. W. Jones, barber
J. E. Kuhn, attorney
Miller & Anderson, livery stable
The Mulvane Record, G. L. Reed editor and publisher
Mulvane State Bank, W. H. Egan, president, L. D. Hell, cashier
E. F. Osburn, butcher
Pryer & Brown, livery stable
G. L. Reed, editor and publisher the Mulvane Record
J. A. Renison & Co., druggists
W. C. & T. A. Robbinson, dry goods
J. C. Runge & Co., grain elevator
G. M. Shanton, dry goods
J. E. Shaw, druggist
S. T. Shelly, physician
Trickey Bros., real estate
T. P. Trickey, grocer
Union Hotel, Daniel Lane, proprietor, rate $2.00 per day
B. H. Ward, lumber
W. R. Warren, banker
Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express
Western Union Telegraph Office, W. M. Hume, manager
M. S. M. Wilson, harness maker
A. Yarnell, restaurant

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