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Many towns were planned and laid out as towns, others started as post offices and later became towns. Those are also listed in the Post Office section of this book. Sometimes communities were formed around granges or school districts and were referred to by name as if they were a town. This is a list of all the towns and communities I've been able to find in history books, maps, old newspapers, and word of mouth. I've listed the locations and dates started when available and any additional information I've been able to find about them. Mel Shafer




Other Information

Adamsville Val Verde Twp., Sec. 23 NE    
Albion Harper Co.   Moved from Gourock in Sumner Co.
  (Sumner County Press 1/27/1881)    
Alloway Station Eden Twp., Sec. 11 NE   (1918 Atlas)
Alton Falls Twp. S, Sec. 15 SE 1872  
Anson Sumner Twp., Sec. 10 1887 Formerly Purcell Post Office.
Argonia Dixon Twp., Sec. 17 & 18 1881  
Argyle London Twp., Sec. 27 SE   Also School Dist. #16.
Armstrong City     (Sumner County Press, 10/12/1882)
Ashmore Belle Plaine Twp., Sec. 3   (Word of mouth from long time resident.)
Ashton Walton Twp., Sec. 20 NW May 22, 1893  
Austin Sumner Twp., Sec. 22 SE/SW   Not listed as a Post Office.
Belinda Springdale Twp., Sec. 25 NE   Later called Swedona.
Belle Plaine Belle Plaine Twp., Sec. 35 1871  
Bellevue/Belleview Osborne Twp., Sec. 16 SE 1876 Changed to Marengo in 1878, then moved in
  1880 and changed to Mayfield.    
Bender Gore Twp., Sec. 23 NE on Santa Fe RR (1918 Atlas)  
Bitter Creek Walton Twp. S. Sec. 2 NE   Also a post office. Spelling changed to
  Bittercreek, 7/1/1889.    
Blackstone Bluff Twp., Sec. 30 NE 1888 Also called Metcalf.
Blue Ridge Between Slate Creek & Ninnescah River Includes school districts Plainview #184,  
  East-west ridge south of Riverdale Pleasant Ridge #96 & Mt. Zion #32.  
      (Sumner County Press, 2/27/1879)
Bowling Green     (Sumner County Press, 2/15/1883)
Box City Northwest part of Sumner County (The Wellingtonian, 11/29/1883)  
Brownville Belle Plaine Twp., Sec. 35 SW   (The Wellington Vidette, 8/26/1879)
Bushnell Gore Twp., now Palestine Twp., Sec. 12 SE Formerly New Ninnescah.  
Business Corner Corner of Downs, Ryan, Chikaskia and Osborne Twps. (Sumner County Press, 7/21/1881)  
Calamity X-Roads Guelph Twp., around Portland?   (The Monitor-Press, May 1893)
Caldwell Caldwell Twp., Sec. 35 1871  
Carl City Jackson or South Haven Twp. (Mentioned in the Sumner County Press, 1/17/1884 as  
  "Peterout Village," after failed attempt to move Rome 2 miles south.)    
Centennial Caldwell Twp., Sec. 8 SW/NE 1878  
Cicero Harmon Twp., Sec. 29 NE 1883 Harmon Twp. was Belle Plaine Twp. South
Clarkville South Haven Twp., Sec. 15, NE School house (Dist. 67), church, dance hall, a squire's  
  office, a trustee's office (Sumner County Democrat, 7/16/1879)    
Clear Dale Guelph Twp., Sec. 2 SE 1872 New Cleardale, Val Verde Twp., Sec. 19.
      (The Monitor Press, 9/24/1902)
Concord #1 Jackson Twp., Sec. 25 NE 1879  
Concord #2 Greene Twp., Sec. 19   According to one map was in Sec. 20 SW
Conway Springs Conway Twp., Sec. 33 12/1884 Name changed from Northfield. Names:
      Mineralville, Westfield, Northfield.
Corbin Falls Twp., Sec. 4 NW 1884 First named Hurst Crossing, then Hurst in Sec. 6.
Council Hill Belle Plaine Twp., Sec. 17 NW, 1 mile NE of London    
Covell neighborhood 3 miles south of Wellington, Sec. 36 (The Monitor-Press 1/30/1896)  
Dairy Valley Four miles west of Belle Plaine   (History in the Sumner County Press, 5/13/1880)
Dalton Avon Twp., Sec. 13 1885 First called Midway, laid out by Major G. W.
      Daugherty (Sumner County Press, 7/16/1885)
Doster Bluff Twp., Sec. 13 SW    
Drury Falls Twp. S, Sec. 1 1884  
Dublin London Twp., Sec. 18 NW 1885 Later moved to Sec. 14, SE and named Zyba.
Elkhart Sumner Twp., Sec. 16 NW   (Sumner County Press, 12/30/1880)
Eminence Belle Plaine Twp., Sec. 31 NW 1872 Community around Eminence Post Office
Etta Creek Walton Twp., south of Geuda Springs (Elevator)  
Excelsior Morris Twp., Sec. 14   Also School Dist. #131.
Fairview Greene Twp., around Fairview School district (The Monitor-Press, 1/11/1894)  
Falls Center Falls Twp., Sec. 33 NE NE   Also School Dist. #70, and also called Falls Station.
Fieldfair Greene Twp.   (Grange) (Sumner County Press, 10/27/1887)
Flag Station Jackson Twp., Sec. 33, around Illinois School #151 (Sumner County Press, 7/14/1887)  
Frogtown Guelph Twp.   (Sumner County Press, 6/23/1881:
      Frogtown townsite and school for sale.)
Geuda Springs Walton Twp., Sec. 1 SE & Sec. 12 NE Originally called Remanto, then Salt City.  
  Also known as Saratoga, Arkansas Hotsprings, Cedar Springs.    
Gourock Dixon Twp., Sec. 18 SE   Moved to Albion in Harper Co.
      (Sumner County Press 1/27/1881)
Green 64 Greene Twp. around school district 64 (The Wellingtonian, 4/13/1882)  
Green Valley Guelph Twp., Cleardale area   (Grange) (Sumner County Press, 1/28/1886)
Greencastle Illinois Twp., Sec. 35 NW, around Greencastle church (Items in the Sumner County Press, 1887)  
Guelph Guelph Twp., Sec. 35 SW 1880  
Hamden Guelph Twp., Sec. 21 1886 Later changed to Portland.
Happy Home 3 1/2 miles west of Alton    
Happy Valley Belle Plaine Twp.   (The Wellingtonian, 3/16/1882)
Hessville Falls Twp., Sec. 22 NE 1872  
Home Valley Belle Plaine Twp. S, now Harmon Twp., Sec 36 SE (Sumner County Press, (1877 & 1878)  
Horne District Guelph Twp., Sec. 18, SE SE   Also School Dist. #57.
Hunnewell South Haven Twp. S, Sec. 15 1880  
Hurst Falls Twp., Sec. 6 NE 1881 Moved to Sec. 4 and called Corbin.
Hurst Crossing Falls Twp., Sec. 6 NE 1878  
Jackson Crossing Val Verde Twp.   (Sumner County Press, 6/24/1886)
Johnston Caldwell Twp., Sec. 29 SE   Not listed as a Post Office.
Jordan Valley Chikaskia Twp., Sec. 5   Around Jordan School (Sumner County Press, 8/12/1886)
Kalamazoo Eden Twp. on county line   (Sumner County Press, 8/21/1879, a new name for Eden.)
Kansas Ridge Eden Twp. on county line   (Sumner County Democrat, 4/7/1880 from Conway Twp.:
      Kalamazoo changing name to Kansas Ridge.)
Kellogg 3 miles E, 1 mile S of Oxford on railroad Cowley County  
Kettering Chapel Jackson Twp., Sec. 18    
King's Valley Bluff Twp. S, Sec. 13 NW Also School Dist. #144. (Sumner County Press, 8/24/1876.)  
Knox Greene Twp., Sec. 16 SE 1885  
Levy Eden Twp., Sec. 11 SW 1878 Later moved and called Milton.
Little Kentucky London Twp., Sec.   Community around the Boone Post Office west of Peck.
Littleton Belle Plaine Twp., Sec. 9 SW 1871 Was a station on a stagecoach line from
      Cowley Co. to Wichita and points north.
London Belle Plaine Twp., Sec. 18 near center Mar 18, 1871 (Historical information in "The Sumner
      County Story" by Paul & Gwendoline Sanders)
Lone Star Belle Plaine Twp.   (Grange)
Long Branch Osborne Twp., around Long Branch School, Dist. #108 (Items from The Sumner County  
      Press, 1888)
Mallery Seventy Six Twp.   Approximately 2 miles west of present Riverdale.
      Not listed as a Post Office.
Marengo Osborne Twp., Sec. 16 SE 1878 Name changed from Belleview/Bellevue.
Matlock Plaza Greene Twp., Sec. 4 SE    
Mayfield Osborne Twp., Sec. 16 SW 1880 First called Bellevue, then Marengo.
Meridian Avon Twp., Sec. 32 SE Dec 27, 1870  
Metz NW corner of Caldwell   Also known as Moore's siding.
Midway Avon Twp., Sec. 13 1885 Original name for Dalton. Laid out by Major
    G. W. Dougherty (Sumner County Press, 7/16/1885)  
Milan Ryan Twp., Sec. 17 SW 1879  
Millbrook Between Conway Springs & Riverdale (Sumner County Press, 2/16/1882)  
Millerton Illinois Twp., Sec. 17 SE 1884 Moved from Rolling Green P.O. in Sec. 23.
Milton Eden Twp., Sec. 17 SE 1902 Originally Levy in Sec. 11, later moved
      from Sec. 16 SE (Old Milton.)
Mineral Valley     (Grange)
Mineralville Conway Twp., around Green Valley School (The Wellingtonian, 2/1/1883)  
Mt. Carmel Greene Twp., around Mt. Carmel Church (The Monitor Press, 9/5/1917)  
Mt. Zion Harmon Twp., Sec. 26, NE NE   Also School Dist. #32.
Mudsock Sumner Twp.?   (The Wellingtonian, 7/13/1882)
      Mentioned in the Austin local notes.
Mulvane Gore Twp. 1879 P.O. was moved from Littleton to Mulvane.
New Bedford London Twp., Sec. 11 SW Mar 8, 1883 At Stunkel's Mill, once called Naw Bone.
New Ninnescah Gore Twp., now Palestine Twp., Sec. 12 Later called Bushnell.  
Ninnescah Gore Twp., now Palestine Twp., Sec. 24 Sep 15, 1870 1st town in Sumner Co. Had a Post
Northfield Conway Twp., Sec. 33, SW part of SE 1883 Name changed in 12/1884 to Conway Springs.
      Sec. 17 SE in 1902 (present Milton.)
present site. Called Big Cottonwood Ford, Neptawah, Napawalla.      
Palestine Palestine Twp., Sec. 21 NW Approx. 1890  
Paton Val Verde Twp., Sec. 2 NW   (Elevator, 1918 Atlas)
Peck London Twp., Sec. 1 NE 1887 Town partially in Sumner Co., Post
      Office in Sedgwick Co.
Perth Downs Twp., Sec. 14 1882  
Plainview Belle Plaine Twp. S (now Harmon Twp.) 1878 (Items from there in the Sumner County Press)
Pleasant Grove Bluff Twp. S, Sec. 9 NW   Also School Dist. #118.
Pleasant Hill     (Grange)
Pleasant Valley Dixon Twp., Sec. 29 SE   Not listed as a Post Office.
Pontoon City London Twp., Sec. 6   Also a Post Office (Sumner County Democrat, 9/3/1879)
      Democrat, 9/3/1879)
Portland Guelph Twp., Sec. 21 1886 Town platted as Hamden.
Prairie Creek Downs Twp., Sec. 9 SE   (Sumner County Press, 6/23/1881 & 7/21/1881)
Prairie Garden     (Grange)
Prairie Home Avon Twp.   (Sumner County Press, 8/24/1882)
Prairie Valley Sumner Twp., around Prairie Valley School, Dist. #55 (Items from the Sumner County  
      Press, 1888)
Purcell Sumner Twp., Sec. 10 1885 Changed to Anson in 1887.
Reno Near Perth   (Grange #1410) (Sumner County Press, 4/25/1889)
Richmond Valley     (Grange)
Riverdale Seventy Six Twp., Sec. 11 1887 East & West Riverdale consolidated.
      (The Monitor Press, 6/16/1898)
Rock Falls 4 mi S of Hunnewell in Indian Territory on Chikaskia Riv. Captain David Payne's Boomer town  
Roland Wellington Twp. on the Santa Fe RR at Maize Road (R. R. Switch)  
Rolling Green Illinois Twp., Sec. 23 SW 1875 Moved in 1884 to Sec. 17 and changed to Millerton.
Rome Jackson Twp., Sec. 23 1883  
Rosedale Wellington Twp., Sec. 23 NE   (Dorothy Dey research)
"Route Two"     (The Monitor Press, 9/5/1917)
Salt Marsh Val Verde Twp., Sec. 29    
Shady Lane Osborne Twp., Sec. 29 & 31 on West Prairie Creek (The Monitor-Press, 8/19/1897)  
Shoo Fly City South Haven Twp. Oct 5, 1871 Later named South Haven.
Silver Creek Illinois Twp., Sec. 24 SW   (Sumner County Press, 3/22/1883.)
Silver Dale     (Sumner County Press, 9/18/1879)
Slate Valley Seventy Six Twp. NW   (Sumner County Press, 2/9/1882 & 1/31/1884)
South Haven South Haven Twp. Oct 5, 1871 Also known as Shoo Fly City.
Spring Valley Caldwell Twp., around Spring Valley School district (The Monitor-Press, 12/5/1895)  
St. Clair Between Wellington & Belle Plaine (Sumner County Press, 2/15/1883.)  
State Line     (Grange)
Stony Point Greene Twp., in the Concord area (The Wellingtonian, 11/16/1882)  
Straight Rows Oxford Twp.   (Sumner County Press, 4/4/1884 & 5/3/1884)
Stringtown Bluff Twp. S, Sec. 11 NE   (Sumner County Press, 7/11/1878)
Stringtown Harmon Twp., another name for Cicero, according to citizens (The Monitor-Press, 6/10/1897)  
Sumner Centre Seventy Six Twp., around Centre School #133 (Sumner County Press, 4/28/1887)  
Sumner City Sumner Twp., Sec. 25 SE & Sec. 36 NE 1870 (A. A. Richards' history of Sumner Co. in
      the "Edwards Historical Atlas, 1883.")
Sunny Slope Conway Twp., Sec. 23 SW 1877  
Suppesville Eden Twp., 1 mile S of Sedgwick Co., 2 miles E of Kingman Co.    
    1936 Originally a family business in Sedgwick Co.,
      moved in 1949 to K42 highway in Sumner Co.
Swedona Springdale Twp., Sec. 25 NE 1877 Originally called Belinda.
Union Ryan Twp., Sec. 36, around Union School #103 (Sumner County Press, 4/7/1887)  
Union City Belle Plaine Twp., Sec. 31 NW Oct 1, 1870 2nd town in Sumner Co.
Valley Home     (Grange)
Wellington Wellington Twp. 1871  
West Riverdale Seventy Six Twp.   Originally called Mallery. Approximately
    2 miles west of present Riverdale. Not listed as a Post Office.  
Westfield (Conway Twp., prior to Northfield?) Sumner County Press, 9/20/1883 stated "Mr. Dodridge" (Dautrich?) started a store there.  
Wheatland Wellington Twp., Sec. 19   (Sumner County Press, 5/28/1874,
      Officers of County Council list.)
Whitman Palestine Twp., Sec. 26 NW 1890  
Zyba London Twp., Sec. 14 SE 1887 First in Sec. 18 and called Dublin.

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